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English economist Adam Smith argued in <The Wealth of Nations> that the economic development of a society or nation is restricted by the size of the respective market. In other words, the economy cannot develop further if the size of the market is too small.

This idea is not restricted to the real world alone. Black Desert has a market not only at the scale of a nation, but at the scale of continents. Thus, the stage is set with much potential for growth.

In Black Desert’s economy, it is very important that the production and consumption of currency are balanced. The currency used in the Black Desert is ‘Silver Coins’, and the major sources of production include drops from hunting monsters, selling miscellaneous items, or those created from exchanges. Trade also plays a major role in the production of silver coins. On the contrary, the major consumption of silver coins includes purchasing various items from the shop and the marketplace. In the current economic world of the Black Desert, the production of silver coins is slightly ahead of the consumption. As such, trade plays an important role in the economy of the game, yet it’s not something grand that requires expert knowledge or special conditions. Anyone can earn silver coins with ease.

We will take a detailed look at the trade system of the Black Desert and if you invest a moment of your time to read this Wiki, then you will find yourself a wealthy merchant in no time at all.

01 trade.png

What is Trade?

In the world of Black Desert, Trade literally refers to the exchange of Trade Items with trader merchants. You can either acquire trade items from hunting, quests, purchase them from a trader, or make them through crafting houses. The fishes caught by fishing are also classified as trade items. Unlike other items, trade items will always come with its origin and a distance bonus will be calculated based on the distance between the origin and the trader. In other words, you can earn more from selling a trade item to a trader who is further from its origin.

But just trying to sell it as far away as possible is not always for the best. In order for the value of the trade item to be properly appreciated, the node of the origin and the town you’re trying to sell it to must be connected. Thus, you will need to invest in nodes and also consider the traveling time as well. If your purpose is to do more than just trade, then it is essential to find how you can trade most efficiently. In order to achieve this, there are a few keywords that you must understand. They are as follow.

02 trade.png

Node Connection

The node between the origin and the place it’s being sold to must be connected. If it is not, then the trade item can only be sold for 30% of the original price.

03 trade.png


A Distance bonus is accumulated relative to the distance the trade item has traveled. Thus, you will receive a higher price when you sell it as far away as possible, but you must also consider the time it takes to travel.

Market Price

The market price refers to the price that the trade item is sold and purchased for. If the dealings of a trade item are increased, then the purchase market price will increase while the selling market price will decrease. On the contrary, if the number of dealings over a set period is low, then the purchase market price will decrease while the selling market price will increase. If this trend continues and reaches the maximum (or minimum) point, then the market price will be stabilized by returning to the fixed price after a set period of time. In order for the market price to have fluctuated from this fixed value, a moderate amount of dealings will need to occur.

Price Guarantee Time

The expiry date for a trade item. When a trade item is purchased, the price will depreciate to a maximum of 30% of the original price 24 hours after purchase. Thus, once you purchase a trade item, you need to take care of it as soon as possible. The Price Guarantee Time is applicable to items and fish purchased from a trader.

Bargain Game

A mini-game where you barter against the trader. Each attempt will consume 5 energy and a successful barter will allow you to sell your trade items for an increased price. Energy is naturally recharged as you travel, so it’s best to always remember to barter.

04 trade.jpg


The maximum amount of a trade item that can be purchased from the trader at once. Generally, more expensive items will be low in stock. The stock for all items will be reset together once every one to one and a half hours.

Purchase Conditions

The minimum Trade Level required to purchase the corresponding trade item. Items that don’t show a purchase condition indicates you have already satisfied the existing purchase conditions.

Remaining Quantity

The maximum quantity of a trade item that can be supplied to the delivery NPC. The Imperial Delivery is reset once every 3 hours, while the Imperial Crafting Delivery and Imperial Fishing Delivery are reset once every 3 hours at random.

Trade Event

A town where a Trade Event has occurred will have the selling market price greatly increased to 200%. If such a town exists on your trade route, you can sell your trade items for a nice lump of silver coins.

Desert Buff

Desert Buff refers to the bonus value that is given when trading with a region that can only be reached by going through the desert, such as Valencia Capital and Ibellab Oasis. Thus, it is applied when trading between a desert and a non-desert area where normal trade items receive a 100% bonus, while other trade items receive a 50% bonus. However, it is important to note that the Desert Buff is only given when trading between towns that are at least separated by a certain distance.


In order to receive the Desert Buff, the player must have achieved the Master trading level. You can receive this buff by completing a quest (refer to the details below) or receive it for 50 energy by talking to <Samaya>, the node manager of Pilgrim’s Sanctum in the great desert of Valencia. The latter method requires the character to have Master Trade Lv. 1 or higher as the conversation button will not appear if this requirement is not met. The buff will last for 1 hour.

Items that receive the Desert Buff can be easily identified as they are indicated by an icon on the sell trade item list.

06 trade.png

Desert Trade Buff Prerequesite Quest

Players above Lv. 55 can go to Ibellab Oasis of Valencia and accept the [Peaceful Oasis] quest from NPC <Ashim>. This is a quest series involving 13 quests, and the last quest, [The Truth Does Not Sink], must be completed. After this and when you have Master Trade Lv. 1 or higher, you can go see NPC <Atui Balacs> in Sand Grain Bazaar and receive the [Shelter in the Desolate Wilderness] quest. You will be able to receive the Desert Buff through this quest series.

