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This is the territory of the Turos, who have a non-aggression relation with the Ahib.

This is where the Turos stood their ground against the Salun bears, and here you can see their way of life, in which they keep to themselves.

When 2 intruders are detected in Tunkuta, Turo Chief Ulutuka will appear to take care of them.


Category Summary Description
Recommended Level Lv. 63 or above.
Distance Efficiency ★★★★☆ Fairly close to the Starry Midnight Port.
User Density ★★★★☆ Many seek to obtain Flame of Despair.
Difficulty ★★★★☆ High.
Hunting Sensation ★★★★★ Great when you have good party members!
Unique Drops Flame of Despair, Turo's Belt, Thick Turo Blood, Turo Heart.
Mount Parking Park your mount where there are no monsters around.

Monster Types and Levels

Basic Information

Mostly Lv. 64 monsters
Melee: Turo Berserker, Turo Pike Warrior
Ranged: Turo Scout
Others: Ulutuka, Turo Totem


- Monsters are in small groups.
- Monsters have high HP and AP.
- Attacked while debuffed could be deadly.
- Can obtain the new accessory Turo's Belt, which is based on Accuracy.
- Can obtain Flame of Despair, material used for crafting Fallen God's Armor.

Level/Gear Requirements

Beware! Monsters here are very strong.

Level AP DP
Minimum Lv. 62 270 or above 320 or above
Recommended Lv. 63 280 or above 330 or above



Monsters here are very strong, so try not to fight too many at once.

The zone is recommended for a party of 2, so coordination with your partner is crucial.

Key Locations and Routes

Turo monsters are evenly spread across Tunkuta.

Groups are small and spread fairly far apart, so it is best you hunt one group at a time.

Turo Chief Ulutuka

Defeating monsters in Tunkuta will lead to spawning <Elite> Turo Soldiers who’ve found traces of intruders.

And then Turo Chief Ulutuka will appear to test the might of the intruders.

Defeat the <Elite> Turo Soldiers quickly to spawn Turo Chief Ulutuka, and then reap your rewards.

Major Item Drops

Flame of Despair

Turo's Belt

Thick Turo Blood

Turo Heart

Caphras Stone

Ancient Spirit Dust

Black Stone (Armor)

Black Stone (Weapon)

User Density

This is a party of 2 Monster Zone in O'dyllita where the Turos dwell.

You can obtain the new accessory Turo's Belt and materials for the new elixirs, such as Thick Turo Blood and Turo Heart.

This is also where you can obtain Flame of Despair required for crafting Fallen God's Armor, so many adventurers will gather to acquire it.

▶ Powerful monsters here can hit very hard with every attack, so it is recommended you prepare yourself with enough DP.

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