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Nodes are essential to production in Black Desert.

Assuming a node is connected to a city, via contribution investment, you will be able to send your workers to gather resources, as well as, allow you access to additional housing for storage, processing and more.

Also, if nodes are connected between the starting point and destination, you will receive a greater yield on trading, and a lower transportation fee, for warehouse items.

Types of Nodes

Capitol.png Town Center Housing, Storage, Trading and Transport is available. These are central hubs, and contribution investment is not required.
City.png Village Housing, Trade and Transport is available.
Trade.png Trade Hub Trade is available.
Gateway.png Gate These are large encampments, and occasionally experience night raids.
Hazardous.png Dangerous Areas These areas are surrounded by dangerous monsters, and may have production facilities available.
Connect.png Connect These usually have only a node manager nearby, and rarely provide production facilities.


Throughout the world you will find NPCs called "Node Managers". Discovering these NPCs will uncover a portion of your world map and allow you to invest your contribution into a Node. When investing in a node you will start at a major city, and work your way outwards, to the desired node. If you are unsure of the order in which to link the nodes check with the node manager, and you can see the nearest connected nodes.

Additionally, sometimes the Node Manager will require you explore the area to gain knowledge about the node prior to letting you invest.

Production Node

Some Nodes are attached to a major city and have their own housing. These are considered production nodes, and investing in their housing will grant their bonuses to the nearest major city.

Investment Recovery

To recover your investment, open your world map, click the node you invested in and select withdraw. However, nodes must be connected to a capitol, so withdrawing from a node in the middle of connected nodes requires that the furthest nodes be withdrawn from first.