Types of Trade According to Means of Transportation

Trade by Foot

This refers to doing trade by carrying a backpack. Wearing a backpack will reduce your movement speed, which becomes more severe depending on the weight. Firstly, it is difficult to properly trade under these movement speed and weight restrictions, so only consider doing short distance trades using this method. However, it is worth noting that doing trade with a backpack will increase the strength component of the character’s training. This is relative to the distance traveled and not the weight, so players can just purchase a single trade item and set auto-move within a safe area.

Mount Trade

Doing trade by loading the goods on a mount such as donkey, horse, wagon, boat, or camel. Generally, the wagon is used because of the abundant storage space, but the donkey is also a decent choice for low level players. Nevertheless, it is better to purchase a wagon if you can afford it.

Transport Trade

Refers to trading crate type items through transportation. All the trade boxes that are crafted (contribution point investment) in a player’s residence can be transported, so they are usually crafted from a distant location and sold for the distance bonus. It’s also a process that can be carried out on the world map, making it a nice little side thing to do.

First Step to Becoming a Wealthy Merchant

To start trading, one must first acquire a mount. However, it is difficult in the early stages of the game to have enough money to purchase a mount. Fortunately, players can acquire a mount as a reward for completing the Velia quests. There are three types of quests with a mount reward, but one of them is a life skill only, so only the other two quests will be outlined here.

Donkey Reward Quest

Complete all of the quests from the Black Spirit that involve defeating goblins and you will receive the quest. The reward for this quest is a donkey emblem. An emblem is an item that can be registered at the stable to acquire a mount that can be used right away. The donkey has 5 inventory slots.

Flimsy Wagon Reward Quest

You can acquire the Flimsy Wagon by completing the <Preparation for Trading> quest, a tutorial-like quest for Trading, and all the subsequent quests that follow it. The quests are a little more bothersome, but it is worth it as the flimsy wagon is better than the donkey. The flimsy wagon has 6 inventory slots and is sold at the stable shop for 35k silver coins.

Quest Name Start NPC Notes
Preparation for Trading Bahar Lv. 12 and above, more than 4 contribution points and 501 silver coins. Quest will only be visible if the ‘Crop Business’ quest from Ovidio Toscani has not been accepted or completed.
Trading Activity Bahar Investing in the Loggia Farm node
Secure the Trade Route Severo Loggia Meeting the tiny Nose, the node manager the Imp Cave
Road to the Western Guard Camp Tiny Nose Connecting the nodes to the Western Guard Camp
Trading Begins Cliff Sell Velia Wine to Luke via trading
How to Make Trade Items? Luke Go see Severo Loggia
Understanding Production Nodes Severo Loggia Learn about Production Nodes from Severo Loggia
Activating Production Nodes Severo Loggia Enable Loggia Farm Potato Production Node
Collecting Resources Severo Loggia See Ernil, the storage keeper of Velia
Meet Bahar Ernill Hand over Potatoto Bahar

Donkey or Wagon, which is better?

Of course, the wagon is good because it can hold more trade items, but the donkey also has its unique advantages. There is no chance of the trade item being damaged while it is being transported by a donkey. This means the player can freely go through those rough short cuts. The donkey is also slightly faster compared to a wagon. Naturally, there are also disadvantages. Because it is a living creature, you will have to continuously restore its stamina. Nevertheless, the wagon also needs to be fixed when it’s attacked by bandits, so they both need maintenance of some sort.

07 trade.png

If you’re just starting off trading and have the above question, then we would tend towards the donkey. Small traders only have a stock of 10 items anyway, so you’ll have to do 2 trips by donkey or wagon. Thus, it is actually more efficient in this case to use the slightly faster donkey. If you can afford it, it is recommended that you buy, in this order, a Strong Black Donkey (50k silver, 8 slots), and then a Farm Wagon (180k silver, 14 slots) from the stable shop.

Crafting a Wagon

Currently, the best wagon for trading is the wonderful Noble Wagon with 20 inventory slots. This wagon is not cheap, so will be quite difficult for someone just starting off to get their hands on one. If you seek to craft the Noble Wagon yourself and personally get the materials, then it is advised you have a good amount of contribution points ready. The stage 3 Wagon Workshop required to craft the Noble Wagon is located in Calpheon, and it is easier to send a worker to gather the materials rather than doing it yourself. In other words, you will need a lot of contribution points.

08 trade.png

Of the materials, there are those that require the ‘Processing - Beginner’ knowledge as well. This can only be crafted by reaching a certain level in processing, and then carrying out a promotion quest. For example, the materials that require this include Brass Ingot required for the Trade Wagon and Sturdy Pine Plywood and Fine Soft Hide required to craft the Noble Wagon. However, don’t be stressed as it is rather easy to obtain the required processing level, and the promotion quest itself is pretty easy too.

Wagons are a consumable, so they will need to be exchanged when the durability wears out in order to continue trading. Thus, it is better to not just craft one, but enough for future use as well. Of course, selling one you don’t need at the Marketplace is also a good idea.

