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Maybe it suddenly sprang back in mind, or if something or someone had reminded you.

In any case, we always welcome our returning explorers. You’ll always be precious to us, and we can’t thank you enough. That’s why, above all else, we always have it our hearts to try and help you to fit right back in while enjoying every step of the process. Thus, we’ve prepared this guide for you. Although it may not be perfect, we hope that it will at least prove to be some help to you.


If you’ve returned to the game somewhere around Lv. 50, then the best way to get back into the game is through hunting. You can not only earn some silver coins, but get a general understanding about the game world as well. This is especially the case as you leave Calpheon and head over to Mediah and Valencia, as there are a much more diverse and extensive content available. Once you reach Lv. 56, some of the characters can undergo Awakening, making your next goal and objective quite clear.

As for the hunting grounds, you can start from Southwestern Calpheon around Lv. 50 and head over to Mediah when you’re around Lv. 51 ~ 52. After that, you will cross over to Valencia around the Lv. 55 ~ 56 mark, at which point you can consider yourself at least 50% familiarized with the game.

Lv. 50 ~ Lv. 52

Δ The Southwestern Calpheon is the perfect place between Lv. 50 ~ 52

If you’re around Lv. 50, the Southwestern Calpheon is a great place to start hunting. If you’ve only just reached Lv. 50, or returned to the game after a break and don’t have any items and/or money, it’s not a bad idea to keep hunting in the Hexe Sanctuary and try to acquire the ‘Witch's Earring (8m ~ 10m silver coins in the Marketplace)’ item drop. However, the competition is quite fierce which may get you stressed and the repetitiveness may end up wearing you down. So it’s recommended that you get some semi-decent gear and leave for Mediah when you’re around Lv. 51 ~ 52.

However, if you don’t have any equipment at all, then it’s a good idea to progress through the ‘Magical Accessory’ quest series from the Black Spirit to acquire a ring, earrings, and a necklace. For more details, check out the essential quests section.

Lv. 52 ~ Lv. 55

Δ Mediah is great for Lv. 52 ~ 55

Once you arrive in Mediah, start from the Abandoned Iron Mine and continue to explore to other places. You will gain a lot more EXP compared to Calpheon, so you should be able to level up quicker. Use the loot you acquire to upgrade your equipment and focus on leveling up your character. With some time, you’ll have acquired a high enough level and equipment to challenge some of the toughest places in Mediah such as Abandoned Mine, Soldier's Grave, and Hasrah Ancient Ruins.

Upon reaching Lv. 55, you will be able to accept the Battle Promotion quest from NPC Porio. For a more exact location on the whereabouts of this NPC, summon your Black Spirit after reaching Lv. 55 and choose the [Guide] option, and it will lead you to the location of the Battle Promotion NPC. When you complete the following quest, you will receive around 30% EXP based on Lv. 55.

As you steadily become more familiar with the game and grow in strength, you will soon be able to challenge yourself at Valencia where the Great Desert lies.

Lv. 55 ~ Lv. 60

Δ Mediah is great for the Lv. 52 ~ 55

Now that you’ve arrived at Valencia, you have complete freedom in what you choose to do next. If you want to level up quickly, you can seek out a suitable hunting ground and continue to hunt down the monsters there. If you want to earn more silver coins, find a suitable location for that and do as you will. As you increase in level, you have a lot more diversity in terms of the options available for hunting. There’s no need to go down any fixed route.

One characteristic of the hunting grounds of Valencia is that the better your equipment, the more effective your hunting will be. So it’s a place where you will be start to feel rewarded for all that time you’ve spent being careful and continued to take each step to strengthen your character.

Additionally, you should note that it will take increasingly longer periods of time to level up from Lv. 55 onwards. So even though flying solo is a fine choice in itself, you will be able to enjoy the game much more if you form a party with friends or other users and hunt together. This is particularly effective for the hunting grounds in Valencia as they are suitable for hunting as a party, thus doubling your fun and efficiency.

Feel free to hunt as a Party

Hunting as a Party is a lot of fun in <Black Desert>. In the past, there were times when hunting solo was better due to the efficiency in acquiring EXP, but now the tables have turned. Now, it’s better to hunt in numbers when it comes to leveling up.

Party Members Monster EXP Individual EXP gain
1 1 1
2 1.2 0.6
3 1.5 0.5
4 2 0.5
5 2.5 0.5

Δ Distribution of EXP for Party

If a monster awarded 100 EXP, then hunting the monster by yourself will award you 100% of the EXP. But when two people hunt the monster as a party, the monster will award 120% EXP and the party members will split it, 60%/60%. Like such, if a party of 5 members hunt a monster, it will award 250% EXP where each member will receive 50% each. Thus, there is a greater gain in EXP with more members in the party.

However, a member of the party will not gain these benefits if they are too far away. Take a look at the party window UI and you will see the party distance bonus, also known as party Wi-Fi. A member of the party must hunt a monster while this is full to be able to receive the appropriate EXP benefits.


There is another point one needs to understand when it comes to the distribution rules of a party. This is the system that determines the fate of the loot that is acquired by the party leader. Firstly, the Looting Method and the Party Distribution Option must be set. The Looting Method determines how the loot will be distributed across the party and includes Free Looting, Ordered Looting, Random Looting, and Party Leader Acquisition.

The Party Distribution Option refers to the system of setting a certain value if an item of higher than the set value. Once such an item is looted, it will be sold as a ‘Bargain Item’ as a slightly lower price than normal on the Marketplace under the [Bargain Item] criteria. Once this item is sold, the money is split depending on the number of party members, and each member will receive the silver coins by mail. If you click the ‘View Bargain Item’ before the item is registered on the Marketplace, you can either purchase the item yourself through making a bid or roll dice for it. Again, the sold price will be split across the party members and if you win the dice roll, you will be able to collect it in your mail.

With the exception of a few small hunting grounds, most places in the <Black Desert> are available for hunting as a party. You’ll have many more options available for you if you aren’t too fussy about EXP. Hunting as a party also allows you to hunt in areas where your current equipment is not capable of hunting alone. So if you have the opportunity, it’s recommended that you try hunting as a party.

Useful Elixirs to have

Since you’re hunting as a party, Party Elixirs will come in really handy if you have some ready.

The most popular item is the [Party] Elixir of Splendid Experience, which increases the combat EXP by (15) 10% for 15 minutes. This elixir will instantly be applied to every party member as long as the party distance bonus is active the moment you consume the elixir. Other elixirs such as [Party] Elixir of Endless Fury and [Party] Fierce Demihuman Hunting Elixir are also great to have. Since you will all be moving together, the [Party] Elixir of Intrepid Swiftness that increases your movement speed should help make it a swift and pleasant hunting experience.

