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180214 Valkyrie Class Selection.png
Valkyries are blessed with sacred powers. They are adept at using both weapons and magic in combat and can also support allies with buffs and recovery spells.

Weapon: Longsword
Sub-Weapon: Shield
Awakening Weapon: Lancia

Class Overview

Paragons of Holy Justice, Valkyries are trained at the Holy University in Calpheon. With their shield ever at the ready, they stand as a paragon on the battlefield, stepping between their allies and harm. Their holy origins allow them a limited amount of healing, however, their strength lies more in their ability to protect, than to restore.

Though they are not the most agile of combatants, Valkyries still maintain the ability to dash around the battlefield to batter resistance, and vanquish the guilty. There exist challenges that no shield can defend against, however, so they must always be wary.

You will find several skills below that are useful for a Valkyrie, along with explanations of how they can be used.

♦You can select skills in game, via the Skill Menu, Default K.
Valkyrie Main.png

Valkyrie SwordOfJudgement.png

Punish the enemy with swordsmanship inspired by the Sacred Power of Elion.
  • Activate by pressing S + RMB, and hold RMB to perform successive attacks.
  • Can apply the Bound condition.
  • This skill has a maximum of 4 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 61 skill points to max out all ranks.
Combos into: Valkyrie UltimateSwordofJustice.png
Perform an extra attack at the end of Sword of Judgment.
Activate by pressing S + RMB after Sword of Judgement.
This skill has 1 rank, at a cost of 43 skill points.

Valkyrie BreathOfElion.png

Use Elion’s sacred power to restore the HP of yourself and allies.

Activate by pressing Shift + E.

  • Applies super armor.
  • The percentage of HP and SP recovered by this skill is determined by the rank.
  • This skill has a maximum of 3 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 32 skill points to max out all ranks.

Valkyrie ShieldStrike.png

Directly attack the enemy with your shield.
  • Activate by pressing RMB, while Guarding.
  • Can turn enemies to face away from you.
  • Returns a small amount of SP.
  • This skill has a maximum of 3 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 15 skill points to max out all ranks.

Valkyrie Punishment.png

Grapple the enemy and smash it into the ground.
  • Activate by pressing E.
  • This skill has a maximum of 4 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 32 skill points to max out all ranks.
Passive: Valkyrie UltimatePunishment.png
Allows Punishment to be used during other attacks.
  • No activation, as it is a passive applied to Punishment.
  • You can use this skill during certain attacks, such as sword of Judgement.

Valkyrie HeavenEcho.png

Protect allies by drawing the attention of nearby enemies.
  • Activate by pressing Shift + Q.
  • Increases Accuracy and DP for yourself and up to 10 allies.
  • This skill has a maximum of 3 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 34 skill points to max out all ranks.

Valkyrie RighteousCharge.png

Dash to the enemy and impale them with the might of Justice.
  • Activate by pressing W + F.
  • Returns a moderate amout of SP.
  • This skill has a maximum of 3 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 31 skill points to max out all ranks.
Combos into: Valkyrie UltimateRighteousCharge.png
Damage the enemy with the explosive might of Sacred Power, after stabbing them with Righteous charge.
  • Will automatically activate after Righteous Charge.
  • This skill has 1 rank, at a cost of 24 skill points.
  • Can knock back enemies.

Valkyrie CelestialSpear.png

Use Elion’s Sacred Power to drop a spear of light on enemies.
  • Activate by pressing S + E.
  • Applies Super Armor, and increases Crit Rate for a short time.
  • Decreases the movement speed of enemies and can apply the bound condition.
  • You can use this skill in conjunction with other attacks.
  • This skill has a maximum of 4 tanks, with a cumulative cost of 46 skill points to max out all ranks.
Passive: Valkyrie UltimateCelestialSpear.png
Drop an extra spear of light to further devastate enemies.
  • No activation as it is a passive applied to Celestial Spear.
  • This skill has 1 rank, at a cost of 28 skill points.

Valkyrie Main Valkyrie.png


Valkyries will have a whole new set of skills with the awakening weapon, Lancia.

The extended reach of her weapon will allow the Valkyrie to easily advance through enemies, dealing greater damage to targets in her path.

The combat will be more powerful than ever with the sacred combination of shield, longsword, and Lancia.

Below are some of the core skills of the Valkyrie Awakening.

♦Awakening Skills tab can be found at the top of the Skill Window (K)
Valkyrie Awakening.png

Valkyrie SacrumFerit.png

Perform a powerful attack with a shield, then continue with the Lancia to execute deep successive stabs.

Valkyrie Purificatione.png

Use Sacred Power to suppress the enemy or recover your colleagues’ health.

Valkyrie Hastiludium.png

Point your Lancia forward and dash ahead to attack the enemies while passing through them. The skill consists of the dash move and the stab move, which have Knockback and Knockdown effects, respectively.

Valkyrie VerdictLanciaIustitiae.png

Forcefully drive your Lancia into the ground, inflicting great damage to the targets nearby. You can deal additional damage by using “Flow: Revelation Sanctus” afterward.

Valkyrie TerraSancta.png

Valkyrie’s combat sense reaches the extreme, projecting a massive wave of Sacred Power ahead to attack the targets. Knockback effect upon successful hit.

Valkyrie Awakening Valkyrie.png


“Lancia, Blessing of Elion” - The Legend of Enslar-

The Valkyrie squad was established under Elion's protection. While its history may be brief, Valkyries have grown in acclaim with every battle they fight.

According to legend, Enslar is believed to have been the first of the Valkyries. She was a former Calpheon Knight, with rich, red hair. She was recognized wherever she traveled, due to the nonchalant way she carried her mighty Lancia and shield. The techniques she performed with these massive weapons required a great deal of Sacred Power, however, she made them look effortless. The Elionian Church, astounded by her talent, published a treatise, which was named for Enslar’s moniker, Valkyrie. Following the completion of the treatise of Valkyrie, the church proceeded to found the Holy College, which would be devoted to the training of perfect Valkyries.

Enslar was appointed to the post of Commander of the Holy College, however there were few things she could do, without the provision and permission of the church. The standards set by the Elionian Church for recruiting young women were meticulous, and any flaw, no matter how trivial, would result in the expulsion of a candidate. While Enslar did not agree with these practices, she had no power to change them.

After completing their extensive training, and successfully undergoing many ordeals, the Valkyrie squad was assigned their first mission. They were to seal away the unstable Kzarka, who had appeared in the Calpheon Shrine. However, a secret communication to Enslar, the night before they were to undertake the task, had different instructions. "By chaos shall Elion be exalted. Present the Valkyries to Kzarka, and offer their pure blood as a sacrifice."

As Enslar watched the elite Valkyries engage Kzarka in furious combat, she agonized over the secret missive. She could not turn against her sisters and sacrifice them, choosing instead to disobey the orders she had been given. With her aid, the other Valkyries succeeded in sealing away Kzarka within Calpheon Shrine.

Knowing she could not remain, Enslar fled, leaving this last message:

"May you have Justice in your thoughts, Elion in your heart and Judgment at the point of your Lancia.”