Wagons that can be crafted by each Wagon Workshop

Stage 1 Strong Wagon 10 Inventory Slots Wagon Horse 1, Maple Plywood 5, Iron Ingot 5, Tough High 5, Black Stone Powder 15
Stage 2 Trade Wagon 16 Inventory Slots Wagon Horse 2, Cedar Plywood 8, Brass Ingot 8, Soft Hide 10, Black Stone Powder 20
Stage 3 Noble Wagon 20 Inventory Slots Wagon Horse 4, Sturdy Pine Plywood 12, Brass Ingot 12, Fine Soft Hide 15, Black Stone Powder 30

Trade Quests

Trade quests come in the form of the trader asking you to sell some of their trade items and can be largely classified into 2 categories. The first is to sell the specific trade item, and then to talk to a trade NPC of another region, while the second is to earn over a set amount of profit by selling their trade item.

The former type will only send you to where the nodes are connected, so you should disconnect the node for the undesired locations if you want to quickly finish the trade quest. For example, if you only want to do trade within Balenos and Serendia, but your nodes are connected all through to Mediah as well, there can be cases where the quest will ask you to travel to Mediah.

Thus, if you have decided on the trade route you want to follow, it is best to temporarily disconnect the nodes that are not within that trade route. The latter type of quest appears when a player cannot carry out any more of the former type of quests and has a slightly better reward. The quest reward can be separated into 3 groups, depending on the distance traveled. Firstly, traveling to a location within the same territory has the lowest reward, while traveling to a nearby territory has s better reward. Lastly, traveling to a distant territory has the best reward.

The rewards the trade quests always include contribution points and, depending on the level of the reward, can include Trade Item Exchange Tickets, various Currencies, and <Shiny Golden Seal - [Calpheon/Mediah Trade]>. Players need to use contribution points to continue expanding their trade route, so it is advised that they also complete these trade quests if they want to specialize in doing the trade.

Shiny Golden Seasl - [Calpheon Trade]

Exchange x 100 Magic Hoe
Exchange x 200 Fishing Boat Cargo Container of Abundance
Exchange x 230 Hide Fighting Spirit Saddle

Shiny Golden Seal - [Mediah Trade]

Exchange x 230 High-Quality Noble Wagon Cover
Exchange x 240 Fighting Spirit Hide Stirrups
Exchange x 450 Ancient Artifact China

Trade Routes

In order to efficiently carry out a trade, it is best to repeatedly go back and forth between a predetermined route. If you’re also carrying out trade quests as well, it is especially advisable that you separate the trade route from all other possible routes. This is because you must first complete the trade quest to be eligible to accept the next one.

For trading between a small trade node, it is best to determine the route according to the inventory space of the transportation as you can only purchase up to 10 trade items. If you’re starting with a 5 ~ 6 inventory slot mount, then it’s best to set an approximately 30 minute route to go back and forth twice every hour. If you have a mount with more than 10 inventory space, it’s better to set an approximately 1 hour route.

There is another advantage to having specific trade routes. It’s how you can purchase most of the trade items at the lowest price and sell it for the highest return. This is because of how the market price shifts. If the market price graph has shifted through either purchase or sale, then it will slowly reach the maximum or minimum point. If there are no trades within set amount of time then you will see a return return to the fixed price. If you continue trading following the set route, you will be able to purchase or sell trade items before the price returns to the fixed price, allowing you to maintain the high/low market price.

However, note that each trade item has a different duration before the market price is returned to the fixed price. The expensive trade items have a tendency to return more quickly. Remember that this is also applicable to trade items with low trade amount. If you not been able to decide upon your best personal trade route yet, take a look at the recommended routes below.

09 trade.png
If you want to carry out trade quests as well, it is best to temporarily withdraw your investment into nodes that are outside the route.

Balenos Routes

Velia - Finto Farm - Velia - Balenos Forest - Bartali Farm - Marino Farm - Toscani Farm - Western Guard Camp - Olvia - Western Guard Camp - Loggia Farm - Velia

A route the goes to all the trade nodes of the inland Balenos. The route may look quite long at first glance, but it only takes 30 minutes on auto-move with a wagon with 100 movement speed. This route is recommended to players that have just set foot into the world of trading and are using a donkey or a flimsy wagon. Don’t forget to carry out trade quests as you’re going around the trade route. You will need contribution points in order to invest in the trade nodes of Serendia, which is your next destination.

One tip for purchasing trade items is to purchase a good mix of expensive trade items. This is, of course, to maintain a good market value for all the items. For example, if a trade node has 4 in stock of one item and 6 in stock for the other, it’s best to buy 2 of the 4 in stock and 3 of the 6 in the stock.

10 trade.png

Serendia Route

Heidel - Alejandro Farm - Northwest Gateway - Glish - Southwestern Gateway - Glish - Southern Guard Camp - Eastern Gateway - Moretti Plantation - Northern Cienaga - Central Guard Camp - Costa Farm - Heidel

It is best to move on to Serendia after reaching trade Lv. 20. If you haven’t upgraded your mount yet, then you should only trade around the Serendia route. However, if you’re on a mount with more than 10 inventory space, you should connect Heidel with Velia from the Balenos route. This is because it only takes around 30 minutes on auto-move to complete the round trip across Serendia, but it takes at least 1 hour for the trade item stocks to reset. Thus, you will need to expand your travel route.

If you have connected the Balenos and Serendia routes, then always remember to check the current Imperial Delivery information and don’t miss out on the opportunity to deliver trade items between Velia and Heidel. You will earn a profit like nothing you’ve experienced until now.

