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Black Desert Online has no fast-travelling capabilities such as portals or teleports to move to different towns. As such, Horses, Carriages and Boats are important methods of transportation - allowing you to arrive somewhere much faster, or to reach islands in the ocean.

Horses can be bought or caught in the Wild. Carriages and Boats must be crafted at appropriate workstations.

When not in use, boats are placed in Docks while horses and carriages are placed in Stables.

Types of Transportation

  • Donkey
    • Specialized for item transportation, the Donkey moves slower than a Horse, but has many more slots for carrying items, as well as a higher carrying limit.
    • Donkeys are sold at Stablehands, and you also will receive a Donkey as a quest reward early on.
  • Horse
    • Horses are the fastest method of transportation in the game. The stats of each individual horse depend on the horses appearance. Horses have the chance to learn skills as they level up. Once you equip a Horse with a Stirrup, you can enable Mouunted Combat.
    • To obtain a Horse, you can purchase a horse from a Vendor or capture one in the Wild, as well as breed them.
  • Carriage
    • Carriages are designed to hold a large amount of cargo for transport, with the most item slots of all forms of transportation. Carriages move rather slow, and can not move in reverse.
    • You must own a Carriage Works housing unit to craft a carriage.
  • Boat
    • Boats allow transport across rivers and oceans. There are 2 kinds of boats, Fishing Boats and Cargo Boats. Boats have the highest carry weight of all forms of transportation.
    • You must own a Shipyard housing unit to craft a boat.
    • Note: Ships and carriages can not be repaired and must be discarded if the lifespan is exhausted.
  • Horse Skills
    • Horses have a wide array of skills they can possibly learn, with a chance to learn a random skill at each level up. There are skills directly effecting movement, and some attack/recovery skills as well.
    • Certain skills must be trained through repetitive use to fully master, or else risk being thrown off of your horse.
    • Through use of Cash Shop items, you can add/remove horse skills at will.
  • Equipment
    • Every method of transportation has available equipment, to help boost it's stats and give it defense. Everything except the donkey has available costumes on the cash shop.