[More power and fun, the character Awakened Weapons]

As you level up your character and reach Lv. 56, you will be able to acquire a new Awakened weapon and class-specific skill.

Currently (as of March, 2016), the classes that can carry out the promotion to acquire the Awakened Weapons are Warrior, Sorcerer, Giant, Ranger and Tamer. It will also be updated for the other characters in a certain order, starting from Valkyrie.

The newly acquired Awakened Weapon is as powerful as the name sounds. Thus, if you’re playing a class that can acquire the Awakened Weapon, it is highly recommended that you carry out the promotion as soon as you reach Lv. 56. In order to acquire the Awakened Weapon, summon your Black Spirit and carry out the Awakening quests. It is available from Lv. 56 and is a quest series involving a total of 6 quests.

The following list shows the (starting) Awakened Weapon quest for each class.

Class Starting Quest Awakened Weapon
Warrior [Warrior] New Weapon Great Sword
Sorcerer [Sorcerer] Great Sorceress Scythe
Giant [Giant] Division of Gehaku and Tantu Iron Buster
Ranger [Ranger] Highest Point of the Forest Elven Sword
Tamer [Tamer] Small Step Celestial Stick

Once you complete the following quest series, the Awakened skill window will become active, and you will also be given an Awakened Weapon. You will be acquiring an Awakened Weapon and skill while maintaining the unique characteristic of your class, so think of it as a giant leap or a new beginning. Recalling your current knowledge and experience of your character and building up on it is in itself a delightful experience.

However, in order to complete this quest, you should have the ability to graduate from Mediah. Particularly, there is a quest in middle of the Awakened Weapon quest series where you have to defeat a Wilderness Golem. It’s quite a formidable monster, so be careful.

Δ From a dependable weapon to simply heavenly! Warrior’s Awakened Weapon, the ‘Great Sword’

Acquire the Ultimate weapon! World Raid

There are currently 3 types of World Raid leaders in <Black Desert>. They are ‘Kzarka’ of Serendia, ‘Karanda’ of Calpheon, and ‘Nouver’ of Valencia. The World Raid leaders will appear 1 ~ 2 times each day as per concept, and due to their magnificent popularity, it’s also a nice event for ‘people watching (?)’ as many online users will gather in droves.

Δ The world notice message that appears as Kzarka, Karanda, and Nouver appear (top to bottom). Kzarka and Karanda will appear simultaneously with the notice, while Nouver will appear at the Great Desert 30 minutes after the notice is shown.

The World Raid leader always appears at a specific location, so anyone can participate in the raid. However, it would be wise to at least have enough DP to survive the leader’s normal attacks and enough AP to be able to inflict enough damage to loot it. When the leader dies, a large number of users will be given the right to loot it, where the ‘damage’ inflicted is considered as an important criterion.

But that’s not to say you need to be tied down by your character ‘specification’ so much. After all, ‘damage’ inflicted is only one of the criteria. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll gain the right to loot and acquire an extremely powerful item. The spawn time of the World Raid leader is not fixed, so you may have a higher chance if you aim for early morning or late night, even if your character’s ability is not up to scratch. The leader will spawn on all the channels, so it’s also a wise choice to seek a lowly populated channel.

Leader Min. AP/DP User Density
Kzarka 150 + / 180 + Highest. There is low risk of death, but the competition for the loot is extremely high.
Nouver 150 + / 200 + Relatively low due to being far away. Average risk of death and competition for loot.
Karanda 150 + / 220 + Sought out by many prepared users. Highest risk of death and the competition for the loot is high.

※ The above information is only a general guideline, and it may be very difficult in reality. The user population and loot competition are especially variant according to spawn time and channel, so it’s better to learn from your personal experience. The recommended minimum AP and DP is just a guideline as well, but you would naturally have a competitive edge with higher AP and DP. Of course, there is the chance that even with lower AP and DP, you would be fortunate enough to be able to loot the leader and hit jackpot.


Δ Kzarka appears at the enormous altar at the innermost depth of the Serendia Shrine.

Kzarka is relatively easy compared to the other World Raid leaders. It occasionally becomes immune to all attacks and telegraphs that it will breathe out fire: you must hide behind a pillar to survive this attack. If it’s your first time attempting to defeat this leader, look at the movement of the other users and follow them to familiarize yourself with the patterns.

If you gain the right to loot, you may be lucky enough to acquire Kzarka’s Sealed Weapon Box. When you right-click this box, you can acquire the ‘Kzarka Weapon’ specific to your class. The ‘Kzarka Weapon’ is highly sought after by the users as it is currently the most powerful main weapon in game.

Drop Items: Kzarka's Sealed Weapon Box, Liverto Weapon Bundle, Mark of Shadow, Shrine Guardian Token, Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Silver Coins, and Others

Δ Kzarka spawns in a dark location, so be careful. You will have to hide behind the pillar like the one on the left when it uses its fire breath.



Nourver spawns at the desert, so you must remember to bring Purified Water and Star Anise Tea in case of desert ailments. During the battle, Nouver will occasionally use a tornado skill that sucks in everything around it, so you will need to avoid this. It telegraphs its fiery breath attack by bending its head back before breathing out. This is a powerful attack, so don’t forget to move to the side to dodge it.

When Nouver is in the air, it will sometimes release a devastating attack. Each of these attacks are very powerful, so make good use of invincibility, evasion, and dodge skills to not die from these attacks. When Nouver flies to the air, it is best for the users to spread as far away from each other as possible.

If you gain the right to loot, you may be lucky enough to acquire Nouver’s Sealed Secondary Weapon Box. When you right-click this box, you can acquire the ‘Nouver Secondary Weapon’ specific to your class. The ‘Nouver Secondary Weapon’ is currently the most powerful offensive secondary weapon in game.

Drop Item: Nouver’s Sealed Secondary Weapon Box, Black Magic Crystal - Assault, Black Magic Crystal - Memory, Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Silver Coins and Others

Δ Likewise, Nouver’s fire breath is the most dangerous attack, so make sure to move to the side and dodge it when Nouver gets into its preparatory motion



Karanda appears at the Karanda Ridge in Calpheon. It is the most difficult to defeat among the three Raid leaders, making AP, DP, and HP extremely important. Karanda is particularly fearsome in battle, even for well geared users.

There are two important things to remember when seeking to defeat it. When Karanda suddenly flies into the air, it will perform a large area of effect attack around the outside in a circular pattern. Just getting brushed upon this attack is enough to kill you. On the contrary, if Karanda sits down for a brief moment and then flies into the air, it will unleash the area of effect attack towards the inside. So it is critical to quickly run away to the outer area. It has powerful normal attacks and its ranged attacks have visible projectiles, so make sure to dodge it if you’re a Ranger/Wizard (Witch).

