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Black Desert allows you to do a few tasks remotely such as recovering your mount, or sending your characters to various locations. Depending on what you elect to do, this can take different amounts of time, and may have a silver cost.

Character Transport

From the Exit Game window you can send a character to a different location. You do this with characters who are offline, and you are limited to sending them to town locations you have already been to. This is a good way to send characters to various cities to transport goods, but it does take time for them to travel.

Character Transport.png

※ For desert region, you can only move within the desert area (You can’t move to the desert region from outside).

Reserving character transport is free, and your character will be transported while you are playing with another character.

When you click on ‘Start Transport’, you’ll be logged off from the current character and will be logged into a new character. Transport takes about 60 minutes.

If you log in to the character in transport while the transport is not complete, the process will be canceled. You can’t use this function if you don’t have a character that you can change with.


Only the towns that you’ve visited at least once will show up on the destination list.

Remote Recovery

When your mount is killed, destroyed, lost or very far away you can visit the appropriate NPC (Stable Keeper, Wharf Manager etc) and recover your mount. Remote recovery will weaken the target, but that can be repaired with silver at the same NPC.

Note: Trade goods can be destroyed in the process.

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