The Great Expedition

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Many sailors have gathered at the taverns and inns of Velia and Epheria to find a captain who would sail to the broad ocean. Islands in the ocean are full of Papu and Otter barterers who are competing with each other to barter with the adventurers. People who have tried to cross the ocean are now drifting the Margoria Sea and each of them has his/her own reasons to be in such a situation. Meanwhile, a strange current coming from the mysterious island, Oquilla's Eye, has caused bizarre sea creatures to drift to the innermost parts of Calpheon and Balenos and to threaten the citizens.

The Great Expedition extends the existing ocean content by adding additional maritime features to the Great Ocean content. Upgrade your boat or build a new one, hire your crew and go barter and fight monsters on the huge and vast ocean. Follow Jarette Domongatt's request and unravel the mysteries behind Oquilla's Eye. Gather your guild and dare confront Khan, Eye of the Ocean, and more.

Main Quest

If your character is above Lv. 50, talk to the Black Spirit to receive the quest "Vigorous Velia". The "[The Great Expedition] Oquilla's Eye" quest chain will introduce you to various features and locations added with The Great Expedition. Delve into the mystery behind Heidel's involvement with the mysterious island of Oquilla's Eye, and learn about the origins of Vell, Khan, the inhabitants of the island and the now long gone Vell Pirates.

Below you can find a list of the quests that make up Oquilla's Eye's quest chain. You can also find them in the Suggested tab of the Quest window (shortcut "O").

Note: Press "Expand" to the right to see the list.

Vigorous Velia

Island of Opportunities

Before Dawn Cries

Happiness of a Book Vendor

Drunken Velia

Always Happy

Is Alcohol the Answer?

What Happened that Day

Who Would Dare

Shadow Cast on the Princess

Unknown Sender

Letter from a Dear One

Jarette's Support

Happy Proix

Sailors in Taverns and Inns

Start of Bartering

To the Wharf to Set Sail

Final Preparation for Departure

Otter Barterer

Different Atmosphere

The True Culprit

To Heidel Church

Descendant of the Vell Pirates

Strange Creatures from the Great Ocean

Worries of the Otters

Can't be Coincidence

Pirate's Blood in Your Vein?

In Front of Death

The Line Between Truth and a Lie

To Oquilla's Eye

Old Moon Guild's Island

Jordine's Inspectorate

Owner of the Island

Dangerous Offer

Surveillance Started

Story of the Black Turtle

Around the Ancient Ruins

Missing Scholar

To Chief Goblin

Black Turtle Coin

Lechella's Fate

Seed of Distrust

Truth about the Homesickness

To the Forbidden Area

Inside the Goddess' Abyss

The Sky Reflected in the Eyes of the Otter

Suspicious Carrier Pigeon

Goddess' Stained Goblet

Fireworks with the Pirates

Cerulean Crystal

Unveiled Truth

Kanilla Delcas

In Search of Khan, the Eye of the Moon

Daily Quests

Daily quests have been added for Oquilla's Eye and the Dancing Marlin Tavern in Velia. They're a good source for Sailing EXP and materials for the new ships.

You can view the conditions for the following quests through the newly added "[Sailing Mastery] Sailing to the Ends of the Vast Ocean" tab from the Recurring tab of the Quests (O) window.

The daily quests offered at the Dancing Marlin Tavern require Sailing Beginner 2.

Oquilla's Eye:

- [Daily] We are the Owners of this Island!

- [Daily] Precious Coral Piece

- [Daily] For the Young Otter Merchants

- [Daily] Ravikel's Test

- [Daily] For the Serendian Soldiers

- [Daily] Our Guild is not a Charity Group

- [Daily] Do You Have What it Takes?

- [Daily] Win-win Situation

- [Daily] Old Moon Guild's Candidum Hunter

- [Daily] Old Moon Guild's Nineshark Hunter

- [Daily] Old Moon Guild's Black Rust Hunter

Dancing Marlin Tavern, Velia:

- Delivering Goods: Baremi Island

- Delivering Goods: Narvo Island

- Delivering Goods: Tinberra Island

- Wanted: Hungry Sea Creatures

- Wanted: Cox Scouts in Disguise

- [Daily] For a Wider Trade Route

- [Daily] How to Recover Sailors

Ravinia's Ship Upgrade Log

Ravinia, who has revealed herself at Crow's Nest, offers a variety of quests. You can accept these quests in order over 7 days and by completing each quest, you will receive a special letter from Ravinia each day. Open this special letter to randomly accept an interesting quest from Ravinia. Complete the quest and receive different rewards which will help you in upgrading a sailboat or frigate into a caravel or galleass, in addition to a large amount of Sailing EXP and Crow Coins.

