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If the stable is where you keep your ground mounts such as horses and wagons, the dock is where you register and store boats.

Docks are available through the Wharf Manager found at the waterfront in some towns.


In the dock screen you can see the ship currently selected. Each dock can hold up to 3 boats, and unlike stables, you cannot increase the number of boats allowed in a dock.

Note: The Wharf Manager NPC offers repair service.


  • Ship
Shows your stored ships and their location. Allows you to open the ship menu on the boats located in that wharf.
  • Register Ship
Registers a new boat into the dock.
  • Mount Information
Shows information on the selected boat.

Ship Menu

  • Take Out
Takes the boat out of the dock, ready to use.
  • Change Name
Allows you to change the name of the boat.
  • Reset Count
Resets the death/destroy count of the mount. It consumes a 'Mount Resurrection Item'.
  • Sell
Sells the boat. You receive a sum of money and Combat EXP.
  • Transfer
Moves the boat to another available wharf.
  • Check In
Stores the boat you have near the dock.
  • Remote Collection
Stores a boat located away from the dock. It costs 1000 silver coins and trade goods may be destroyed in the process.

List of Docks

  • Balenos
Velia, Iliya Island, Lema Island.
  • Serendia
Heidel, Neutral Zone.
  • Calpheon
Calpheon City, Port Epheria, Outpost Supply Port.
  • Mediah
Tarif, Altinova, Sausan Garrison Wharf.
  • Valencia
Shakatu Abandoned Pier, Ancado Inner Harbor, Arehaza Town.
  • Margoria
Port Ratt.

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