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Patrigio feels more familiar at night.

Once darkness befalls the great city, secret deals are made at a secluded location. From the relatively common Black Stones to rare items such as Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor, merchant Patrigio deals with a variety of items. The official name is the ‘Secret Shop’, but adventurers commonly refer to it as the ‘Night Vendor’.

Patrigio hides away in the shadows from morning till evening (7:00 a.m. ~ 10:00 p.m., in-game time) and appears as night comes (10:00 p.m.) to reveal his wares to the adventurers. The prices of Patrigio’s items vary from time to time. If you’re lucky, you may be able to purchase it for cheaper than the average Central Market price, but sometimes you’ll find Patrigio threatening you to buy them at a much more expensive price.

Unlike the other shops, Patrigio demands 50 Energy each time an adventurer wants to view his items. He also only shows one item, which is randomly chosen, at a time. You may need a large amount of energy if you want to buy what you’re looking for.

Yet many explorers seek out Patrigio every night because items such as ‘Ogre Ring’, ‘Giath’s Helmet’, ‘Muskan's Shoes’, ‘Bheg's Gloves’, and ‘Dim Tree Spirit's Armor’ can be acquired without competition for Silver Coins with the help of a little luck.

If night has fallen in the city and you don’t know what to do with your abundant energy, why don’t you seek out Patrigio? Just hope that Elion and Aal are smiling down upon you.

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1) Dealing with Patrigio requires a lot of energy. So it makes it easier if you increase your maximum energy as much as possible before you seriously start to deal with Patrigio. Open the Knowledge window (Hotkey H) to view the knowledge you’ve acquired. As you collect knowledge and fulfill each theme, your maximum energy will be increased.

2) If you create a secondary character, its energy will slowly charge up, even if it’s offline. This is enough to use the Secret Shop once every few days. In other words, you can use the Secret Shop more frequently the more characters you have. Another method is to rotate around your characters and make them lie on the bed to restore their energy.

3) The enhancement materials sold by Patrigio such as Black Stones and Black Crystal Shards have a fixed price. Thus, Patrigio can be a good friend to the adventurers that need to carry out their own enhancements. The Sharp / Hard Black Crystal Shards could be useful to stock up on... maybe.

4) While it’s rare to come across Boss equipment items in the Secret Shop, most of the time you’ll be hesitant to buy it because it’s more expensive than the current price offered at the Central Market. Remember to compare prices!

5) Patrigio can be found in the territories capitals (Velia, Heidel, Calpheon City, Altinova, Valencia City, Grána, Duvencrune). Since it’s possible to purchase using silver saved in a city’s storage, you will be wise to visit Patrigio in a city where you have enough silver saved up.


These are some of the specific locations you can find Patrigio in:


Patrigio’s location in Velia.


Patrigio’s location in Heidel (He’s hiding on the second floor).


Patrigio’s location in Calpheon City.


Patrigio’s location in Altinova (Mediah).

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