Soldiers Grave

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A cemetery on the southern mountain range. Fallen heroes of the old war rest here, but with the appearance of a group of suspicious Wizards nearby, these dead heroes have emerged from their graves and now roam the cemetery in the form of clattering skeletons.

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Category Summary Description
Recommended Level 54 ~ 55Lv
Distance Efficiency between Village ★★★☆☆ Relatively close to Heidel
User Density ★★☆☆☆ Occasionally a player can be found here and there
Difficulty ★★★★☆ It’s a matter of how quickly you can adapt
Hunting Sensation ★★★★☆ High monster density is definitely a satisfying sensation
Unique Drop Earring Mesto Earring
Mount Parking In front of the Exploration Node Manager NPC

Monster Types and Level

  • Basic Information
    • Mostly 54~59Lv monsters
    • Melee: Frenzied Skeleton, Frenzied Skeleton Axeman, Grudged Skeleton, Frenzied Skeleton Watchdog
    • Ranged: Frenzied Skeleton Decurion, Frenzied Black Sorcerer
    • Others: Grudged Sword
    • Violent (Star): Frenzied Skeleton Decurion, Frenzied Skeleton Centurion


  • Does not seem to be anything at first glance, but you will see skeleton monsters start to spawn as you approach closer.
  • You need to always be on your toes as the hunting ground is on the small side and the terrain is not flat.
  • You can carry out daily quests around the Soldier’s Grave Node Manager NPC.

Level/Equipment Requirements

As the monsters in this hunting ground are mostly quite powerful, adventurers that only satisfy the minimum requirements may run into trouble. Thus, it is more efficient for you with the recommended requirements or higher.

Level AP DP
Minimum Stats 54Lv 120~130 170
Recommended Stats 55Lv 130~ 190~



The powerful ranged attacks of the Frenzied Skeleton Rifleman and Frenzied Black Sorcerer could be very dangerous if your DP is low. The one thing you will have to get accustomed to here is the need to defeat the Frenzied Skeleton Rifleman as soon as possible. The melee monsters will approach you with the invincibility state, so you need to always watch out that you don’t get flanked by them. The Decurion and Centurion that occasionally spawn are difficult to defeat, but should be taken care of for more efficient use of the hunting ground.

Key Locations and Hunting Route

There are no specific good or bad locations as the monsters are well dispersed throughout the hunting ground.

02 soldier.jpg

Major Drop Items

  • Old Identification Tag - Miscellaneous
  • Mark of Frenzy - Miscellaneous
  • Black Stone(Weapon)
  • Black Stone(Armor)
  • Mesto Earring
  • Forbidden Book
  • Ancient Magic Crystal of Perfection - Hystria
  • Frightening Witch Summon Scroll

User Density

Great place to earn EXP if you meet certain standards after the Lv. 54 mark. However, it is relatively more difficult compared to Sausan Garrison or Elric Shrine, so it is more efficient for players that satisfy or over-satisfy the recommended requirements.

The loot is diverse, and the chance to acquire a ‘Mesto Earring’ will also help earn a sum of silver coins. This place is recommended if you find the Sausan Garrison to be too congested with players.