11 trade.png

Serendia - Calpheon City Route

Heidel - Glish - Keplan - Calpheon East Gate - Calpheon North Gate - Northern Wheat Plantation - Florin - Delphe Knights Castle - Heidel

A rapid trade route that takes less than 30 minutes, considering the abundance of trade item types and stock in major cities. This is a route for someone above trade Lv. 40. You should definitely mainly go for the expensive trade items, but make sure you take a good mix of goods.

There are Imperial Deliveries available including Heidel and Glish for the Serendia region, as well as Calpheon, Keplan and Florin for the Calpheon region, so you should modify the route accordingly if these opportunities are available.

12 trade.png

Cliff Road Route

The route that runs along the breeze seaside with immaculate views along the way. You can use fast horses in accordance with the characteristics of the route. This route aims to quickly complete the trade quests between the Balenos and Calpheon regions.

It’s suitable for players above trade Lv. 35 and is effective for quickly accumulating contribution points. Any of the nodes are fine, as long as it’s between the Balenos and Calpheon regions, but it’s recommended that you use small nodes and disconnect all the other nodes for efficiency.

Eastern Calpheon Route

Calpheon South Gate - Oberen Farm - Beacon Entrance Post - Trina Fort - Keplan - Marni Cave Path - Falres Dirt Farm - Dias Dirt Farm - Northern Wheat Plantation - Bernianto Farm - Anti-Troll Fortification - Contaminated Farm - Calpheon North Gate - Calpheon East Gate

Players can earn a great amount of trade EXP using this route as it has many trade items. The route takes around 30 minutes on auto-move and is recommended for trade Lv. 40 and above.

You will find yourself with a lot of extra time if you only use this route, so it is recommended that you combine it with the Imperial Delivery of the Serendia region or the Serendia Route mentioned above. if you do combine either of these routes, make sure you modify the route accordingly to travel more efficiently.

13 trade.png

Southern Calpheon Route

Calpheon South Gate - Oberen Farm - Bain Farmland - Phoniel’s Cabin - Behr - Crio - Longleaf Tree Sentry Post - Trent - Tobare’s Cabin - Mansha Forest - Rhutum Sentry Post - South Kaia Ferry - North Kaia Ferry - Gabino Farm - Calpheon South Gate

Trade route traveling across the southwestern region of Calpheon which takes slightly over 30 minutes on auto-move. Although the routes are mostly linear, the roads are rough, and the contribution point for investing in these nodes are relatively costly. Thus, this route is not highly recommended unless you’re carrying out the trade quests in this area.

Mediah Route

Altinova - Abun - Splashing Point - Kasula Farm - Tarif - Stonetail Horse Ranch - Shuri Farm - Kusha - Omar Lava Cave - Altinova

This route is best for master trade level players who seek to trade the high-level trade items. Although it’s more efficient than Calpheon, this is a good point to focus more on Imperial Delivery rather than normal trade.

14 trade.png

Mediah - Calpheon Imperial Delivery Route

Players will need to set the route accordingly, depending on which trade items can be supplied to the Imperial Delivery. The trade items in Balenos have low unit price, so should be avoided if possible. Try doing round trips between Mediah and Calpheon, while dropping by nearby nodes, Heidel or Glish.

The greatest efficiency is achieved when it is possible to delivery between Mediah - Serendia - Calpheon regions. If such an opportunity should arise, you’ll find yourself having to go to your storage to store the money you’ve earned from just a single round trip.

Tips on Increasing Trade Level

Players will receive the most amount of trade EXP by selling the trade items that are purchased from traders. On the contrary, the fishes and craft crates award very little trade EXP when compared to the trade above. Trade EXP also increases with the distance traveled, so a good method is to create a route between the major cities where you can purchase a large number of trade items. In the earlier stages, this would be between Velia - Heidel with maybe Olvia and Glish included. More advanced stage routes centered around Calpheon - Keplan - Epheria will be the most efficient. Lastly, towards the late stages, it is best to go for the Imperial Deliveries to earn both silver and EXP.

Imperial Delivery

This involves supplying the items that are required by the imperial family, and the major difference from normal trade is that there is a limited number of trade items that can be supplied. Since the items are being purchased by the imperial family, the market value is always fixed at 250%. The distance bonus and bargain game bonus will be applied on top of this, which means players can earn an enormous profit.

Imperial Delivery can be done through the Imperial Delivery NPCs that are only located in the major cities of each territory (Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, Valencia). Trading to Valencia will require you to cross through the desert, so let’s leave it for now.

Each of the Imperial Delivery NPCs will always ask for a trade item that is not from its own territory but from another territory. Thus, finding a good route can lead to some great profit. The best route is either the Calpheon - Heidel - Altinova - Calpheon or the Calpheon - Altinova - Heidel - Calpheon route as players can continuously supply the required trade items until reset due to the sufficient amount that can be supplied.

Check the Trade Information from the ESC menu to view information on Imperial Delivery and events

In order to carry out the Imperial Delivery of Mediah, players need to at least have the master trade level. However, don’t be too intimidated by this as it doesn’t take too long while leveling up through normal trades.

The item list and quantity for Imperial Delivery is reset every 4 hours, but it is possible for the previous trade item to appear again. The Imperial Delivery list is different between each channel, so you could move to another channel if the current list is not very suitable. However, note that you will not be able to use a trader for 10 minutes after changing channels.

The Imperial Delivery for each territory is as listed as below.

