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Crafting Management

When you click “Manage crafting” in the workshop window you will be presented with items you can craft.

Any materials you which to use for crafting will need to be stored in your town storage. These materials and the quantities will appear in the management window as well.

Crafting an item

  • Select the item you want to craft.
  • Choose the workers in the worker list.
    • You can see a list of the resting workers belongs to that village. You can also use workers from other towns if you have your nodes connected, but this will result in your work orders taking longer as your works will need to travel.
    • Workers from other towns will bring the necessary materials from the towns they are from..
  • Check the availability of production material in detailed work information.
  • Start working after validating estimated crafting time.

Your completed items will be placed in storage.

04 Worker.jpg

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