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Horse Taming

Horse Taming is the process of catching a wild horse and then registering it at a stable. After a horse is tamed it can be used for transportation or breeding to achieve higher tier horses.


  • Character level 20.
  • Taming Beginner level 5.
    1. Taming can be leveled by riding a donkey or horse acquired via quests or purchased from a vendor or market.
  • Capturing Rope purchased at a stable master.
  • Lumps of Raw Sugar.
    1. A Lump of Raw Sugar can be crafted at any level from materials available at a food merchant.
    2. Combine 1 Cooking Water with 10 Raw Sugar using the heating option to create some Lumps of Raw Sugar.
    3. Make sure to use Raw Sugar for the craft not regular Sugar.
    4. It is recommended to take at least 10 Capturing Rope and Lumps of Raw Sugar as a minimum when trying to capture horses until you are confident in your ability to complete the mini game.

Finding Wild Horses

First we need to know where to look for horses. The Black Desert Tome Map can be used to locate areas where wild horses can be found. When the map opens, choose deselect all and then click the Horses option. This will reveal a number of blue circles on the map representing locations where wild horses roam. Zoom in as far as possible for the most accurate areas to search.

Choose one close to you and proceed to that area to begin your search!

Identifying Wild Horses

Wild Horses most commonly appear as Tier 1 or Tier 2 horses although up to Tier 5 can be gained via taming. They can be identified by their coloring and provide different potential stats. Within each tier there are multiple horses that may provide a focus toward a given stat over others such as higher maximum load weight or higher speed. The most common wild horses found through out Black Desert are detailed below.

Tier 1
WHT1Low.jpg Health 1605 Max Speed 103.0%
Stamina 3281 Acceleration 103.0%
Weight Limit 90 Cornering 103.0%
Lifespan 2605 Breaking 103.0%
Tier 1
WHT1High.jpg Health 1606 Max Speed 109.0%
Stamina 3280 Acceleration 109.0%
Weight Limit 90 Cornering 109.0%
Lifespan 2605 Breaking 109.0%
Tier 1
WHT2Low.jpg Health 1637 Max Speed 107.5%
Stamina 3389 Acceleration 107.5%
Weight Limit 135 Cornering 110.5%
Lifespan 5105 Breaking 110.5%
Tier 1
WHT2High.jpg Health 1646 Max Speed 112.0%
Stamina 3401 Acceleration 112.0%
Weight Limit 135 Cornering 112.0%
Lifespan 5105 Breaking 112.0%

Using Capturing Rope

It is easiest to use the Capturing Rope and later the Lumps of Raw Sugar if they are on a quick bar. In order to begin simply approach a horse without getting close enough to scare it away, aim at it and activate the Capturing Rope using the corresponding quick bar key. This will begin a mini game.

Capturing Mini-Game

The first part of the mini game occurs immediately upon successful use of the Capturing Rope and will require you to hit the Spacebar when a slider is within a specific section of the center bar. Upon a successful attempt the second part will begin.

During part two of the mini game you will need to begin walking towards the horse. If the horse rears up a third mini game is triggered during which time you must press the Spacebar repeatedly until the timer counts down. After the timer counts down you will return to part two and need to begin walking towards the horse. Continue this cycle until you are standing next to the horse and the mini game queues stop.

When you have reached the horse begin feeding it the Lumps of Raw Sugar. It is recommended that you feed it a minimum of four Lumps of Raw Sugar before trying to mount it. When you attempt to mount the horse you will either succeed and be able to ride it to the nearest stable or be bucked off and have to use another Capturing Rope to try again.

Stable Registration

Once you are successfully mounted and riding your freshly trained horse its time to take it to the nearest stable and register it so that it does not run away. You can use the search function in the top right corner to find the nearest stable. Ride up to the Stable Master, dismount and begin speaking to the him/her. When the options menu comes up choose stable and your newly tamed horse should appear in the mounts list. Choose it and click the Register Wild Horse button that shows up next to it's portrait. This will open the window where you can name your horse and view its characteristics, confirm the name and you have a new horse for riding or breeding!