- Ravinia's Ship Upgrade Log I

- Ravinia's Ship Upgrade Log II

- Ravinia's Ship Upgrade Log III

- Ravinia's Ship Upgrade Log IV

- Ravinia's Ship Upgrade Log V

- Ravinia's Ship Upgrade Log VI

- Ravinia's Ship Upgrade Log VII


The trading of the sea, while doing bartering you'll be exchanging specific items for other items. Each item has a specific grade, and through the Bartering window one is able to see which item each Barterer NPC seeks in exchange for a higher grade item.

Bartering can only be done on a ship, and via any Papu or Otter barterer who has been sent to each island, or sailors who have drifted to Margoria. The exchange and loading will automatically take place if the necessary item(s) is in the ship.

Trade items which are used for Barter can only be loaded through the Load Cargo feature from the Wharf Manager.

Barter items will be destroyed when large ships are destroyed or when remotely collected.

Note: You cannot barter items in your character's inventory.

Great Expedition 1.png

This is the barter window.

The following barters can happen in island nodes in the ocean.

Great Expedition 2.png

Some barters will offer you materials that are needed for upgrading the new ship or ship equipment enhancement materials.

You can check the Crow Coins that you have obtained on the bottom of the weight bar in your inventory.

Great Expedition 3.png

Also, from Level 3 trade goods onwards, you can sell the goods and exchange them for silver. The higher the level of the trade goods is, the higher the price will be.

The storage keepers from each territory became interested in bartering and started to buy trade goods. You can sell Lv. 3–5 trade goods at the existing shops. You can only sell Lv. 5 trade goods at the Currency Exchange.

Great Expedition 4.png

The bartering item list can be reset by pressing the "Barter Refresh" button in the upper right of the Barter Information window. This will reset both the items offered for bartering and the amount of parley required to barter them with.

At first, bartering will be offered to you from only a small number of islands, but as you do more bartering, you will get offerings from more Papus and Otters, from many more islands.

Use the Search Barter Information window on the right bottom of the World Map (M) to see the barter information at a glance.

When you click on a trade good from the Barter UI, the camera perspective will move to the location of the island.

You can also access the Barter Information window via the Main Menu by pressing ESC.

Special Barter

As you proceed with bartering, you can be offered a special barter from the bartering NPCs of each island at a low chance.

Special Barters are barters which randomly occur by chance while using regular bartering. Though they do not happen often, you can exchange a very expensive item or a large number of Crow Coins through these Special Barters. You can get either Crow Coins or expensive goods you can't get from a regular barter by using the Gold Bars at a Special Barter.

The more you barter, the more chance a Special Barter may occur.

You will see the items you can exchange through the Special Barter only when you have reached the relevant island. The islands where Special Barters have happened will be displayed with a gold badge icon in the World Map (M)'s Barter Information UI.

You can see the information about the areas where Special Barters have happened in the Barter Information (the old Barter Search) window.

Whenever a Special Barter happens, a system message will be displayed.

Once you're on an island with a Special Barter available, you can select either Normal Barter or Special Barter from the Barter window.

Note: The item information does not change every 4 hours for Special Barter. If you do not make the exchange when Special Barter is available, the Special Barter will no longer appear.

Crow Coin Shop

Use this shop through Ravinia, the Crow Coin Exchange Manager who can be found at Crow's Nest island. Purchase items such as Khan's Concentrated Magic and other ocean-related goods such as equipment for a carrack, ship upgrade materials, or ship equipment enhancement materials.

On Lema Island you will encounter Rebinia, Ravinia's twin sister, who has opened up a Crow Coin Shop there and sells useful common items as well as rare Manos accessories.

You can purchase the following items from Rebinia's shop. Remember that you can only purchase the special, limited boxes containing the items below from Rebinia on Lema Island.