If you gain the right to loot, you may be lucky enough to acquire a Dandelion Weapon Box. When you right-click this box, you can acquire the ‘Dandelion Awakened Weapon’ specific to your class. The ‘Dandelion Awakened Weapon’ is unimaginably popular as it is currently the most powerful Awakened Weapon in game.

Drop Item: Dandelion Weapon Box, Black Magic Crystal - Vigor, Black Magic Crystal - Ascension, Black Magic Crystal - Falling, Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Silver Coins and Others

Δ Karanda will sometimes call a horde of its Harpy Protectors, which require extreme caution.

Joining a Guild and Getting Involved

Sorry to those reading this guide, but in reality, the best way to acquire ‘information’ is from other people. Simply put, it’s best to make friends with other explorers that are playing the game.

Although <Black Desert> has earned the infamous title ‘Solo Desert’, it actually has so much content that can be done together as well as a powerful community that is comparable to other games. You can also enjoy the game more throughly if you know more information. That is why whether you’re a new user or a returning user, we absolutely recommend that you join a guild first. When you first join the guild, sign a contract, and start to receive daily wages, you may get the impression that is like a business (?). However, that will soon dissolve away as you mingle with your fellow guild members.

Not only can you gain information by joining a guild, but you can also enjoy the various content that is only available within the guild. The ones particularly worth mentioning are the Conquest and Node Wars which are the highlight of <Black Desert> PvP. But I’m not strong enough yet... My equipment isn’t good enough... none of this matters. Don’t be hesitant. The infrastructure is already set for you to start enjoying guilds with new friends.

Δ Joy! Guild enjoying the game together (Image source: Official website, image gallery)

Which guild should I join?

If you pay attention to the chat window, you will see many guilds advertising themselves in the channel or world group. They each boast about the characteristics and activities of their guilds and also accurately describe the kind of talented individuals (?) they want. If you think the guild description fits well with your play style, or if you’ve been captivated by the guild name or mark, don’t hesitate to discuss about it by sending a whisper. The Guild Masters and Vice Masters of <Black Desert> will be more than happy to talk to you. Even the Parasitic Bess of Velia knows this!

Go ahead and check out the <Guild Description> in the Guild Rank menu. Press ESC -> Guild Rank button, and it will display a list of the current guilds in <Black Desert> in the order of the highest ‘Guild Points’. This page is important for checking the ranks of the guilds as well, but the true significance lies in the ability to clearly know the characteristics and nature of each guild. Hold your mouse cursor on the guild name, and it will display the current guild description for the corresponding guild. There’s no need to get all nervous: it’s not like you need to send a resume and go through an interview. Just casually stretch out your hand and simply say “Um... I want to join” and any of the Guild Masters will welcome you with open arms.

5GzLVP7.png 5BKqcG8.png
U5Qf29G.png ※ Press ESC > Guild Ranks, and you will see a list of guilds sorted by rank.

Hover your mouse on the guild name to see the guild description for the various guilds.

Each guild description will outline the guild’s characteristics and benefits,

so they should help in making your decision.

◀ There are many guild descriptions with great sense such as this one.

Being loved within the Guild

If you’ve found a guild you like and have joined it, then it’s time to learn how to get friendly with everyone. Of course, one way to stand out and draw attention is through either chat or voice chat (if you have the gift of gab... or typing, in this case), but there are also other ways available within the game.

Firstly, when you open the guild page (shortcut G key), you will be able to see your activity. Of course, you begin at 0. You can increase your activity through means such as leveling up or taking part and contributing to Node Wars, but the most effective method is to carry out Guild Quests. The Guild Quest are special quests where all the members of the guild have to work together to complete them. For example, if there is a special guild quest to cut down 3,000 Logs, any guild member can cut down a Log, and it will count toward the quest objective. In other words, its a quest and a mission that is carried out together.

Carrying out these Guild Quests will accumulate Guild Points and the guild fund, which leads to the development and wealth of the guild. The continuous development and increased wealth of the guild will in turn increase your self-esteem for choosing that guild, as well as increase daily wage and incentives.

Although recently there are many guilds that are advertising themselves under the slogan “We don’t force Guild Quests!”, the guild members will naturally pour out their love to you if you join the guild and do your best to carry out these Guild Quests. That’s how human nature is. Of course, this has personal benefits as well. As you get more active in the guild, you can receive a higher daily wage the next time you sign the contract. Oh, I’m not saying that you must do this. Like the slogan above, it’s just one of the available choices. Really.

It’s best to take part and do your share if the guild sometimes faces any difficulty and requires the help from ‘everyone’. The fundamental nature of MMORPG games is that it is fun when players come and work together, so it is opportunities like that that will become unforgettable memories for you. If your guild runs into conflict with another guild and a war or battle breaks out, then you should absolutely take part. Some of you would already know this, but camaraderie is something that never goes away. And you will undoubtedly forge new friendships as well.

Finally, it’s something very basic, but always ‘greeting’ each other will be a big help. Due to the R18 nature of <Black Desert>, there are often large age gaps between the members of a guild. Simple greetings can pave the way to newfound friendships.

Δ When all hearts come together, the fun is multiplied

See you alive! Participating in Node Wars

Node Wars and Conquests are the highlight of the <Black Desert> PvP, as well as the climax of guild content.

The Node Wars are where each guild battles against one another for the ownership of all the nodes within <Black Desert>, while Conquests are for the ownership of a territory. The Node War involves all sorts of guilds including the big, small, ambiguous, and even the weird guilds, so it’s always full of exciting action, just like soccer... Well, maybe not exactly, but close enough.

The rules are simple. For example, the guild master wants to take over Node A, so the guild builds a fort on a land affiliated to Node A in advance. Once the Node War begins, all the guild members defend that fort and you need to destroy the fort of the opponent guild that has entered Node A to win. Whether you’re not good at combat, the controls are too difficult, your PC starts acting up, or you have crappy equipment, each individual can play a role in the Node War in their own unique way.

Taking part in the Guild Raid

Once a guild has reached a certain stage in growth, they will strengthen their unity through the Guild Raid Leader Summon Scroll acquired from a Guild Quest. The current trend seems like the guilds get their raid on either Wednesday or Saturday night after the Node War ends.

This raid involves summoning the giant leader at either the Glish Ruins or the Omar Lava Cave in Mediah and defeating it. There’s no penalty for dying, and all guild members (that have inflicted at least 1 damage) gain the right to loot, so it’s a great experience for all the participants. For the Guild Master, this is one of the best ways of repaying your hard-working guild members, so it is definitely recommended that you carry these out.