Deliver Territory Item Name Original Price Delivery Volume
Kusha Ball of Cobweb 66,660 105 ~ 126
Kushan Smoked Beef 22,014 114 ~ 137
Spider Anesthetic 24,726 113 ~ 136
Warm Blanket 35,262 109 ~ 131
Port ratt Ratt Lacquer Ware 39,000 27 ~ 33
Pure Gold Censer 226,800 14 ~ 17
Heidel Heidel Knights Martial Arts Manual 12,489 125 ~ 150
Cutting-Edge Dwarf Tool Pack 22,554 114 ~ 137
275 Year-Old Porodonio Wine 39,387 108 ~ 130
Lebyos’ Leather Shoes 12,156 125 ~ 150
Wishing Kite 7,692 140 ~ 168
Heidel Cocktail Dress 49,656 107 ~ 129
Calpheon Slum Teviral Scented Candle 37,644 108 ~ 130
Emperor’s Portrait 48,204 107 ~ 129
Calpheon Slum Antique 21,426 115 ~ 138
Calpheon Slum Aid 18,744 117 ~ 141
Contaminated Farm Contaminated Herb Bundle 18,786 116 ~ 140
Troll Hunting Poison 24,696 113 ~ 136
Mediah Northern Gateway Mediah Medical Supply 36,642 109 ~ 131
Mediah Straggler’s Bent Sword 25,266 112 ~ 135
Altinova Horoscope Crystal Ball 26,640 112 ~ 135
Eastern Culture 19,476 116 ~ 140
Shabby Sculpture 69,204 105 ~ 126
Abandoned Iron Mine Quartz Nugget 35,262 109 ~ 131
Florin Valentine Salve 18,708 117 ~ 141
Caphras Steamer 21,354 115 ~ 138
Florin Scented Candle 63,792 105 ~ 126
Nymph Outfit Set 24,714 113 ~ 136
Dried Cornelian Cherry 21,402 115 ~ 138
Bernianto Farm Mossy Ancient Statue 58,692 106 ~ 128
Delivery Area : Heidel
Velia Velian Smoked Chicken 8,565 136 ~ 164
Velian Wine 6,180 149 ~ 179
Alchemist’s Blue Reagent 14,742 121 ~ 146
Velian Plank 34,419 109 ~ 131
Port Ratt Dim Lotus Lamp 33,500 40 ~ 48
Millennial Wild Ginseng 190,600 16 ~ 20
Calpheon Market Street Stimi Chandelier 63,840 105 ~ 126
Aurobyl Fabric 18,774 116 ~ 140
Pallet Moving Set 22,776 114 ~ 137
Packaged Pig Barbecue 20,148 115 ~ 138
Cannon Mold 34,560 109 ~ 131
Calpheon Workshop Steel Ingot 28,620 111 ~ 134
Keplan Black Leopard Sculpture 42,852 108 ~ 130
Ominous Black Mercury 21,474 114 ~ 137
Ominous Black Ore 31,926 110 ~ 132
Miner’s Work Uniform 24,084 113 ~ 136
Anti-Petrifying Amulet 26,058 112 ~ 135
Keplan Ginger Tea 31,380 110 ~ 132
Shuri Farm Shuri Farm Sweet Potato Starch 24,678 113 ~ 136
Spider Web Pants 35,274 109 ~ 131
Stonetail Hill Ranch Stonetail Hills Garlic Bread 29,280 111 ~ 134
Horsehair Brush 34,674 109 ~ 131
Horse Race Trophy 66,372 105 ~ 126
Rhino Stone Hide 28,614 111 ~ 134
Altinova Jeweled Dagger 57,216 106 ~ 128
Mariam’s Sandwich 33,264 110 ~ 132
Home First Aid Kit 24,054 113 ~ 136
Blue Silk Fabric 20,130 115 ~ 138
Barbarian’s Oval Shield 30,018 110 ~ 132
Altinova Merchant Guild Nouveranto Net 31,440 110 ~ 132
Delivery Area : Calpheon
Western Guard Camp Imp’s Red Ore 13,683 122 ~ 147
Imp Totem Fragment 14,685 121 ~ 146
Tree Spirit Seed 23,352 113 ~ 136
Ogre Excrement 15,510 120 ~ 144
Port Ratt Oriental Spice 274,000 11 ~ 14
Golden Dragon Ink Slab 132,400 23 ~ 28
Lake Flondor Weenie Looney Pharmacy Book 57,900 106 ~ 128
Dew of White Wood Forest 43,800 107 ~ 129
Flondor Spring Water 36,000 109 ~ 131
Sylviarona 81,600 104 ~ 125
Flondor Jade Clam 44,400 107 ~ 129
Flondor Crystal Plant 42,900 107 ~ 129
Glish Glish Mud Brick 19,776 116 ~ 140
Magic Binding Oak Branch 31,782 110 ~ 132
Fogan Skin Oil 22,539 114 ~ 137
Dried Fogan Hind Leg 18,111 117 ~ 141
Freharau’s Dry Mud 5,704 153 ~ 184
Freharau’s Restorative 25,638 112 ~ 135
Kasula Farm Kasula Cinnamon Powder 20,688 115 ~ 138
Tarif Pot with Black Spirit 32,550 110 ~ 132
Soul-Bearing Portrait 63,924 105 ~ 126
Supernatural Elixir 24,612 113 ~ 136
Healing Potion 22,104 114 ~ 137
Kirus’ Talisman 28,728 111 ~ 134
Grana Valtarra Hearthstone 50,400 106 ~ 128
Ash Gray Branch 50,100 106 ~ 128
Biographies of a Great Trainer 42,600 108 ~ 130
Kamasylvia Ancient Pandects 59,100 106 ~ 128
Acher Longbow 45,900 107 ~ 129
Lemoria Military Uniform 45,600 107 ~ 129
Old Wisdom Tree Ancient History : Kamasylvia 36,600 109 ~ 131
Travels to the East 37,200 109 ~ 131
Biographies of Vedir Hypocrites 40,500 108 ~ 130
Wolf Feather Ornament 44,100 107 ~ 129
Red Old Tree Bark 44,700 107 ~ 129
Mushroom Spore 45,600 107 ~ 129
Delivery Area : Altinova
Heidel Madame Pillaf’s Ribbon Set 24,825 113 ~ 136
Dragon Statue of Oyun 45,849 107 ~ 129
Heidel First Aid Kit 12,843 124 ~ 149
Pure Iron Ore 25,641 112 ~ 135
Port Ratt Oriental Saber 100,000 30 ~ 36
Haso Celadon Porcelain 258,000 12 ~ 15
Velia Alchemist’s Red Reagent 6,156 149 ~ 179
Velian Crystal Glass 37,527 108 ~ 130
Velian Black Opal 57,240 106 ~ 128
Fox Fur 10,242 130 ~ 156
Tranan Lead Shot Chest 3,414 188 ~ 226
