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Black Desert has an expansive world which contains an impressive array of features such as cities, weather, farms, bandits, and much more. The World Map is your primary tool for finding all these things and much more.

The map allows you to zoom in and out, change perspective, find friends, avoid enemies. Furthermore you can purchase houses, set workers to task, check the Central Market and find quests through it.

How to Open World Map

Press shortcut key ‘M’, or press ESC to find the World Map icon in either the old or the new menu.


Press [ESC] and click on the World Map icon or press shortcut key M to open World Map. In the new menu, check the Info/Function section.

World Map Information

When you open the World Map, you will be welcomed by various icons as well as the vast world of Black Desert.


The World Map offers a wide variety of icons. From types of nodes and the function of the NPCs to the location of wandering bandits, your party members, your mount or the last place where you died.

If you right-click the various icons, the route guidance will be activated, showing you the way to that location.

Also, other than icons, in the center of World Map, a compass, the current weather, and in-game time information will appear in a circle around the location of your character.

The position of the sun and the moon changes across the circle and is updated in real time.

In the world of Black Desert, the sun and the moon rise in the northwest and move to the southeast.

Also, you can easily find the areas where it is raining because of the raining effect shown on the World Map.


You can see a circle drawn around the position where the character is located on the World Map. Along the circle, white translucent arrows are marked. Hover your mouse on the arrows to check the name of a capital or a town.

The arrow marked on the inner circle represents a town near where the character is located, and the arrow in the outer circle represents the direction of a town of a certain distance away.

Note that this feature only displays the towns you have already found.


Place your mouse on a white translucent arrow to know the direction to a town.

World Map Menu

Once in the World Map, you'll see that there are 3 menus in 3 of the 4 corners.

Top Left Menu


At the top of the Search Filter you can select one of the six types of nodes. Clicking any of the node names in the list shown below will move the World Map to that location. You can also search them by name.

Crafted Item
You can view the list of all houses that craft the item you search for.

If you write one of the uses for houses, it'll list you the total amount of houses you have discovered that can be used for that.

Occupying Guild
If you search a guild name, the nodes occupied by that guild will be shown on the node list below.

The bottom part shows the maximum Contribution Points and available Contribution Points.

Top Right Menu


General Information
Base layer of the World Map. It shows discovered areas, and it displays nodes and quests.

Territory Resource Information
Displays information about resources for each territory and public opinion bar graphs. It also shows you the extent of the various territories and the borders of the areas within them.

Groundwater Information
Displays the range of water deposits in the ground. Areas where it is raining or it has recently rained have increased range of water deposits.

Temperature Information
Displays the temperature difference between regions. Temperature, along with groundwater, affects crop growth.

Humidity Information
Displays the humidity of each region. If temperature and humidity reach a certain level with certain conditions, it rains.

Node War Information
Displays the status of Node Wars in specified node war areas.

Production Node Information
Displays production nodes per region.


• Quest: Turns quest territory information on/off in the World Map.

• Knowledge: Turns Knowledge and NPC locations on/off in the World Map.

• Fishing/Gathering Knowledge: Turns fishing and gathering knowledge locations on/off in the World Map.

• Node: Turns Node location on/off in the World Map.

• Direction Information: Turns direction information on/off in the World Map.

• Location Icon: Turns bandits, mounts, and other locations on/off in the World Map.

• Trade: Turns trade information on/off in the World Map. If you click it with RMB and then do the same with the trade icons, you can check the trade good prices for 1 Energy.

• Transportation: You can turn on and off the real time visual location of system transports such as wagons and ships.

• Monster Zone Info: Turns Monster Zone information and recommended level on/off in the World Map.

• Dark Rift Information: You can see the location and difficulty of the Dark Rift.

Bottom Right Menu

Among the bottom right buttons of the World Map, the stable and storage icons can be activated only if a town is selected.


• Find My Location: Click the icon or press Space to move the World Map to the location of the character.

• Find NPC: Opens the Find NPC interface. Also accessible in the main UI to the left of the Minimap.

• Horse Market: Opens the Horse Market interface. Also accessible via a Stable Keeeper.

• Stable: You can view the mounts checked in the selected town.

• Storage: You can check the storage of the selected town.

• Quest: You can turn on and off the quest widget on the World Map.

• Transport: You can check the delivery status to a storage.

• Central Market: you can check the Central Market.

• Worker List: If you click the worker list on the World Map, all workers are shown. If you select a town and click the worker list, all workers hired in the selected town are shown.

• Guide Video: You can get help from guide videos.

• Exit: Close the World Map window.

World Map Features


If you right-click an icon or a node on the World Map, the route to the point you selected will appear.

With the route activated, press Auto Run (T) to make your character automatically move until it arrives at the destination.

If you want to cancel the navigation, right-click again on the World Map.


If you right-click the point you want on the World Map, a light pillar appears on the target point, and a route to the point appears.

Node Investment

You can activate/deactivate each node shown on the World map by investing/retrieving Contribution Points.

For more details about this content, please refer to the Node page.


Click a town node, select the storage icon at the bottom right. You'll now view the storage of said town.

Click the 'Transport' button at the bottom left of the storage to send the items stored in the storage to another town.

For more details about this content, please refer to the Storage page.

Purchase a House

If you click the node icon of the town you discovered and of the farm you invested Contribution Points in, they get zoomed in and you can use the features inside the nodes.

There are three types of house icon: a blue house is available for immediate purchase, a gray house requires you to purchase the house of preceding address, a white house with an icon on the right means that you have already purchased it.

You need to consume Contribution Points to purchase a house and at any time you can sell the house to take back the Contribution Points.

For more details about this content, please refer to the Houses and Residences and Contribution pages.



Except for the houses with special purposes (residence, storage, worker lodging, ranch, etc), you can send workers to proceed with crafting if you have purchased a house and use it as a crafting station such as a workshop of any kind or for example a shipyard.

You can see the list of items available for crafting by clicking the button 'Manage Crafting' at the bottom left of the window that shows the house purpose.

If the materials and workers are ready, you can craft an item right away, and when you craft an item, you use the materials stored in the storage. The crafted items are stored in the storage too.

For more details about this content, please refer to the Crafting page.

Manage Worker Activity

If you have a production node that you made investment in, you can send workers to work on them. The produce will be stored in the town storage.

Workers consume Worker Stamina every time they work. A worker who is exhausted of Worker Stamina can no longer work, so you must fire the worker or restore their Worker Stamina.

For more details about this content, please refer to the Workers page.

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