Great Expedition 5.png


New ships have been added with The Great Expedition. From small transport vessels such as the cog, to long & arduous projects such as upgrading a sailboat or frigate into their improved versions, and/or upgrade those or the base ones into a caravel or galleass, then upgrade those into one of the four types of carrack. A lot of upgrading!

These new ships are accompanied by new green grade and blue grade ship equipment obtained via traditional shops, Crow Coin exchange, and crafting.

Types of Ship

Ships in the world of Black Desert are differentiated into small and large.

- Small ships include: rowboats, fishing boat, and the newly added Epheria Cog (Epheria Cog: Kalis-Certified & Epheria Cog: Fallen Vell Pirates' Legacy).

- Prior large ships include: Guild Galley, Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate, and the Old Bartali Sailboat.

- New large ships include: Bartali Sailboat, Epheria Caravel, Epheria Galleass, Epheria Carrack: Advance, Epheria Carrack: Balance, Epheria Carrack: Volante, and Epheria Carrack: Valor.

Epheria Cog

Its default sailing speed is high, but its durability is low, making it vulnerable to the sea monsters' attack. Commonly used to travel between the islands nearby the mainland.

It can use the "BreezySail" skill by default, which will help you reach your objective quickly, and more importantly, battle going against strong currents and wind.

When its lifespan ends, its sailing speed will decrease significantly and you won't be able to use the ship.

You can build the Epheria Cog in one of the following two ways.

Great Expedition 6.png

This one is crafted with materials obtained in the mainland.

Great Expedition 7.png

This one is crafted with materials obtained with activities related to The Great Expedition.

Bartali Sailboat to Epheria Sailboat/Frigate

You can upgrade the Bartali Sailboat you can purchase from Proix in the Dancing Marlin Tavern, in Velia, into an Epheria Sailboat or an Epheria Frigate by using the Upgrade System.

To do so you have to interact with the Wharf Manager and select the ship you wish to upgrade.

Great Expedition 8.png

The necessary materials for upgrading a Bartali Sailboat to an Epheria Sailboat or an Epheria Frigate can be bought from Falasi in Port Epheria and then be enhanced with Black Stone (Armor) or Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor).

Great Expedition 9.png

Great Expedition 10.png

Epheria Sailboat/Frigate to Improved Epheria Sailboat/Frigate

The improved versions of the Epheria Sailboat and the Epheria Frigate have one notable difference: you can automatically fire your cannons while sailing.

Owners of the old ships will appreciate not having to let go of the steering wheel and move to the cannon every time they want to fire them.

The Improved Epheria Sailboat and the Improved Epheria Frigate basically have the same stats as the Epheria Sailboat and Epheria Frigate, but the formers can use the Volley skill.

Note: The Improved Epheria Sailboat and the Improved Epheria Frigate, just like the Epheria Sailboat and Epheria Frigate, can be upgraded to Epheria Caravel or Epheria Galleass.

As the materials for an Epheria Caravel and an Epheria Galleass require bartering and defeating sea monsters, adventurers tend to first upgrade their old ships into their improved designs so they have an easier time getting materials for the Caravel and Galleass. This is also due to the materials for the Improved Epheria Sailboat and Improved Epheria Frigate being able to be obtained without having to set sail even once.

Great Expedition 11.png

Great Expedition 12.png

Epheria Caravel & Epheria Galleass

You can get an Epheria Caravel by upgrading an Epheria Sailboat or an Improved Epheria Sailboat. It has enough loading space (30 slots) and capacity (10,000LT), allowing the ship to be advantageous for trading and bartering.

You can get an Epheria Galleass by upgrading an Epheria Frigate or an Improved Epheria Frigate. It has 4 cannons on each side, making them 8 in total, which allows the ship to be advantageous for combat.

Both the Epheria Caravel and the Epheria Galleass have a larger weight limit, more cabins for sailors, more inventory slots and a larger max amount of rations than both the base Epheria Sailboat/Frigate and their improved designs.

Though you can't get on an Epheria Caravel's or an Epheria Galleass' cannons, you can fire the cannons while driving your ship.

Great Expedition 13.png

Great Expedition 14.png

The necessary materials to upgrade the equipment pieces can be forcefully enhanced from any enhancement level.