Bartali’s Odd Adventure 9,372 133 ~ 160
Bernianto Farm Worker’s Lunch 18,666 117 ~ 141
Northern Wheat Plantation Bunch of Fresh Tulips 37,344 109 ~ 131
Water Buffalo Hide Backpack 22,008 114 ~ 137
Cure-All Ointment 18,696 117 ~ 141
Leight Ale 8,856 134 ~ 161
Northern Wheat Plantation Haystack 21,360 115 ~ 138
Rock Post Traditional Bashim Accessory 23,920 113 ~ 136
Occidental Noble Dress 22,420 114 ~ 137
Elder Stem Bunch 18,300 117 ~ 141
Deserted City of Runn Voodoo Doll 20,160 115 ~ 138
Smoked Mountain Goat Meal 29,480 111 ~ 134
Cadry Iron Armor 26,500 112 ~ 135
Olvia Home Medicine Brewer 8,592 135 ~ 162
Love Potion No.6 39,762 108 ~ 130
Olvia Mountain Cheese 33,201 110 ~ 132
Emergency Medicine Set 12,414 125 ~ 150
Shaia Traditional Hat 12,852 124 ~ 149
Olvia Grape Jam 7,080 143 ~ 172
Olvia Grape Jam 7,080 143 ~ 172
Travels to the East 37,200 109 ~ 131
Biographies of Vedir Hypocrites 40,500 108 ~ 130
Wolf Feather Ornament 44,100 107 ~ 129
Red Old Tree Bark 44,700 107 ~ 129
Mushroom Spore 45,600 107 ~ 129
Delivery Area : Valencia
Ancado Inner Harbor Red Reagent 19,080 116 ~ 140
Portable Cannon 22,680 114 ~ 137
Bunch of Ivory 26,840 112 ~ 135
Muiquun Gangster Outlaw Textbook 57,456 106 ~ 128
Port Ratt Red Kite 36,000 34 ~ 41
Haso Silk 161,000 19 ~ 23
Sand Grain Bazaar Natural Pigment Set 23,040 114 ~ 137
Dried Raw Basilisk Skin 25,080 112 ~ 135
Ivory Seal 24,800 113 ~ 136
Dried Star Anise 16,800 118 ~ 142
Mace 20,160 115 ~ 138
Camel Fur Coat 20,400 115 ~ 138
Shakatu Rakshan Telescope 20,800 115 ~ 138
Shakatu’s Surprise Jewel box 28,000 111 ~ 134
Jewel-Decorated Rifle 30,000 110 ~ 132
Elixir of Life 20,160 115 ~ 138
Giant Fire-Breathing Shield 26,000 112 ~ 135
Rutile Nugget 25,200 112 ~ 135
Iliya Island Resident Iliya Salt Pot 15,418 120 ~ 144
Lucky Fish Statue 31,056 110 ~ 132
Iliya Coral 57,360 106 ~ 128
Orisha Island Oceanic Coral 23,600 113 ~ 136
Natural Sponge 26,220 112 ~ 135
Sea Bass Jerky 31,280 110 ~ 132
Delivery Area : Port Ratt
Port Epheria Epheria Fish Harpoon 15,613 120 ~ 144
Silver Fish Skin 17,572 118 ~ 142
Pearl Necklace 33,306 110 ~ 132
Epheria Floating Bomb 14,400 121 ~ 146
Epheria Fish Oil 11,682 126 ~ 152
Fish Sausage 13,194 123 ~ 148
Baremi Island Caviar 36,144 109 ~ 131
Ambergris 90,072 104 ~ 125
Luviano Island Coarse Sun-Dried Salt 33,210 110 ~ 132
Clam Box 44,028 107 ~ 129
Duch Island Mysterious Medicine 33,021 110 ~ 132
Pile of Duch Sunrise Herbs 46,998 107 ~ 129
Pilar Ba Island Pilava Pearl 74,250 105 ~ 126
Whole King Crab 30,969 110 ~ 132
Racid Island Opal Nugget 29,187 111 ~ 134
Brunch of Fire Flake Flowers 41,994 108 ~ 130
Arehaza Town Palm Forest Boy Collection 62,300 105 ~ 126
Desert Landscape 62,920 105 ~ 126
Beiruwa Island Orange Crab Shell 31,995 110 ~ 132
Truffle Mushroom Seedling 41,004 108 ~ 130
Louruve Island Swellfish Skin Wallet 36,081 109 ~ 131
Louruvian Oyster 41,022 108 ~ 130
Albresser Island Bunch of Saffron 86,022 104 ~ 125
Sack of Fine Sand 49,959 107 ~ 129
Daton Island Big Beryl 31,968 110 ~ 132
Dried Herb Leaf 39,942 108 ~ 130
Randis Island Randis Ray Hide 33,129 110 ~ 132
Bunch of Blue Roses 43,047 107 ~ 129
Theonil Island Seagull Egg 37,017 109 ~ 131
Gentian Wine 51,921 106 ~ 128
Delivery Area : Grana
Trent Steel Tree Bark 23,994 113 ~ 136
Trent Carpentry Tool 20,694 115 ~ 138
Spirit of Earth Sculpture 8,280 137 ~ 165
Trent Specialty Wood 33,264 110 ~ 132
Forest Camouflage 22,734 114 ~ 137
Amber Accessory 61,176 105 ~ 126
Holy College of Calpheon Pack of Old Books 20,712 115 ~ 138
Bunch of High-Quality Parchment 61,212 105 ~ 126
Valkyrie Painkiller 26,076 112 ~ 135
Oberen Farm Oberen’s Mushroom Seedling 20,760 115 ~ 138
Grilled Kuku Bird Egg 26,616 112 ~ 135
Bain Farmland Bain Corn Noodles 26,010 112 ~ 135
Behr Behr Bugle 44,256 107 ~ 129
Trained Pigeon 24,756 113 ~ 136
Behr Sausage 18,804 116 ~ 140
Behr Leather Fabric 25,440 112 ~ 135
Crioville Root Nymph Pickled Fish 31,326 110 ~ 132
Trident Arrowhead 18,696 117 ~ 141
Viv Foretta’s Hamlet Sour Foretta Wild Berries 36,300 109 ~ 131
Sweet Foretta Wild Berries 36,300 109 ~ 131
Sunrise Herb in the Sunset 39,900 108 ~ 130
Moist Dry Mane Grass 41,400 108 ~ 130
Cabin Maintenance Tools 43,200 107 ~ 129
Colorful Wild Berry Juice 46,200 107 ~ 129
Kafauk Guard Post Ranger Strategic Manual: Basic 36,000 109 ~ 131
Ranger Training Manual: Basic 37,500 108 ~ 130
Medical Kit 38,400 108 ~ 130
Delicate Ornament 39,300 108 ~ 130
Atanis Musical Score 44,700 107 ~ 129
Evil Spirit Rock 45,300 107 ~ 129

