War Hero System

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Adventurers can now join guild wars, Node Wars, or Conquest Wars of other guilds other than the one they are a part of and even receive rewards.

You can still participate as a War Hero even if you are not part of a Clan or a Guild.

Registering and Hiring

You can receive a War Hero Employment Contract from a Guild member ranked Officer or higher to register as a Hero for that Guild.

You can register only within the same server. Also, you cannot register if you currently have a guild item in possession, so you must either sell the guild item(s) at the Guild Shop or keep the item(s) at the Guild Storage.

You cannot register while a Node War or Conquest War is in progress and you cannot register during the War Hero reset time (00:00 - 01:00 UTC).

A guild which is currently occupying a territory CANNOT hire a War Hero, and guild members of a guild which is currently occupying a territory cannot register at other guilds as a War Hero.

Guilds which are a part of an Alliance can hire a War Hero and members of the Alliance can also register as a War Hero.

Guild Commanders CANNOT register as a War Hero, and a guild with a War Hero cannot create an Alliance.

An adventurer under Guild Protection CANNOT register as War Hero.

The amount of adventurers who can be hired as War Hero depends on the guild size.

- Massive Guilds (66/100) can hire 34 adventurers as War Hero.
- Large Guilds (50/70) can hire 20 adventurers as War Hero.

If your Guild builds a Command Post or Fort in order to participate in Conquest/Node Wars, you cannot participate as the War Hero.

Any Command Post or Fort discovered during a Conquest/Node War will also be visible to those who participate as War Hero.


A War Hero in a guild can participate in Node/Conquest War as a part of the guild they are registered with.

A War Hero can view the Guild information, Guild Member status, Guild Skills, Guild Alliance, Alliance Status, and Node/Conquest War status of the guild they are registered with. The hero can also board the 2-player mounts, use the Guild Summon Scrolls, and access the annexes. (However, the hero cannot build an annex.)

The War Hero will be able to access the Guild Skills (Ex: Gather, Max HP increase, HP recovery, etc.)

The War Hero can access the guild chat.

Allowances can be given to the War Hero and the adventurer who can access the allowance can use the guild's funds.

The War Hero CANNOT access the Guild Missions, Guild History, Recruit Guild Member status, Final Battle, and Guild Crafting of the guild they are registered to, and CANNOT use the Guild Storage and Guild Skill Acquisition features.

If a guild with a War Hero occupies a territory, then the adventurer who is a part of the guild as a War Hero will not receive the territory occupation benefits of increased item loot chance upon defeat monsters in Monster Zones.

Note: we are planning on updating the War Hero to be able to participate in voice chat with the guild members.


Upon signing a War Hero contract, the signing adventurer can immediately receive a portion of the guild funds as a deposit (up to 10,000,000 Silver).

When making a War Hero contract, you can set up victory bonus in addition to the deposit. Upon winning a Node/Conquest War on the same day, the War Hero can immediately receive the contractual victory bonus (up to 20,000,000 Silver).

When making a War Hero contract, the deposit and victory bonus cannot exceed the maximum funds held by the guild. Unlike the deposit which is immediately provided, the victory bonus will be provided from the guild funds upon victory. If victory is not achieved, the bonus amount will be refunded to the guild funds.

Refunds will immediately be returned to the guild upon losing a Node/Conquest War, and the amount will automatically be returned to the guild at 00:00 UTC if liberated or if the adventurer does not participate in a Node/Conquest War.

Contract Termination

An adventurer who is in a guild as a War Hero cannot terminate the contract at will. Instead, contracts for all adventurers hired as War Hero will be terminated daily 10 minutes after Node Wars. As a result, you cannot apply for War Hero for 1 hour after the end of Node/Conquest War.

War Hero adventurers will automatically reconnect to the game upon contract termination.

When the contract is terminated, all guild items in possession will automatically be deleted.

Below are the times of Node/Conquest War as a reminder:


-Node War: 20:00 CET - 22:00 CET

-Conquest War: 20:00 CET - 00:00 CET


-Node War: 18:00 PST - 20:00 PST

-Conquest War: 18:00 PST - 22:00 PST

* The contents of this wiki are subject to change depending on updates and content changes.