These equipment pieces use Verdant Black Stones to be enhanced, and these Black Stones can be obtained via quests and exchanging Crow Merchants Guild's Barter Voucher to any of Ravinia's sisters.

To obtain the vouchers, you can hand over the first level bartering trade goods to Ravinia’s sisters.

Ravinia and her sisters are located in the following locations:

- Crow's Nest - Ravinia

- Iliya Island - Revinia

- Epheria - Ruvinia

- Velia - Rovinia

Green Grade Equipment

You can purchase green grade equipment for Epheria Caravel and Epheria Galleass from Falasi in Port Epheria.

Great Expedition 15.png

You can enhance the new ship equipment items with the following Black Stones available in Bartering or the Crow Coin shop.

- Fiery Black Stone, for level 0-5 enhancement.

- Frosted Black Stone, for level 6-10 enhancement.

Blue Grade Equipment

Different from regular ship items, the enhancement level of new ship equipment items will not decrease even if the enhancement fails.

You can craft blue grade equipment for the Epheria Caravel and the Epheria Galleass in a Ship Part Workshop Level 4 located at Port Epheria 1-4, 2F.

Below you can find the materials required to craft them and how to obtain them.

Note: Press "Expand" to the right to see the list.

Great Expedition 16.png

Great Expedition 17.png

Great Expedition 18.png

Great Expedition 19.png

Great Expedition 20.png

Great Expedition 21.png

Great Expedition 22.png

Great Expedition 23.png

Note: Most of the materials needed for the upgrades above can be obtained through daily quests for [Sailing to the Ends of the Vast Ocean] recurring quests.

Epheria Carrack

An Epheria Carrack can be obtained by upgrading an Epheria Caravel or an Epheria Galleass. Keep in mind, though, that an Epheria Caravel can only be upgraded to two possible types of Epheria Carrack, and that an Epheria Galleass can only be upgraded to another two different types of Epheria Carrack.

There are 4 different types of upgraded Epheria Carracks, and each have different characteristics. The different types are:

Great Expedition 24.png

- The Advance and Balance Epheria Carracks are specialized for trading, due to their weight and space capacity (35 or more inventory slots).

- The Volante and Valor Epheria Carracks are specialized for combat, due to their outstanding mobility and short cooldown for shooting cannons.

Below you can find the materials required to upgrade them and how to obtain them.

Note: Press "Expand" to the right to see the list.

Great Expedition 25.png

Great Expedition 26.png

Great Expedition 27.png

Great Expedition 28.png

Green Grade Equipment

Green grade equipment for the Epheria Carracks can be bought in the Crow Coin Shop via Ravinia or Rebinia. They're named:

- Epheria Carrack: Toro Sail

- Epheria Carrack: Toro Prow

- Epheria Carrack: Toro Cannon

- Epheria Carrack: Toro Plating

This equipment is enhanced with Solar Black Stones (until enhancement level +4) and Lunar Black Stones (from enhancement level +4 to +10).

- Use Heating in the Processing window on Fiery Black Stone x10 and Starlight Crystal x1 to get Solar Black Stone x1.

- Use Heating in the Processing window on Frosted Black Stone x10 and Starlight Crystal x1 to get Lunar Black Stone x1.

You can purchase Starlight Crystal from NPC Ravinia's Crow Shop.

Blue Grade Equipment

Blue grade equipment for the Carracks can be crafted at Chiro's Ship Part Workshop located at the house at Iliya Island 3.

At Chiro's Ship Part Workshop you can craft the 16 new blue grade Epheria ship parts as well as Sunset Black Stone which is needed to enhance them.

Please note that the type of ship parts must match the type of Epheria Carrack you own.

Below you can find the materials required to craft them.

Note: Press "Expand" to the right to see the list.

Great Expedition 29.png

Great Expedition 30.png

Great Expedition 31.png

Great Expedition 32.png

Note: You can get the Epheria Carrack Parts Upgrade Permit items from Philaberto Falasi of Port Epheria.

The effects of the new blue grade Epheria Carrack ship parts may differ depending on the type of Epheria Carrack they are meant for, to complement the characteristics of each type of Epheria Carrack.

♦ Epheria Carrack: Advance - It is slower than the other Epheria Carracks but can carry the most weight.

