Sherekhan Necropolis

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The five warriors that were recognized by the Chenga Sherekhan - Belcadas, Nybrica, Garud, Lateh, Federik - are gathered here.

They were all said to have died after the Great Battle but when the Crimson Dragon was spotted flying over Drieghan, the Sherekhan returned.

The iron shield, the hammer, the sharp axe, the great sword, and the brave warrior that stood at the front lines now domineer over this area.


Category Summary Description
Recommended Level
Day: Lv. 59 ~
Night: Lv. 60 ~
It’s a mysterious place that is significantly different between day and night.
Distance Efficiency
It has a wonderful view of Drieghan!
User Density
It is a fairly difficult area… but many come here at night!
Get good equipment, then let your hands do the work!
Hunting Sensation
Have the fight of your life against the five warriors!
Unique Drop
Orkinrad's Belt.
Mount Parking
By the node manager of Sherekhan Necropolis.

Monster Types and Levels

Basic Information

Monsters are mostly around Lv. 59 ~ during the day and Lv. 60 ~ at night.
- Melee: Garud, Nybrica, Lateh, Federik, Belcadas (Day Time).
- Elites: <Guardian Spirit> Garud, <Guardian Spirit> Nybrica, <Guardian Spirit> Lateh, <Guardian Spirit> Federik and <Guardian Spirit> Belcadas (Night Time).


- The area is filled with the scent of birch, and monsters are spread out in groups.
- Even though there aren’t a lot of monsters in this area, people tend to come here for the items.
- You can get Orkinrad's Belt that has AP +7, Accuracy +2, and Weight Limit +80LT as base stats.
If you enhance an Orkinrad's Belt, then it gains the additional effect Max HP Increase.
- There is a difference between day and night. Once it hits 10:00 at night, the monsters that were spread out in groups disappear and the dreary energy starts to permeate.
At night you can get intense one on one fights against elite monsters. The main ones have a tomb or grave in their shape: <Garud's Tomb>, <Nybrica's Tomb>, <Lateh's Tomb>, <Federik's Grave>, <Belcadas's Tomb>. You can use 10 energy to interact with the tombs or grave to summon the <Guardian Spirit> elite monsters and they will appear one at a time.

Level/Gear Requirements

Be wary of all five warriors as every one of them is powerful.

Day Time Level AP DP
Minimum Lv. 59 195 240
Recommended Lv. 60 210 265
Night Time Level AP DP
Minimum Lv. 60 225 265
Recommended Lv. 61 240 280



It’s important to keep your wits together in front of these 5 magnificent warriors and avoid getting debuffed. Their attacks covered in blue energy are particularly strong so you need to watch for those.

At night, the elite monsters are even more powerful. So don’t get ahead of yourself. Just summon and defeat them one at a time.

Key Locations and Routes

There are clusters of monsters spread out right below the node manager of Sherekhan Necropolis.

You can also find a general goods vendor nearby that makes this location very convenient.


Extremely close to the node manager.

Major Item Drops

Orkinrad's Belt

Combined Magic Crystal - Macalod

Combined Magic Crystal - Hoom

Garmoth's Scale

Caphras Stone

Ancient Spirit Dust

Akum Helmet

Akum Armor

Akum Gloves

Akum Shoes

Black Stone (Weapon)

Black Stone(Armor)

Black Energy Residue

Orkinrad Piece - Metal Ornament

Orkinrad Piece - Leather Knot

User Density

This area is much tougher than Blood Wolf Settlement and Tshira Ruins, but the drops are worth the hassle so many adventurers come here.

Especially at night, the monsters become significantly stronger and the chance of them dropping better loot increases as well.

Adventurers that are confident in their AP, DP, and control come here often.

You need to consume 10 energy every time you summon a <Guardian Spirit> so prepare plenty of energy and Marni’s Stones to get every bit of EXP you can.

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