Here’s a quick tip: guilds that don’t do raids are either too wealthy already and don’t need to do them, or that they’re too poor to go out on raids. If you think it’s the latter, then let’s not complain that your guild doesn’t have guild raids. Rather, it will make your guild life much more fruitful and pleasant if you take a more proactive role within the guild to help bring that day to realization.


Δ Some guild content is more enjoyable when done together

Essential Quests for New/Returning Users

Acquire the best cost effective accessories – ‘Necklace/Earrings/Ring of Magical Power’

  • Quest Requirements: Explorers between Lv. 50 ~ Lv. 54 located in Calpheon- * Quest Start NPC: Black Spirit

3 Set of quests to acquire accessories for beginners. You will need to carry out a repetitive quest from each of Bianstimi in Calpheon, Bacho Ladericcio in Abandoned Monastery and Becker in Hexe Sanctuary. You will earn ‘Seal of Promise’ or ‘Token of Promise’, which can be exchanged for some useful quality accessories, by carrying out these repetitive quests.

You first exchange a small number of Seals or Tokens for the basic accessory, and then gather more Tokens through completing the repetitive quests to exchange it for the higher Tier version of the accessory. The final ‘Sealed’ series of accessories can even be enhanced. These are one of the essential quests for beginning or returning users as one can acquire accessories of ‘Witch's Earring’ and ‘Mark of Shadow’ quality through repetitive quests alone.* Accessory Exchange List

  • Necklace of Magical Power (Bianstimi, Capital of Calpheon)
    1. 5 Seals of Promise: 1 Necklace of Dim Magical Power
    2. 10 Seals of Promise + 1 Necklace of Dim Magical Power: 1 Necklace of Concentrated Magical Power
    3. 20 Seals of Promise + 1 Necklace of Concentrated Magical Power: 1 Necklace of Sealed Magical Power
  • Earring of Magical Power (Becker, Hexe Sanctuary)
    1. 3 Tokens of Promise: 1 Earring of Dim Magical Power
    2. 5 Tokens of Promise + 1 Earring of Dim Magical Power: 1 Earring of Concentrated Magical Power
    3. 10 Tokens of Promise + 1 Earring of Concentrated Magical Power: 1 Earring of Sealed Magical Power
  • Ring of Magical Power (Bacho Ladericcio, Abandoned Monastery)
    1. 3 Tokens of Promise: 1 Ring of Dim Magical Power
    2. 5 Tokens of Promise + 1 Ring of Dim Magical Power: 1 Ring of Concentrated Magical Power
    3. 10 Tokens of Promise + 1 Ring of Concentrated Magical Power: 1 Ring of Sealed Magical Power

Δ The best cost effective accessory for beginners/returning users, the ‘Magical ~ ’ series

Acquire the EXP Jewel and increase your hunt efficiency – ‘Knowledge Battle with Hailey’


  • Quest Requirements: Explorers above Lv. 50- * Quest Start NPC: Hailey (Altinova)

The ‘Knowledge Battle with Hailey’ is a quest series involving a total of 21 quests. When you successfully answer the question from Altinova’s pickpocket Hailey, you will obtain Contribution Points, Sharp Black Crystal Shards, and also have the option to choose one of Magic Crystal of Infinity - Swiftness, Assault, Valor, Memory, or Experience. Of these, the Magic Crystal of Infinity - Experience is very difficult to acquire, and one of the easiest ways to acquire them is through this quest series.


The quests are simple enough to complete. Accept the quiz quest from Hailey first, check the question by looking at the parchment scroll on top of the table close by, then go find Jeweler Belgar and select the correct answer. All the quests are multiple choice questions with 4 possible answers.

All the quests Hailey will ask are based on what the players would have experienced throughout the game. Most of the answers should be within your knowledge, so any player that has carried out quests throughout the game should be able to answer all the questions without a sweat. However, 10 Energy is required each time you attempt to answer a question, so choose wisely.

Experience Crystals that are difficult to come by

Acquire those expensive and hard to find crystals from quests – Mediah main quest, ‘A Prophet of Altinova’


  • Quest Requirements: Explorers above Lv. 51, prior completion of the [Co-op] Witch-Hunting quest

Or explorers above Lv. 51 and have completed the Relic of Trina Beacon Mounds and Lord of Keplan's

Recommendation Letter quests

Quest Start NPC: Black Spirit
H2BzKri.png This is the main story quest of Mediah.

The story revolves around following the traces of witch Illezra who had brought about the ‘3 days of darkness’ and thwarting her malicious deeds. Upon completing all the quest series, you will receive the expensive and difficult to obtain ‘Black Spirit Crystal’.

The quests aren’t too difficult for a player that has been diligent in leveling up, but the leader monster you need to defeat in the last quest is particularly powerful. So we recommend that you either take time to farm items and acquire the suitable level of equipment to defeat her, or ask for the help of your guild members or friends if you want to take care of it quickly. You need to defeat the last boss to acquire the ‘Black Spirit Crystal’.

◀ The ‘Black Spirit Crystal’ is one of the best secondary weapons

Gold bars are just a bonus, the real deal is the ‘Ultimate Ring’ – Valencia’s main quest, ‘Seeking the Eastern Kingdom of Sand’


  • Quest Requirements: Explorers above Lv. 55- * Quest Start NPC: Black Spirit

Through this quest, you can acquire one of the rings that are known among the explorers as the ‘Ultimate Ring’, which are Sahazad’s Ring of Kings, Barhan’s Ring of Conquest, Manmehan’s Ring of Gold, or Saya’s Ring of Eternity. Of these, ‘Sahazad’s Ring of Kings’ is the most popular among the explorers. This ring not only has the same 7 AP as the remarkable ‘Mark of Shadow’ ring that has been enhanced once, but it also has an additional 25 HP. This makes it one of the most cost efficient items in the <Black Desert>, compared to the difficulty in acquiring it.


Some of the quests among the Valencia quest series also have great rewards such as 10G Gold Bars and Skill Points, so you should absolutely carry out this quest series if you are above Lv. 55 and have the equipment to hunt down the monsters in Valencia.

When you’ve acquired one of the ‘Ultimate Rings’ mentioned above, it will lead on to the next quest series that start with the ‘Valencia’s Grave Robber’ quest. If you complete all the quests as you take a trip around Desert Region 2 of Valencia, you can acquire another ‘Ultimate Ring’, so make sure you complete it. For your reference, it will make it easier if you prepare three 10G Gold Bars and several ‘Shabby Shovel’ before you start the quest.

However, this may be quite a rough journey as you will be traveling through the desert areas. It’s a good idea to obtain some help from a friend or guild member that has already completed these quests.