♦ Epheria Carrack: Balance - It is the most balanced of the Epheria Carracks in terms of its maximum stats.

♦ Epheria Carrack: Volante - It is the fastest Epheria Carrack.

♦ Epheria Carrack: Valor - It is the Epheria Carrack that can shoot the most powerful cannons.

The following is a list of Epheria Carracks in the order of most to least amount of damage their cannons deal.

♦ Epheria Carrack: Valor > Epheria Carrack: Volante > Epheria Carrack: Balance > Epheria Carrack: Advance.

The cannon reload speed of Epheria Carrack: Volante and Epheria Carrack: Valor gets faster when they are equipped with the new Epheria Carrack: Volante (Chiro's Cannon) or Epheria Carrack: Valor (Chiro's Cannon), respectively.

The Sunset Black Stone is crafted at Chiro's Ship Part Workshop on Iliya Island by using Solar Black Stone x1, Lunar Black Stone x1, and Starlight Powder x10.

Starlight Powder is obtained via node production at Lerao Island (Chiro's Black Plating Workshop), Al-Naha Island (Chiro's Cannon Workshop), Tinberra Island (Chiro's Prow Statue Workshop), and Racid Island (Chiro's Sail Workshop).

You can spend 10 Energy at each island's node manager to discover these new nodes. The node managers for each island are as follows.

- Al-Naha Island: Rundgel

- Racid Island: Kunka

- Tinberra Island: Shanjo

- Lerao Island: Leph

New Ship Skill: Volley

Volley is a skill which shoots out cannons from the left or right side of the ship by pressing the LMB or RMB while sailing on the ships. It can be used starting from Beginner Sailing Level 1.

The Volley skill has different cooldown times depending on the ship, and you cannot get off of a ship during the Volley skill's cooldown time.

The Volley skill can be used with the following ships: Epheria Caravel, Epheria Galleass, and Epheria Carracks (Advance, Balance, Volante, Valor).

Reef & Shake out the Sail

On large shops, you can fold (reef) or shake out the sail by clicking on a button.

When the sail is opened up, the ship is affected by the ocean winds. However, when the sail is folded up (reefed), the ship will not be affected by the ocean winds. Therefore you can sail more quickly by reefing or shaking out the sail depending on the ocean winds.

Great Expedition 34.png

Note: However, there is a cooldown of 5 seconds when reefing and shaking out the sail.


While on a ship, the Anchor UI will be activated whenever you approach a Papu or Otter Barterer around the islands of the Great Ocean.

Great Expedition 33.png

You must be holding onto the steering wheel in order for the Anchor UI to appear.

- Anchor: Activates features available on islands.

- Explore/Supply: Sends sailor(s) to islands to explore or get supplies. You can supply the Rations you have loaded on your ship with Supply and find treasures with Explore. In order to Explore or Supply, you need to have at least 100,000 of Rations loaded on your ship. Once you begin Exploring or Supplying at any island, you can restart them only after 20 minutes.

- Barter: You can engage in a barter with a Barterer.

Note: The ship will stop if you press the Anchor button. The ship will not move until you press the Depart button.

Ocean Current and Wind

Ocean current and wind have been added to affect sailing in all parts of the world of Black Desert.

They won't affect your ship as much when near the coastline, but will become a lot stronger as you venture further from the coast and out into the sea.

When you board your ship, you will be provided with information on the strength and direction of both ocean current and wind.

Great Expedition 35.png

Also in this information UI, the top blue bar indicates the speed of the ship and the cannon icons on both sides show you information on cooldown and the number of cannonballs you have left.


You will find various kinds of sailors around Velia, Port Epheria, and Iliya Island. If you have a "Sailor Contract Certificate", you can hire them.

Sailor Contract Certificates can be purchased for 3,000,000 Silver from Philaberto Falasi at Port Epheria, Islin Bartali at Velia's Lunar Halo Inn, and Proix at the Dancing Marlin Tavern.

The health of sailors can be recovered Chowder and Raisin Bread.

- Chowder can be obtained with Cooking Utensils at a Residence with the following ingredients: Dried Pearl Oyster Flesh x1, Pepper x2, Pork x2, Milk x1, Teff Bread x1.

