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Life skills are a very important part of Black Desert Online. You may want to become a master craftsman, or mercantile maven, or a superior sailor. The best way to achieve these goals is with the help of workers!

Hiring and Firing

Workers are NPCs you can contract to help make your life easier. Contracting workers is simple, all you need is energy and a small amount of silver. When you click the “contract laborers” menu, five energy will be consumed. Then, one worker will be revealed randomly. From there you can select the “Hire Worker” button to contract them. If you select “View Another”, another worker will be revealed at the cost of 5 energy When you hire a worker, make sure you have the appropriate funds in either your inventory or town storage. You should also should be aware that you will need to consume energy until you find the workers you want.

01 Worker.jpg
You can hire workers from the Work Supervisor

Some NPCs in production areas will also sell you special professional level workers through their amity shop. Workers from these shops are characterised by having a unique name, are very skilled, and require a high level of amity and a large amount of silver to obtain. Some of these workers are the best in the game.

There are also workers who can be assigned to some of the higher level boats in the game to help increase their stats.

If you feel that you no longer want a particular worker you can fire them by going to your Map (shortcut ‘M’) and clicking on the ‘Worker List’ button on the bottom right of your screen. The, click on the check box by their portrait and click on the ‘Fire Selected’ button.

  • Note: Once you fire a worker you cannot get them back. So if you happen to fire a worker with a unique skill or high level you will need to find another of similar level.

Types of Workers

There are three types of workers: Goblin, Human, and Giant.

Goblin workers have fast work speed and movement speed, so they finish work in the fastest time. They have the lowest stamina out of the three species of workers so they need to be maintained more often.

Giant workers have the highest stamina so they can work for longer. The Giants movement speed is the lowest and they have the second highest work speed. Giants require less maintenance.

Human workers are the jack of all trades with average work speed, movement speed, and stamina. The skill of your workers are divided into 5 categories. The higher the skill the better base stats these workers will have.

Naive Basic Skilled Professional Skilled

02 Worker.jpg
A worker has  higher base stats depending on their rating.

Putting Your Workers to Work

There are many ways to utilize your workers. Some can gather important materials, others will craft items, and some can even assist you in your PvP endeavors.

Production Nodes

By using your contribution points, you can unlock noted and use them for gathering. When you click on a node you will see which item your workers will gather. Some of these items like Potatoes or Ore can either be sold, processed, or used for crafting. The uses for these items are up to you.

If you decide to use your workers to gather for you, you must unlock the node by investing contribution points. After assigning them to a production node, you can then specify how many times they will repeat the gathering process up to 50,000 times. The workers will work indefinitely, but will eventually run out of stamina. This is where recovery items such as ‘Beer’ come in handy. More on stamina later

03 Worker.jpg
After activating a node, you can select how many times you want the worker to repeat this action


The second method of using your workers is to use them to craft items in your various workshops. As discussed in the Crafting page, the only way to utilize workshops is to assign worker to a work order. Remember that all crafting materials must be stored in the town the workshop is in.

04 Worker.jpg
Make sure you have enough materials in your town storage!

Investment Banks

The third method is to earn money by sending your workers to investment banks. You don’t need contribution points to unlock Investment Banks, but you will need gold Bars to invest. You can obtain gold by going to the Storage NPC and converting your silver into gold bars of various silver values.

13 worker.jpg


The fourth method is to send workers to manage crops in your garden. Gardens without workers will require periodic care and will have a typically slow growth rate. Assigning workers to a garden will allow them to automatically prune and take care of pests automatically thereby reducing the time it takes to harvest.

10 garden.jpg
Workers will allow you to focus on other things while they maintain your crops.


The fifth way to use your workers is to assign them to build a command post or castle for the Conquest war or Node war. You may need to mobilize a large number of workers belonging to the guild because the command posts and castles will need to be ready for these massive PvP events.


As previously mentioned, your workers will use stamina while they help you through various tasks. Once a worker is out of stamina they will no longer be able to work until they recover. Stamina recovery is not automatic so you will need to feed your workers to ensure they can continue working. By crafting or purchasing food such as Beer or Cheese Pies you can make ensure your workers continue their hard work.

06 Worker.jpg
Worker’s stamina can be recovered by items such as cheese pie or beer.

Worker List

As previously shown you can see all of the workers you currently have contracted by clicking on the ‘Worker List’ button from the bottom right of your map (shortcut ‘M’).

From this window you can see your worker stats, assignments, stop them from working, replenish their stamina, reset skills, fire them, and promote them. More on promotions and skill resets later.


Every 10 levels your workers have the opportunity to take a promotion test. The promotion test lasts 24 hours and you can promote one worker at a time. After a successful promotion their rating will rise their level and skills will be reset. The results of a promotion test will be sent to your in game mail. Workers have a limited number of times to take the promotion test. If they fail all of their tests they will no longer be eligible to increase their skill. They can still use the skill reset and level up. Not too bad!

07 Worker.jpg
The worker list allows your to manage all of your workers


As your hustle and bustle they will accumulate experience points. Every 5 levels they will acquire a random skill. once worker becomes level 30 they would have acquired 7 skills. The skills granted to workers is random, but there are certain skills that are only available to higher skill level of workers.

08 Worker.jpg
The skills a worker acquires is random!

When you promote your workers, their skill level will increase, but their experience and skills will be reset. It is still recommended to promote workers as they will have higher base stats. Workers purchased through the amity game will already come with certain preset skills. Make sure you research carefully to get the workers that best benefit your play-style.

Skill Reset

Once a worker reached level 30, has 50% xp, is either artisan or has failed all promotions, you can perform a skill reset. This will allow you to build the perfect worker based on your needs. The skills acquired through the skill reset is random but can be done continually as your worker earns XP.

10 Worker.jpg
Once your character has 50% XP, is level 30, and is either artisan or has failed all their promotions you can reset their skills!

Worker Exchange

You can access the worker exchange through a worker supervisor in any city. Worker exchange allows you to register and purchase workers from other adventurers. The price for workers depends on their skill, experience, and acquired skills.

From this window you can also see which city the worker belongs to, their skills, and how many promotions they have available. Make sure you plan accordingly especially if the workers are lower than artisan skill.

11 Worker.jpg
The worker exchange allows you to trade workers with other adventurers!

* The contents of this wiki may differ with in-game content depending on updates and content changes.