Treant Forest

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It is unclear when the enormous Treants began to move on their own, but it has been so since ancient times. It is also said that there is a secret in the huge tree forest of northern Calpheon.

Category Summary Description
Recommended Level 48~51Lv
Distance Efficiency between Village ★★★★☆ Close to Trent
User Density ★★☆☆☆ You Can See Friends Occasionally
Difficulty ★★☆☆☆ Healing Treant Could be Annoying
Hunting Sensation ★★★☆☆ Essence of Hunting Up
Unique Drop Belt Tree Spirit Belt
Mount Parking Trent

Monster Types and Level

Basic Information

  • Mostly 49~50Lv monsters(Animal/Plant)
  • Melee: Ferocious Weasel, Young Treant, Owl Treant, Twin-Headed Treant
  • Melee/Ranged: Root Treant
  • Melee/Ranged/Summon: Old Tree Treant
  • Healing: Treant Spirit
  • Others: Treant Stub (No Attack)

Features You can bump into living treants places densely covered in bushes. Old tree treants summons ent spirits and root treant whenever their HP is low. Treant attacks are quite fierce, but their movements are slow, so keep moving and hunting. If you are very lucky, you can obtain the ‘‘Tree Spirit Belt’.

Level/Equipment Requirements

Treant Forest is among easiest zones, so you do not need to worry much about your defense or level too much.

Level AP DP
Minimum Stats 50Lv 40~50 60~70
Recommended Stats 51Lv 60~70 80~90

HP of Treant Spirits is low, but it is better to defeat them first because they will heal other treants. The Old Tree Treant will summon a ‘Treant Spirit’ and 'Root Treant’ when their HP is low. Most of the treants have low speed, so it is effective to move fast by using a movement speed buff (food, elixir).

Key Locations and Hunting Route

Most of the forest is full of Treant, but it is better to hunt while moving because the density is low.

01 treant.jpeg

Major Drop Items

  • Lucky Branch - Miscellaneous
  • Hard Tree Bark - Miscellaneous
  • Tough Tree Root - Miscellaneous
  • Black Stone (Weapon)
  • Black Stone (Armor)
  • Tree Spirit Belt
  • Ancient Relic Crystal Shard
  • Wise Man’s Blood
  • Bloody Tree Knot
  • Ancient Magic Crystal - Adamantine
  • Ancient Magic Crystal - Harphia
  • Ancient Magic Crystal - Cobelinus

User Density

At a similar level, it is quiet compared to the Hexe Sanctuary. However, it is a fairly good hunting zone in the early 50’s, and there is also a chance to get a variety of loot. If you are lucky, you can obtain a good item called ‘Tree Spirit Belt’. It is one of the places you have to stop by if you come to southwestern Calpheon.