Valencia ring series commonly known as the ‘Ultimate Rings’

Drop by drop fills the tub, wealth comes from diligence - special quest I, II, III


  • Quest Requirements: Explorers above Lv. 45, prior completion of the [Co-op] Defeat the Weakened Belmorn quest

Completed the ‘Secret Cultist Research’/’Ruins Shrouded in Wickedness’ and ‘The Bashims’ Answer’ quests

Completed Valencia Part I Main Quest ‘Divine Power’

  • Quest Start NPC: Black Spirit

To acquire the ‘Leader Summon Scroll’ which can be used to summon a leader and defeated for a special reward, carry out the ‘Special Quests’ from the Black Spirit every day and week. The daily Special Quest I involves defeating one from among Giath, Bheg, Red Nose, Moghulis, and Ahrgrakan of your choice. Special Quest II involves defeating one from among Muskan, Hexe Marie, and Hebetate Tree Spirit of your choice. The quests have valuable basic rewards such as Black Stone and Hunter’s Seal. You may also be able to acquire exceptional equipment commonly known as ‘Boss Defense Gear’ among the explorers including ‘Giath’s Helmet’, Bheg's Gloves’, ‘Red Nose’s Armor’, ‘Hebetate Tree Spirit's Armor’, and ‘Muskan's Shoes’ if you’re fortunate enough.

With the recent update, the quest has become easier to complete as the Boss Summon Scroll can now be acquired right after accepting the quest, rather than having to defeat the leader, acquire its Knowledge then having to defeat normal monsters to complete the quest. Also instead of the normal Leader Summon Scroll, you can now choose to receive an ‘Awakened Boss Summon Scroll Piece’ as the reward. Collect 5 of these pieces and combine them to acquire the ‘Awakened Leader Summon Scroll’.

The Awakened Leader has been rumored to be very powerful, and even well equipped explorers can die from a single hit. It does, however, reward more Black Stones and Hunter’s Seals compared to the normal Summon Scroll. The chance to acquire the Boss Defense Gear is also higher. If you are confident in your ability and equipment, then it may be a better choice to challenge the Awakened Leader.

Special Quest List
Quest Name Instant Completion Reward Summon Scroll Acquirable Boss Defense Gear
[Special Quest I] Mediah's Exiled Force X Red Nose Red Nose’s Armor
[Special Quest I] Possessed Giants X Bheg Bheg's Gloves
[Special Quest I] Stop the Rite X Giath Giath’s Helmet
[Special Quest I] Secret Cultist Research X Moghulis X
[Special Quest I] Ruins Shrouded in Wickedness X Ahrgrakan X
[Special Quest I] Facing against Red Nose O Red Nose Red Nose’s Armor
[Special Quest I] Facing against Bheg O Bheg Bheg's Gloves
[Special Quest I] Facing against Giath O Giath Giath’s Helmet
[Special Quest I] Facing against Moghulis O Moghulis X
[Special Quest I] Facing against Ahrgrakan O Ahrgrakan X
[Special Quest II] The Terror Revived X Hexe Marie X
[Special Quest II] A Scheme under the Monastery X Hebetate Tree Spirit Hebetate Tree Spirit's Armor
[Special Quest II] Kzarka Shrine X Muskan Muskan's Shoes
[Special Quest II] Facing Hexe Marie O Hexe Marie X
[Special Quest II] Facing Hebetate Tree Spirit O Hebetate Tree Spirit Hebetate Tree Spirit's Armor
[Special Quest II] Facing Muskan O Muskan Muskan's Shoes
[Special Quest III] Divine Power X ㅇㅇㅇ X

Introduction to PvP

PvP in <Black Desert> is both a thrilling and sensational experience. It becomes even more fun as you become more familiar with the controls and have a better understanding of your skills. That’s why we advise you to take some time to practice, rather than just recklessly jump into action. As you get in more practice acquire some quality equipment, you will begin to enjoy the thrill of negating opponent attacks while landing blow after blow.

Understanding Action Restriction

Action Restriction refers to the character’s ability to carry out specific actions restricted by an external element. Each element that causes an action restriction also has an associated resistance, and this resistance value determines whether the character will be affected by the action restriction. Each resistance is classified into one of the following 4 categories: Stun/Stiffness/Freeze, Knockdown/Bound, Grapple, and Knockback/Floating.

These resistances can be increased by transfusing a crystal to your equipment and can be viewed in My Information (Shortcut P). However, note that you cannot gain resistance to Air Smash and Down Smash, and all resistances are capped at 60% for PvP.

Action Restriction Types
Types Description
Stun The character becomes stunned for a period of time and is unable to move or use skills
Stiffness Same as above, but the duration is shorter than stun
Freeze Character freezes and becomes invincible. At the end of the freeze duration, the character will be in the fallen state.
Knockdown Flies back through the air and falls down. Receives extra damage from down attacks while in fallen state.
Bound Falls down on the spot. Receives extra damage from down attacks while in fallen state.
Grapple Character becomes grappled. The character will be fallen at the end of the duration and receive extra damage from down attacks.
Knockback Character steps backwards and momentarily falls into an incapacitate state.
Floating Character floats in the air, receiving extra damage from air attacks while airborne,
Air Smash Powerful attack that thrusts an airborne enemy away.
Down Smash Powerful attack against a character that is in fallen state.

Extra Status Damage
Types Description
Down Attack (PvE, PvP) Attacks against a fallen enemy will inflict 150% (PvP 120%) damage.
Air Attack (PvE, PvP) Attacks against an airborne enemy will inflict 250% (PvP 220%) damage.
Speed Attack (PvE) Charge-type attacks that use fast movement speed will inflict 150% (PvP 120%) damage.
Counter Attack (PvE) When the opponent uses an attack that can be countered and you counter it with a skill, you will inflict 200% (170%) damage.
Back Attack (PvE, PvP) Attacks against an enemy from the back will inflict 150% (PvP 120%) damage.
Critical Hit (PvE, PvP) Has a chance to inflict 200% (same for PvP) damage based on the character’s stats and the skill.

Attack Protection States
Types Description
Invincibility You do not receive any damage or become affected by any status effects while invincible. Heals and buffs from allies are also not effective.
Super Armor Receives damage, but is not affected by action restrictions with the exception of grapples.
Guard Defends attacks from the front. However, attacks from the back are treated as normal. Is not affected by action restrictions from frontal attacks, with the exception of grapples.

Understanding My Skills

You must understand the action restrictions, extra status damage, and attack protection states in order to become an expert in PvP, but it is also important to take another detailed look at the skills of your character. It was not so important when you were up against monsters, but with PvP, it is essential to know what kind of effects your skills have and in the situations in which they are strong or weak. It’s also a good idea to think about how many of your skills have a cooldown, and think about scenarios in your head so you can plan what to do when these skills are under cooldown.

It is also important to know how you can sequence your skills smoothly. You use a combination of skills in PvP, and there are many cases when you’re using skill A, and then you stop it prematurely and follow up with skill B or C. That’s why it is important to remember that some of the skills you’ve rarely used while hunting monsters can turn the tables in PvP.



