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Your game settings have a sizeable impact on your gaming experience. Being comfortable and informed about the game settings can help you improve your FPS (Frames Per Second), resolve stability issues from your PC, or simply improve the visual, audio and interactive parts of the game.

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♦Open the Settings Menu via your Main Menu.

Click the Cog Wheel icon on your main menu, or the menu bar at the bottom right side of the screen. This will open the Settings Main Menu, so you can navigate to the settings appropriate for your needs.

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Each setting category will relate to a specific facet of your game.

  • Performance - This section relates to the overall Graphical Intensity of the game. The settings you choose in this section will impact the overall processing needs of the game.
  • Display - This section relates to the overall visuals of the game, such as resolution or gamma. This section has overlapping settings with Performance settings, due to the effect visual intensity has on game performance.
  • Audio - This section allows you to control the volume of in game sounds, or to completely turn off certain voices and effects.
  • General - This section has multiple types of settings, from name visibility to client language.
  • Interface - This section is specific to your interaction with the game. It includes settings for your hotkeys and mouse, or gamepad, controls.

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If you are uncomfortable with, or overwhelmed by, the variety of settings you can change, there are several useful presets you can apply to your game. There are two versions of each preset, one for normal gameplay and the other for siege. These presets are geared towards specific PC capabilities, indicated by their names: Low, Med(Medium), High and Highest. By comparing your computer stats against the Recommended and Minimum requirements for the game, you can pick the preset best suited for your PC.

If you are more comfortable tweaking your settings to get the perfect fit, you can save them to the Custom Slots 1 and 2. You can then easily swap between the two, no matter the situation.

Please note that clearing your cache will revert all settings, UI layouts, keybinds and shortcuts to Default.

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Once you find the configuration of settings that works best for you, you can save it to your settings archive. This will upload everything from your hotkeys, to your UI layout, as well as all of your game settings. You can download this save at any time, even on a different PC. This upload is not impacted by clearing your cache.