You have a chance to acquire the <Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery]> when you supply to the Imperial Delivery. The items that can be exchanged for these seals are listed below.

Type and Quantity of Seal Exchange Item
Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] x 150 High-Quality Four-wheeled Wagon Badge
Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] x 250 High-Quality Merchant Wagon Cover
Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] x 250 Ancient Kamel Statue
Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] x 300 Feather Champron of Storm
Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] x 300 Black Essence - Hystria
Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] x 320 Steel Horseshoe of Fighting Spirit
Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] x 400 Fine Horse Trainer Clothes

Imperial Crafting / Fishing Delivery

Imperial Crafting Delivery involves packaging a specific items and supplying it to the imperial family. The difference from the normal Imperial Delivery is that food or alchemy products that can’t be normally supplied to the imperial family are refined through processing so that the product can now be supplied.

Basically, it involves not purchasing the trade item from traders, but crafting it yourself and delivering it. As such, there is a lot to prepare and it takes a fair amount of effort, but it is also a great opportunity to earn a quick fortune.

The Imperial Crafting Delivery is randomly reset within a period of 3 hours, and the remaining volume and market price of the item will be reset. The market price starts from 200% and increases up to 200% as the remaining volume decreases. Because the sale unit price is so high, the distance bonus and bargain game bonuses are not applied.

Imperial cooking and alchemy are described in detail in the game help (ESC menu - ‘Help’) under the cooking and alchemy section, where it explains every detail from how to gather ingredients/materials to how you can craft various items.

The Imperial Fishing Delivery has the same system as the Imperial Crafting Delivery, and the only difference is that you deliver the fish that you catch.

Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC for each Territory
Balenos Velia Imperial Fishing Karon Olvia Imperial Crafting Delivery Lotz Pavarotti
Serendia Glish Imperial Fishing Rai Heidel Imperial Crafting Delivery Pasvinder
Calpheon Epheria Imperial Fishing Dius Calpheon Imperial Crafting Delivery Bech
Mediah Splashing Point Imperial Fishing Hirio Altinova Imperial Crafting Delivery Liff
Valencia Valencia Imperial Fishing Hanmadu Valencia Imperial Crafting Delivery Shandi Yut


Processed Trade

This refers to the trade of crafting various crates through Craft House and selling it to the traders. The advantages including how the materials can be gathered by your workers, the crate items being able to be stacked in storage, the relative freedom in setting the origin of the item, as well as the ability to be transported allows players to earn a fortune through a massive scale trade. It is also widely used among the adventurers to utilize the workers that produce an unlimited workforce by just giving them beer. It is the most convenient and efficient way to convert this workforce into silver coins.