- Raisin Bread can be purchased from Islin Bartali at Velia, and from Wharf Managers.

If ill, a sailor can be cured with an Elixir of Regeneration.

The Elixir of Regeneration can be obtained through Simply Alchemy with the following materials: Mandragora Essence x1, Essence of Magic Power x1, Oil of Regeneration x1, Troll Blood x2, Grape x4.

Sailor's Oath is an item used to increase the maximum number of sailors you can have. They're obtained via various quests during Oquilla's Eye main quest.

Sailors receive EXP and grow from defeating sea monsters, and doing regular and special barters.

EXP received is increased depending on the number of sailors on board your ship.

1 Sailor: 100% EXP

2–3 Sailors: 120% EXP

4–5 Sailors: 140% EXP

6–7 Sailors: 160% EXP

8–10 Sailors: 180% EXP

For example, you will receive 60% x 2 = 120% EXP if you have 2 sailors on board.

Emergency Ration Supply

If you find yourself with low rations in the middle of the high seas, don't worry. You can supply food you have in your inventory to the ship as emergency rations.

Foods of different quality restore different amounts of rations:

- White Grade: 80

- Green Grade: 100

- Blue Grade: 240

- Yellow Grade: 4000

- Orange Grade: 22000

Note: Food items used to restore stamina of land workers and those that cannot be registered on the Central Market cannot be used for Emergency Ration Supply.

Oquilla's Eye

In addition to being central to the storyline presented in The Great Expedition, a strange natural phenomenon occurs at Oquilla's Eye every 3 hours. Many say they witnessed waterspout rising from the center of Oquilla's Eye, but no one knows why this happens. You could get seriously injured if you're in the water when this happens, due to the power of the rising water. This phenomenon at the center of Oquilla's Eye also spews up lost treasures from the depths of the ocean, so watch out for chests falling from the sky.

The message "Something strange is going on in the Eye of the Great Ocean." will be displayed every 3 hours. After a while, a waterspout will rise from the center of Oquilla's Eye. If your character is at this location when this happens, your character could die. There are no death penalties for dying from the waterspout.

- A waterspout causes three large explosions.

- Various types of treasure chest will fall after a waterspout, which you can open by using 1 Silver Key.

- These treasure chests disappear after 1 minute.

Great Expedition 36.png

You can receive these items from the treasure chests.

Otter Merchants of Oquilla's Eye will trade you rare items from the depths of the ocean for various items you can collect out at sea.

Otter Merchants make an appearance every hour. You will receive the message "An Otter Merchant appeared nearby!" when he appears.

Khan, Eye of the Great Ocean

A new Guild Boss that appears in the center of Oquilla's Eye.

Please read more about it in the Guild Boss page.

Sea Monsters and the Sea of Silence

Due to the waves from Oquilla's Eye, large numbers of sea monsters have been spotted moving into the inland seas. Don't worry too much, though, as they do not initiate combat on their own.

You can find Hungry Hekarus and Ocean Stalkers dwelling along the coasts of islands, Young Hekarus and Young Ocean Stalkers roaming the areas south of Padix Island and the wide northern area of Lema Island, and Hekarus and Ocean Stalkers lurking in the areas of the Ross Sea and Margoria Sea.

Once you go beyond Margoria, you will start to encounter Nineshark, Candidum, and Black Rust. These are more stronger than the previously mentioned, and you will need to build stronger ships to confront them.

Remember that defeating sea monsters gives you sailing and sailor EXP.

Great Expedition 37.png

The location of the Sea of Silence.

With the strange events happening at the Al Halam Sea near Orisha Island, the people of Altinova now refer to the area as the "Sea of Silence".

There's a high chance the Phantom Ship will appear at the Sea of Silence. You will receive rewards you can sell to merchants in towns when you defeat the Phantom Ship. It receives higher damage from ships with exterior cannons, such as the Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate, and Galley.

Cox Pirates' Shadow Ghost you encounter in various areas have a low chance to drop Summon Scroll Pieces.

Combine 5 Summon Scroll Pieces to craft a Summon Scroll to summon its boss, the Cox Pirates' Ghost.

The Cox Pirates' Shadow Ghost will appear when they see you on your ship, but will not attack first. Once you commence the attack, your character on your ship will be its primary target.

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