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Transfusion is another way to empower your gear and make you stronger in combat. Many items have slots where you can Transfuse Magic Crystals to add stats to your gear such as AP, DP, Evasion, Increased Speed, Carry Weight and much more.

Magic Crystals

Magic Crystals are special items that you can transfuse onto gear to grant it stats. They have varying degrees of quality, which can improve their bonuses, Although there are many different types of crystals, they have specific pieces they can be transmuted on to. You can see which item the crystal can be used on by hovering your cursor over the crystal and reading the tooltip. Additionally, the crystal’s icon will have an image of the appropriate gear piece.

♦Reed the tooltip or look at the Crystal icon to see what piece of gear it can be transmuted on to.

To Transmute an item, make sure it has Empty Slots by hovering your cursor over the item and looking for the words “Empty Slot, You can add crystals through Transfusion”. Next, open your Black Spirit menu and select the Transmutation button.


You can then put a piece in the window, and your inventory will turn gray. Only crystals that are available for that piece of gear will show colored icons, making it easier to identify the ones you are looking for. Once you have picked the crystal you wish to Transfuse, right click it to imbue your weapon. You will be prompted to confirm this is the item you want to Transfuse, and selecting the Yes option will place it in the slot on your gear.


While Magic Crystals can provide considerable bonuses for your character, it is important to note that dying in PvE has a chance to shatter the crystal. This chance increases as the quality of the crystal goes up, so it is important to balance risk and reward when Transfusing your items.

If you wish to remove a crystal from your gear, simply place it back in the Transfusion window and right click it. You will be prompted to confirm you wish to remove it, and you will be notified that the crystal will be destroyed. There are items you can use to salvage the crystal, without destroying it, which can be found in the Cash Shop or granted via special Events. These items are the Black Spirit's Essence and Crystal Extraction tool.