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As you fight your way through Black Desert your equipment will begin to lose durability, eventually reaching an unusable state.

To prevent your equipment from breaking, you can visit a Blacksmith or Armor Vendor, found in most towns, or you can repair it in your house, with a personal anvil.

Blacksmith Repair

  • Repair Individual Items: Right click the item you want to repair.
  • Repair Equipped Items: This will repair all items you have equipped.
  • Repair Items in Bag: This will repair all items in your bag.
  • Restore Durability: You can sacrifice a similar item to boost the maximum durability of an item.

Restore Durability


When you apply a blackstone to your equipment and it fails, the maximum durability of the item is decreased. This means, over time, the gear you are trying to improve will become less durable unless you sacrifice similar items to restore it.

For example, to repair the maximum durability of an Agerian Helmet, you must sacrifice another Agerian Helmet. If you want to repair an Agerian Helmet of Agility, you can either use an Agerian Helmet, along with a large amount of silver, or an Agerian Helmet of Agility, Destruction, Iron Wall, or Sacrifice. The item you choose to sacrifice will be destroyed.

You also have a small chance to restore one durability to the maximum durability each time the Blacksmith repairs your items.

Anvil Repair

You may also place an anvil in your home to repair items. To unlock the repair ability, you will have to spend ten energy at a blacksmith for the knowledge. Once you have acquired the knowledge, you can use an item on your personal anvil to repair it. It will take about 20 seconds to restore one durability, however, it is free.