Doing processed trade itself is very simple. You just craft crates from the various workbenches (wood, mineral, crop, mushroom, fish) and sell them. The most important thing here is the town the worker is associated with. This is because the origin of the item will not be determined by the location of the workbench, but the village where the work is done. The required materials need to be within the storage of the town that the worker is part of, as the system involves the worker taking the materials from his/her own town to the workbench and crafting the item there. (The crafting duration, however, will be lower if the workbench is located in the town of the worker.)

For these reasons, players will need to predetermine the origin of the crafted item as well as where it is going to be sold. Although Trent and Valencia are the two locations that are the furthest apart, it is very inconvenient to transport a complete processed product between these two places. This is why the commonly used route is between Epheria and Valencia: it has a great distance bonus, and the transportation is fairly easy as well.

From Epheria, the goods can be transported to the Ancado Inner Harbor located north of Valencia by a single ship transport. Then, the goods need to be moved in person from the Ancado Inner Harbor to Valencia, but if this is too bothersome, it’s not a bad choice to just sell it at the Ancado Inner Harbor. Note, however, that you won’t be able to receive the Desert Buff if you do this.

17 trade.jpg

Distance Bonus (%) between the major locations

Velia Olvia Heidel Glish Calpheon Keplan Epheria Trent Altinova Tarif Valencia Shakatu Old Wisdom Tree Grana
Velia 10 7 13 19 18 24 33 26 17 69 41 43 50
Olvia 10 16 18 14 18 15 29 37 28 79 50 41 47
Heidel 7 16 6 19 14 26 31 22 13 69 42 38 47
Glish 13 18 6 16 9 25 25 26 16 74 48 32 40
Calpheon 19 14 19 16 9 9 14 41 32 88 60 27 32
Keplan 18 18 14 9 9 18 16 35 26 83 57 24 32
Epheria 24 15 26 25 9 18 18 49 40 94 65 32 35
Trent 33 29 31 25 14 16 18 51 42 99 73 14 18
Altinova 26 37 22 26 41 35 49 51 9 48 27 55 65
Tarif 17 28 13 16 32 26 40 42 9 57 33 47 56
Valencia 69 79 69 74 88 83 94 99 48 57 30 104 113
Shakatu 41 50 42 48 60 57 65 73 27 33 30 80 89
Old Wisdom Tree 43 41 38 32 27 24 32 14 55 47 104 80 10
Grana 50 47 47 40 32 32 35 18 65 56 113 89 10

If you have selected the origin and the destination to sell it to, then now it’s time to choose what crate you wish to craft. Crops Crates and Mushroom Crates aren’t very efficient unless you grow them yourself. It’s usually better to just sell raw fish than to dry and package them into Fish Crates, so Fish Crates are out of the question. Thus, the best option is to go for either the Timber Crate or the Mineral Crate. Of these, the recommended goods are as follows.

Recommended items for Timber Crate
Balenos Timber Crate 19,740 Silver Coins Ash Plywood 5, Maple Plywood 5, Black Stone Powder 1
Serendia Timber Crate 22,860 Silver Coins Maple Plywood 5, Pine Plywood 5, Black Stone Powder 1
Calpheon Timber Crate 35,880 Silver Coins Birch Plywood 5, Fir Plywood 5, Cedar Plywood 5, Black Stone Powder 1
Mediah Timber Crate 29,100 Silver Coins White Cedar Plywood 5, Acacia Plywood 5, Black Stone Powder 1
Recommended items for Ore Crate
Brass Ingot Crate 20,520 Silver Coins Brass Ingot 10, Black Stone Powder 1
Bronze Ingot Crate 22,080 Silver Coins Bronze Ingot 10, Black Stone Powder 1
Steel Ingot Crate 25,200 Silver Coins Steel Ingot 10, Black Stone Powder 1
Vanadium Ingot Crate 43,110 Silver Coins Vanadium Ingot 10, Black Stone Powder 1
Titanium Ingot Crate 46,950 Silver Coins Titanium Ingot 10, Black Stone Powder 1

Processed Trade Procedure

Select which crate to craft > Send workers to gather materials > Transport the materials to the storage of the town to be set as origin > Have the workers from the origin town craft the boxes > Transport the product to the town to be sold > Sell

Your Efforts Will Never Betray You=

18 trade.png

The Imperial Delivery has become much more efficient due to the increased price in the trade items sold by traders. How it is more inefficient compared to the other contents is just a thing of the past now.

Trade Level is very important in terms of how much profit you can earn through trade, so it is best to first level up by doing normal trade, and then shifting towards the Imperial Delivery and Processed Trade.

Although the profit per hour is difficult to calculate when it comes to a processed trade involving so many steps from gathering materials to processing, the thrill it brings and the reward for all your effort is definitely satisfying. Trade has always been growing, and it will continue to grow even further.

  • Game Guide contents may differ with in-game contents depending on updates and content changes.