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The Villas are owned by wealthy NPCs in Valencia.

Adventurers can buy a 7-day invitation from the Villa Keeper to access a Villa with 10 million silver or a Gold Bar 100G.

In the Villa, you’ll be able to access daily quests, purchase potions and other items, and make repairs. You won’t need to go to far away towns if you have access to a Villa.

However, the most important function of a Villa is that you can buy buffs that are useful for combat, Life Skills and leveling. There are many buffs to choose from.


You’ll have to pay using a Gold Bar to get the Villa Invitation.

You can exchange silver for Gold Bars through the Villa Butler NPCs, but you cannot access the silver in your town storage. So, you’ll need to carry the silver in your inventory for you to get Gold Bars at the Villa or carry the Gold Bars from town.


Villa Buffs

Villas can be found all over Valencia.

All the Villas are visible on the World Map (‘M’) even if you didn’t explore the area. You can look for Villas near the area you defeat monsters or give the buff you want before going there.

Each Villa offers a specific buff with different effects. You should find which Villas sell the the buff you need before heading over. Remember that you can choose the duration of the buff (90 minutes or 180 minutes).

Please note that the Villa buffs cannot be stacked.

e.g. If you already have the Turning Gates buff then buy the Skill and Experience buff, the Turning Gates buff will be removed.


Get Turning Gates if you plan on doing life activities. Skill and Experience are great for leveling your characters, and Body Enhancement increases attack, defense, and others.

Villa Daily Quests

Some Villa Managers have daily quests that can be completed in the vicinity.

You’ll receive 1G Gold Bars as a reward. If you went to the Villa but forgot to carry silver or Gold Bars with you for the Villa buff, you can complete the daily quests to acquire Gold Bars.


You can get daily quests from Villa Managers. The quests give you Gold Bars 1G as a reward.

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