Δ For PvP, the first important step is to clearly understand what kind of effects each of your skills have.

Practice how to link your actions (Combo)

As explorers first enter the world of PvP, the one thing they’re most curious about is how to chain attacks. In other words, everyone wants to know about combos. The best combos in <Black Desert> link skills to inflict the maximum amount of damage while inflicting various action restrictions, all the while leaving your opponent in a still immobile state. However, this is a technique that needs to be mastered because inflicting action restrictions will cause the enemy to become immune to the action restrictions of the same type for several seconds.

Usually, a good sequence of action restrictions is Stiffness > Stun > Knockdown/Bound/Floating > Grapple.

Attack the enemy with a skill that causes stiffness, and then quickly stun the target before the stiffness wears off and continue inflicting damage. Before the stun wears off, use a knockdown/bound/floating skill and follow up with the appropriate extra status damage attacks such as a down attack to inflict the maximum amount of damage. Lastly, if your character has a grapple skill, use it on the enemy before he/she has a chance to get up to continue your chain of attacks once more.

Of course, this process is easier said than done. The enemy will also have various resistances, making your combo stop prematurely. Thus, in such cases, it’s important to maintain your composure and use your understanding of skills to fend off the enemy attack and look for another opportunity to strike.

There are some people who ask me a question at this point. Isn’t the above practice only for 1:1 duels or for small skirmishes? That’s absolutely not true. In a large scale battle, these small acts of using combos at every given opportunity will build up, allowing the group with the larger pool of players who understand and have mastered these skills to get the edge in the fight. There are scarecrows for training in front of the skill instructor NPC is Heidel, so why not practice and study your combos against them first? It may feel difficult at the start, of course. But once you continue to practice and practice, your ‘Why can’t I win?” attitude will change to ‘I think I can win if I do this’.

Δ The act of chaining actions, also known as combo, requires consistent practice, whether against scarecrows or in the Arena

Understanding the Skills of the Opponent Character

When you’ve reached the stage where you now have a good understanding of your own skills and can combo them pretty well, then it’s time for you to change your focus and learn about the skills of the other characters. Like you, your opponent will also want to use their combos on you. So they do their best to use their whatever abilities they have to stop your combo, then unleash their own devastating combo on you.

For example, let’s say there’s a battle against a Giant and a Tamer. The Giant uses its ‘Lava Piercer (Super Armor)’ ability as it attempts to attack. As the Giant comes in for the attack, if the Tamer uses its ‘Cloud Walker (Invincibility)’ skill to establish superiority and goes for the counter offense, the tamer can have the edge in the attack. If the Tamer had not known the super armor effect of the Giant’s ‘Lava Piercer’ skill and tried to use an action restriction skill first, the result could have been completely different, most likely for the worse.

There’s no other way to overcome this, but through diligent practice and countless battles. Even if you don’t know the exact skills of the opponent, you will be able to react accordingly as long as you can connect a specific motion with the result such as ‘that move must be invincibility’ or ‘that is super armor’. A shortcut to becoming the ‘best’ is to take an interest in the other characters, and maybe even create another character and take a detailed look at its skills.

Secret Shop

Δ Patrigio, the NPC of the Nights

Once darkness befalls the great city, secret deals are made at a secluded location. From the relatively common Black Stones to the rare items such as Hebetate Tree Spirit’s Armor, merchant Patrigio deals with a variety of items. The official name is the ‘Black Market’, but explorers commonly refer to it as the ‘Secret Shop’ or ‘SS’ for short.

Patrigio hides away in the shadows from morning till evening (7:00 a.m. ~ 10:00 p.m., game time) and appears as night comes (10:00 p.m.) to reveals his stash to the explorers. The prices of Patrigio’s items vary from time to time. If you’re lucky, you may be able to purchase it for cheaper than the average Marketplace price, but sometimes you’ll find Patrigio threatening you to buy them at a much more expensive price.

Unlike the other shops, Patrigio demands ‘50 Energy’ each time an explorer wants to view his items. He also only shows one item, which is randomly chosen, at a time. You may need a large amount of energy if you want to buy what you’re looking for.

Yet many explorers seek out Patrigio every night because items such as ‘Ogre Ring’, ‘Giath’s Helmet’, ‘Muskan's Shoes’, ‘Bheg's Gloves’, and ‘Hebetate Tree Spirit's Armor’, that are difficult to acquire from the Marketplace, can be acquired without competition for Silver Coins with the help of a little luck.

If night has fallen in the city and you don’t know what to do with your abundant energy, why don’t you seek out Patrigio? Just hope that Elion and Aal are smiling down upon you.

  • Tip One: Dealing with Patrigio requires a lot of energy. So it makes it easier if you increase your maximum energy as much as possible through what is commonly referred to as the ‘Energy Operation’ before you seriously start to deal with Patrigio. Open the Knowledge window (Hotkey H) to view the knowledge you’ve acquired. As you collect knowledge and fulfill each theme, your maximum energy will be increased.

  • Tip Two: If you create a sub character, its energy will slowly charge up, even if it’s offline. This is enough to use the Secret Shop once every few days. In other words, you can use the Secret Shop more frequently the more sub characters you have. Another method is to rotate around your sub characters and make them lie on the bed to restore their energy.

  • Tip Three: The enhancement materials sold by Patrigio such as Black Stones and Black Crystal Shards have a fixed price. Also, these prices are very cheap compared to the Marketplace, so you can even earn a net profit by reselling them on the Marketplace! Thus, Patrigio can be a good friend to the explorers that need to carry out their own enhancements. The Sharp (Hard) Black Crystal Shards could be useful to stock up on... maybe.

  • Tip Four: It is difficult to even get the opportunity purchase a ‘Boss Item’ from the Secret Shop, but the few that do get the chance hesitate because the price is much more expensive compared to the Marketplace. According to the other explorers, ‘Boss Items in the Secret Shop are worth paying up to around 2 ~ 3 times the Marketplace price’. Of course, this opinion varies from explorer to explorer, but it’s good to keep in mind.

  • Tip Five, Patrigio can be found in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon and Altinova. You can purchase the items using the silver coins stored in the storage of each of these great cities, so you must seek out Patrigio in the city where you have enough silver coins stored.

Δ Location of Patrigion in Velia

Δ Location of Patrigion in Heidel (Hiding on the 2nd floor)

Δ Location of Patrigion in Calpheon

Δ Location of Patrigion in Altinova (Mediah)

What to do during rest time? Automatic content

With the enormous amount of content in the <Black Desert>, there are a few features that are carried out automatically by the system. These are called the ‘Rest Time Content’ which include Fishing, Training, and residing in Residence.


