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Navigating in the water is completely different from the mainland where you can run with two feet and ride horses. You might have to swim at a low speed or dive into the deep waters to find hidden treasures.

Big and small rivers and lakes are everywhere in the world, and one thing that the adventurers exploring the endless ocean must know is to ‘How to skillfully move underwater’.



How do you move if the ship is destroyed on the vast sea?

If you use 'Escape' from the menu (shortcut ESC), you can move to the nearest point, but there is so long cool down time to wait for, and you cannot move to your desired destination.

Then the only answer is to swim.

Movement speed underwater is quite different from running on land.

The character’s swimming speed is fundamentally affected by movement speed.

If you are preparing for long-distance swimming, transfuse Magical Crystal that increases movement speed on the ‘Talis Set’ that has movement speed increase set bonus. If you make your movement speed enhancement level 5 by doing this, it will help you greatly.


The Talis set and a Magical Crystal that can increase movement speed will help.

Remember that stamina is constantly consumed while swimming.

When stamina is exhausted, swimming speed slows down a lot, so if you come across an island or somewhere you can rest while swimming, it is good to recover stamina out of the water.

If there isn’t a place to rest outside of water, stop moving for a moment and press F, then you will be able to recover stamina slowly above water.


Stamina is constantly consumed while swimming.


If you stop moving for a moment and press Q while in the water, you will be able to slowly recover stamina on the spot.

You cannot change equipment while swimming. If you experience an unexpected accident such as falling off a liner or your ship getting destroyed while on the move, you might not have the time to change into movement speed enhancement equipment or an outfit set and might have to swim the ocean at a slow speed.

It would be especially difficult if this situation occurred in the middle of the ocean with no island in sight.

When this happens, just calm down and look around.

If you're lucky, you'll find the wreckage of a shipwreck floating on the ocean.

As the shipwreck remains, the character can climb on it. Once on top of it, you can recover your stamina and replace equipment and clothing.


Get on the wreckage or wooden barrels of broken ships floating on the sea to recover stamina and replace equipment.

If you're distressed on the open ocean and you're not confident to swim all the way back to the mainland, you can use the Old Moon rescue ship.

In the Loyalties tab of the Pearl Shop you will find the [Loyalties] Old Moon Flare item. If you purchase it (price is 300 loyalty points) and use it, a rescue ship from the Old Moon Guild will arrive shortly.

Get on the rescue ship and press the R key. The boat will automatically begin sailing to either Lema Island or Port Ratt.

Once in Lema Island or Port Ratt, you can then take a liner (NPC transport ship) to reach the mainland.

Old Moon Flares are only available at the Great Ocean, that is, in the sea area where your location does not appear in the World Map.


Press F3 to access the Pearl Shop and use your loyalty points to buy the [Loyalties] Old Moon Flare!


In order to face another hidden world of adventures, you have to dive underwater.

The method to dive into water is simple.

You can dive into the water by using directional key and Q to submerge. If you want to return to the surface, press and hold E.

There are some differences in swimming above water and diving.

If you swim above water, only stamina decreases and once that is exhausted, the movement speed is reduced a lot, but there are no other restrictions.

But if you dive under water, a blue gauge appears on the screen. This is the breath gauge that shows how long you can dive in the water.

When all the breath gauge is exhausted the character stops moving, squirms and comes above water. This is why you need to constantly check the breath gauge when exploring under water.

- If you're out of breath and there's an obstacle above you preventing the forced resurface - you can still 'swim'. You can manually swim very slowly, moving underwater, so you can eventually edge out from underneath the obstacle.

- If you're out of breath underwater and there's no obstacle above - the character will be forced to resurface and you have no control over your character until you're at the surface. Just remember you still need to manually break the water layer to draw breath.

The breath gauge can’t be recovered under water. When you go above water, the breath gauge instantly recovers and you can dive again.


When the breath gauge is exhausted the character can’t do anything and rises to the surface of the water.

Since there is a limit to underwater breathing, if you roam around without a purpose, you won't be able to accomplish much.

It is necessary to check the area that you want to explore by diving into a certain depth, then move to the point from above water to dive the shortest distance possible.

Nevertheless, some parts of the ocean are too deep. Basic dive time will run out before you even get to where you want to look.

In this case, there is a way to increase the dive time by using magic crystals and elixirs.

If you transfuse a Magic Crystal of Infinity - Submergence into your shoes, your underwater breathing will be extended for 15 seconds.

If you use an Elixir of Seal, your underwater breathing will be extended for 10 additional seconds.


Additionally, in the ocean floor you can find air bubbles that restore your breath gauge.

These bubbles can stay underwater for longer periods of time, and the character's breath gauge recovers as they get closer to them.


Get close to air bubbles underwater to restore the breath gauge.

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