Fishing is available to anyone regardless of level and is one of the most frequently utilized rest time content due to the ‘Automatic Fishing’ system. Plus, it has been gaining even more popularity in recent times. The Fishing Rod can be purchased from the Tool Workshop of each city or through the Marketplace. Choose a rod appropriate to your fishing skill and go out fishing at either seas or rivers.

Of course, fishing is not exclusively done in the automated fashion. The character can fish up more things by fishing manually, whereas automatic fishing can fish up the same things while requiring much more time.

Firstly, you need to set yourself at a ‘point’, a location where better quality fish can be found more frequently. Cast your fishing rod at this ‘point’ and it will automatically fish up something once every 3 minutes. You can not only catch a range of different fishes, but you can also get one of the most popular items called the ‘Ancient Relic Crystal Shard’. This allows you to earn some silver coins as well through fishing.

You can sell the fishes you’ve caught right away to a nearby trader, or supply it to the Imperial Fishing Delivery NPC. These Imperial Fishing Delivery NPCs can be found at the wharf of Velia or Epheria Port, Glish, or the entrance to Splashing Point. However, you can only supply fishes of yellow grade or higher, and only some of the blue grade fish. The supply process is also a first come, first go basis. Nevertheless, you can receive 200 ~ 250% of the original price if you do manage to supply it to them, so the extra silver coins are definitely worth the time.

Supplying to the Imperial Fishing Delivery NPCs is reset every 3 hours starting from 12:00 a.m., so you can earn money efficiently if you do the calculations.

Δ Fishing is loved by many and considered as the best life and rest time content. The seafront in Velia is a very popular fishing area.


Another rest time content beloved by many users is Training a horse. This is refers to the system of catching and raising a horse as a mount. It can even be bred after the horse has reached a certain point in growth to produce an even greater horse mount.

Just like ‘Auto Fish’, there is also ‘Auto Move’ for Training system. While you’ve mounted a horse, open the World Map (M) and right-click the destination to create a pillar of light at the location. Then Alt + Right Click your character and the movement indicator will be changed to a green color. After this, go back to the game screen and press the Auto Move key (Shortcut T) to automatically move to the destination.

During this, if you have some ‘Carrot’ items in your inventory and select the ‘Automatically use carrots when Stamina is low’ option, carrots will automatically be fed to your horse when its Stamina reaches a low level. When you wake up in the morning to see that your mount has grown so much and even learned a skill you wanted, it a quite a thrilling experience.

You can raise a mount for your own use, but you can also continue to breed horses to supply it to the Imperial Horse Delivery and earn silver coins. Increase the level of both a male and female horse to a certain level and breed them together for an even better horse. When they’ve been exhausted, then you can supply them to the Imperial Horse Delivery in exchange for silver coins. Any horse over Lv. 26 can be supplied by storing the horses with the Stable Keeper NPC at any of the major cities, and you will earn silver coins according to the grade of the horse.

It’s very important that you wear the ‘Trainer's Clothes’ or ‘Silver Embroidered Trainer's Clothes’ that you acquire through achievements as you raise your horses. If you want it to progress even quicker, using the pearl items ‘Venia Riding Attire’ and value package to increase the EXP gain of your horse.

Δ Open the World Map and right-click the target destination, then Alt + Right-click my location to activate the green movement route.The green movement route is an indication of ‘Auto Move’, and the mount will automatically go back and forth according to that route.

Recovering Energy

Energy is essential in <Black Desert> for gathering as well as many other functions. After you’ve depleted all your energy, you can have you character lie down on a bed you’ve set inside your residence to recover energy more quickly.

Although it’s not a content like fishing or training where you’re able to obtain something and earn some money, it is used by many players in preparation to enjoy more of the Life Skill content. Energy recovery differs according to the grade of the bed, so carefully read the bed item’s description and calculate accordingly to fit your needs.

Δ Making good use of your energy and recovering it through lying on the bed allows you to efficiently use energy to enjoy all the content.

Δ If Cooking or Alchemy is your thing, then great use of the Refinery can also be rest time content that you’ll enjoy

A to Z on gearing up

There are many different types of equipment in <Black Desert>, which is why many players are concerned about how and what kind of equipment they need to get. That’s why in this section of the guide, we’ll introduce some of the equipment that are commonly used among the players. Try to use it as a point of reference, rather than following it word for word, to get the most out of it.

Acquiring the Basics

  • Main Weapon: Bares Weapon, Yuria Weapon
  • Secondary Weapon> Accuracy Type (Vangertz Shield, Helrick Talisman, Saiyer Ornamental Knot, Bronze Dagger, Incense Trinket, Black Horn Warrior Bow, Quitar Shuriken)> Offensive Type (Axion Shield, Jubre Talisman, Oros Ornamental Knot, Steel Dagger, Needle Trinket, White Horn Bow, Estique Shuriken)
  • Defense Gear: Agerian/Taritas/Talis/Zereth/Heve
  • Accessory: Bares Series

In terms of the basic (Lv. 50 ~ ) main weapon, the Bares and Yuria weapons are absolutely the most effective choices. Bares weapons have an additional damage to all species option, making it a great weapon for hunting, while Yuria weapons have high basic AP and additional damage against humans, making it great for hunting human-type monsters and in PvP. Choose according to your personal play style.

As for the secondary weapon, there are the accuracy type and the offensive type. As you do lack a little accuracy during these early stages, you could go for the accuracy type secondary weapon and be able to deal a steady and reliable amount of damage. Otherwise, you could go for the offensive type and just go for the ‘glass cannon’ build. Classes that have skills that increase their accuracy usually go for the offensive type, while classes without such skills go for the accuracy type.

Defense gear is slightly different according to class. Have a good look at the set effect of the equipment and make your decision according to the stats your class requires. All the defense gear have the set effect active with two pieces of the equipment, so make your choice according to the set option that best benefits your character. Thus, there’s no real need to ask others ‘which one is the best?’. However, it is important to note that since these are just the basic equipment, it’s not recommended that you enhance them over the safe +5 enhancement level. Also, try the different types of the equipment and set effects out. If you don’t like one, just extract it until you find the one you want.

The Bares accessories are great basic accessories to increase your efficiency in hunting. Players are usually very satisfied with these as each piece increases some AP, helping solve some of your low damage problems early on in the game.

Δ Defense Gear have unique stats as well as a 2/3 piece set effect. Consider this as you try them out and make a personal decision on what you think is best for you

Acquiring the Advanced Equipment

  • Main Weapon: Maintain previous weapon / Liverto Weapon
  • Secondary Weapon: Maintain previous weapon
  • Defense Gear: Grunil Defense Gear
  • Accessory> Necklace: Necklace of Sealed Magical Power / Ancient Guardian's Seal> Earrings: Earring of Sealed Magical Power / Witch's Earring> Ring: Ring of Sealed Magical Power / Mark of Shadow> Belt: Belt of Shultz the Gladiator / Ancient Weapon Core

This intermediate step is very important. In terms of the main weapon, you can continue using the Bares or Yuria weapon with +15 Enhancement or higher. Otherwise, if you have enough silver coins, purchasing a Liverto weapon and enhancing it is a great option as well.

The Grunil Defense gear are the most popular among players because the two sockets in each of the defense gear are useful for any class. If you use an Enhancement Stone to upgrade these to an Ultimate Grunil defense gear, they can even last you past the intermediate stage. Of course, it is not a bad choice to enhance and continue using your previous equipment according to your preference.

For accessories other than the belt, the OOO of Sealed Magical Power series of accessories you can acquire through quests are great at this stage. If you do have some spare silver coins, you can get one from among Ancient Guardian's Seal, Witch's Earring, and Mark of Shadow to increase your hunting efficiency even more. As for the belt, the very cost efficient Belt of Shultz the Gladiator is great. The Ancient Weapon Core is slightly more expensive, but it can activate the set effect with the Ancient Guardian's Seal.

NE4iIMF.png The Warrior’s equipment on the left are quite reasonable based on the character having progressed around 70% through Mediah.

This character has equipped the Grunil Armor and Grunil shoes for the +150 HP 2-piece set effect and has maximized the use of the two sockets to make up for any lacking stats. He’s chosen the Taritas gear for the Helm and Gloves to receive the +100 WP 2-piece set effect because characters can use more skills with higher WP.

He’s chosen the Bares weapon for the hunting efficiency and an accuracy type secondary weapon (Vangertz Shield) to deal reliable damage.

For the accessories, he’s equipped the Ring and Earring of Sealed Magical Power acquired from the Black Spirit quest, as well as a Witch's Earring and Mark of Shadow added to the list. He’s using the Ancient Weapon Core and Ancient Guardian's Seal as the belt and necklace for the extra AP and DP, while also receiving the +5 Accuracy set effect.

As such, you’ll be able to enjoy gearing up by considering the unique characteristics of your character and equipment.

PvP centered End-game equipment

  • Main Weapon: Liverto Weapon / Kzarka Weapon
  • Secondary Weapon: Nouver Secondary Weapon
  • Defense Gear: > Chest: Hebetate Tree Spirit's Armor / Red Nose’s Armor > Gloves: Bheg's Gloves > Shoes: Muskan's Shoes > Helmet: Giath’s Helmet
  • Accessory: > Necklace: Ogre Ring / Sicil's Necklace / Bensho's Necklace> Earrings: Witch's Earring + / Blue Whale Molar Earring / Fugitive Khalk's Earring / Token of Friendship> Ring: Mark of Shadow + / Ring of Crescent Guardian / Ring of Cadry Guardian / Shrine Guardian Token> Belt: Ancient Weapon Core + / Tree Spirit Belt / Basilisk's Belt / Centaur's Belt

6m5mhs9.png This is the stage where you start to reach the end-game level of equipment with a focus on PvP. Each and every one of these equipment are very difficult to acquire, so you should be well prepared through the intermediate stage and attempt to gain piece by piece.

Firstly, you can use either the Liverto or Kzarka weapons as the primary weapons. The Nouver secondary weapon boast the best efficiency out of all the secondary weapons, so this one can’t be avoided. However, you will have low accuracy by using the Nouver secondary weapon, so try make up for it by either using Bheg’s Gloves or through other means. In terms of the Defense Gear, the so-called ‘Boss Set’ is the best. However, these Boss set gears are extremely hard to come by, so try to maximize the use of the previous Tier equipment as you set out to acquire these.

You can choose the accessories according to your play style. The trend seems to be that the majority of players go for the offensive stats to increase the efficiency of hunting as well as PvP. Gearing up for a defensive or evasion type of style may decrease your hunting efficiency a little, but it can reward you through a unique PvP experience.

Order of acquiring Equipment

  • Main Weapon: Either enhance your Bares or Yuria weapon to +15 or purchase it from the Marketplace. At this point, you can choose to upgrade these to PRI ~ DUO Tier or exchange it for a Liverto or Kzarka weapon if you have the money. The Liverto weapons aren’t too difficult to come by in the Marketplace, but the Kzarka weapons are quite a rare find as they aren’t often put up for sale.
  • Secondary Weapon: Either enhance your accuracy or offensive type secondary weapon to +15 or purchase it from the Marketplace. At this point, you can choose to upgrade these to PRI ~ DUO Tier or exchange it for a Nouver secondary weapon if you have enough money. Note that not many Nouver secondary weapons are registered for sale on the Marketplace due to their great popularity among the players.
  • Defense Gear: The most efficient path is to use the +5 enhanced Agerian/Taritas/Talis/Zereth/Heve set equipment, and then exchange it for something more suitable such as the Grunil defense gear. Then, you enhance it to +15 enhancement. At this point, the best option is to exchange for the ‘Boss Equipment’, but they are hard to come by in the Marketplace and also difficult to obtain. If this case, try to upgrade or purchase the Grunil or Taritas gear of the PRI ~ TRI Tier and use these for the meantime.
  • Accessory: Start off with the Bares accessories then complete the relevant quests and exchange them for the Sealed Magical Power series of accessories. From this point, you can exchange them for the Ancient Guardian's Seal, Witch's Earring, Mark of Shadow, and Ancient Weapon Core by either purchasing them or acquiring them yourself. The most efficient way is to upgrade your weapons and defense gear first, then your accessories.

[Trend] Item Efficiency by Grade

The item efficiency list below has been organized by how each item performs when they’ve been enhanced. The difference isn’t too great at an individual item level, but note that one will definitely feel the difference once a large number of them have been exchanged.

  • Main Weapon > TRI Bares Weapon / TRI Yuria Weapon < DUO Liverto Weapon < DUO Kzarka Weapon
  • Secondary Weapon > TRI-Tier Offensive Secondary Weapon for each class = DUO Nouver Secondary Weapon
  • Defense Gear > TRI Taritas (and other) Defense Gear / TRI Grunil Defense Gear Set = DUO Boss Gear Set
  • Accessory
  • TET Bares Necklace = TRI Ancient Guardian's Seal = PRI Ogre Ring > TET Bares Earring = DUO Red Coral Earring = PRI Witch's Earring = Blue Whale Molar Earring > TET Bares Ring = DUO Red Coral Ring = DUO Mark of Shadow = PRI Ring of Crescent Guardian > TRI Belt of Shultz the Gladiator = DUO Tree Spirit Belt = PRI Basilisk's Belt