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180214 Ranger Class Selection.png
A nimble huntress with superior marksmanship. Rangers keep enemies away with barrages of penetrating arrows, neutralizing them from afar.

Weapon: Longbow
Sub-Weapon: Dagger
Awakening Weapon: Kamasylve Sword

Class Overview

Rangers walk closely with nature, relying on the earth beneath their feet to keep them steady and the wind to carry their arrows straight and true. While they do have some long range skills, they are also adept at moving in and out of mid and melee range, to deliver devastating arrow volleys, or well aimed kicks.

One of the Ranger’s greatest strengths, besides their damage, is the speed at which they move and fire arrows. They focus on rapid attacks, with constant movement, to keep them out of harm’s way. Additionally, with the use of Flow Skills, they can interweave attacks, performing both at the same time.

Below, we will look at several of the Ranger’s skills, and how you can effectively use them in combat.

♦You can select skills in game, via the Skill Menu, Default K.
Ranger Main.png

Ranger WilloftheWind.png

Rapidly fire an arc of 10 arrows in front of you.
  • Activate by pressing Shift + Q.
  • Learn Ultimate: Evasive Shot to fire a moving version of this skill with A + F, or D + F.
  • Can apply knockdown and decrease the targets Ranged DP.
  • Can be used while on cooldown, at reduced effectiveness.
  • This skill has a maximum of 5 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 72 skill points to max out all ranks.

Ranger DescendingCurrent.png

Fire a multitude of arrows into the sky, to rain down on your enemies.
  • Must be registered to a Quick Slot for use.
  • This skill has a maximum of 5 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 93 skill points, to max out all ranks.
  • Can be used while on cooldown, at reduced efficiency.
  • Can apply knockdown to foes.
Combos into: Ranger UltimateDescendingCurrent.png
Fire a volley of explosive arrows to rain down on your foes.
  • Activate by pressing LMB after Descending Current.
  • This skill has 1 rank, at a cost of 35 skill points.
  • Can be used while on cooldown, at reduced efficiency.

Ranger EvasiveExplosionShot.png

Shoot an explosive volley at the ground, propelling you away from enemies.
  • Activate by pressing A + RMB, S + RMB, or D + RMB. (This will affect the direction in which you are propelled.)
  • You are invincible during the duration of this skill.
  • Has a chance to apply the Bound condition (PvE), or Stiffness (PvP).
  • Will increase your movement speed for a short time.
  • This skill has a maximum of 3 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 26 skill points to max out all ranks.
Combos into: Ranger EvasiveLandingShot.png
Fire a volley immediately after Evasive Explosion Shot.
  • You must have Evasive Explosion Shot II to learn this skill.
  • Activate by pressing Shift + RMB after Evasive Explosion Shot.
  • This skill has a maximum of 3 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 37 skill points, to max out all ranks.

Ranger EvasiveShot.png

Evade, while simultaneously firing arrows.
  • Activate by pressing A + LMB, A + W + LMB, A + S + LMB, D + LMB, D + W + LMB, or D + S + LMB. (This will affect the direction in which you evade.)
  • This skill has a maximum of 3 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 8 skill points to max out all ranks.
Upgrades into: Ranger UltimateEvasiveShot.png
Activate during specific attacks to weave this skill into your rotation.
  • You must have Evasive Shot III to learn this skill.
  • This skill has 1 rank, with a cost of 25 skill points.
  • Activate by pressing A + LMB, or D + LMB, during certain skills such as Blasting Gust.

Ranger FlowCrossingWindII.png

Use Evasive Shot once Descending Current is charged.
  • Activate by pressing A + LMB or D + LMB, once Descending Current has fully charged.
  • You must have Evasive Shot III and Descending Current I to learn this skill.
  • This skill has 1 rank, at a cost of 6 Skill points.

Ranger FlowKissoftheWind.png

Allows Penetrating Wind to be used during Razor Wind.
  • Activate by pressing Shift + LMB, or Shift + RMB during Razor Wind.
  • You must have Penetrating Wind IV and Razor Wind III to learn this skill.
  • This skill has 1 rank, with a cost of 3 Skill points.

Ranger Penetrating Wind.png

Fire a powerful arrow, enchanted by the Spirit of the Wind.
  • Must be registered to a Quick Slot for use.
  • Has a chance to knock down enemies.
  • This skill has a maximum of 4 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 71 skill points to max out all ranks.

Ranger RazorWind.png

Crouch for stability and fire volley after volley of arrows at your enemies.
  • Activate this skill by pressing E to crouch into position, and then LMB to begin firing at your targets.
  • Can be cancelled by pressing S.
  • This skill has a maximum of 6 ranks (including the Ultimate rank) with a cumulative total of 112 skill points to max out all ranks.
  • Restores a moderate amount of EP, and can apply both a stun and knock down on enemies (PvE only).

Ranger Main Pose.png


Unlike the Ranger’s previous skills, Awakening Skills using the Kamasylve Sword are melee to mid-ranged. Commune with the spirits and perform powerful attacks using the Kamasylven Sword.

Below are some of the core skills of the Ranger Awakening.

♦Awakening Skills tab can be found at the top of the Skill Window (K)
Ranger Awakening.png

Ranger SpiritsShackles.png

This grapple attack allows you to springboard off your enemy, knocking them to the ground as you land some distance away.

Ranger WailingWind.png

This attack creates an illusion that deals damage to a group of enemies from mid-range, causing them to bleed and knocking them to the ground.

Ranger BreezyBlade.png

This skill is used while running, causing you to instantly dash and attack multiple targets.

Ranger ElvenRage.png

Project the collective rage of the elves at the target. Keep in mind, however, that defensive mode is engaged while the rage is being charged.

Ranger NaturesTremble.png

Summon the spirits of Kamasylve in front of you to mercilessly attack the target, dealing tremendous damage.

Ranger WilloftheWind.png

Instantly disappear from the target’s sight and reappear above them to deliver a spin attack and inflict powerful damage to the targets within range.

Ranger Awakening Pose.png


“The Last Gift from the Goddess: The Kamasylven Sword”

At the beginning of time, before recorded history, a sacred tree took root at the highest point of the forest. The Goddess Sylvia descended upon the forest with the Elves of Nature, and gave the tree a name: Kamasylve. Using the energy of the Sun and Moon, she created life to fill the forest that would be known as Kamasylvia.

In addition to the beings she created to fill the forest and land beyond, the Goddess also bore twins. The first, who resembled the Sun, she named Ganelle. The second, who resembled the Moon, was named Vedir. Once her children had grown, Sylvia granted them dominion over the land she had filled with life, and sealed her will into Kamasylve, the sacred tree, before ascending back into the heavens. The twins established a civilization which prospered under the sheltering branches of sacred tree and watchful eyes of the Elves.

The power of Kamasylve was abundant, allowing the descendants of Sylvia to grow complacent and ungrateful for the blessings the sacred tree granted. This lack of vigilance allowed the Dark Elves to infiltrate Kamasylvia, ravaging the land and leaving devastation in their wake. The descendants of Sylvia were unable to defend themselves from the Dark Elves and turned to the Kamasylve for protection, draining its bounty of energy dry. As its last task before entering into hibernation, the sacred tree granted Ganelle and Vedir some of its oldest branches.

Ganelle and Vedir studied the tree, attempting to understand the power it once held. The branches Kamasylve left them could be altered with the power and strength of their spirit, transforming it into a blade they could use to protect their home. This ability, along with the art of wielding the new Kamasylve Sword, was passed on to their kin. This, in turn, created an army of guardians. These Rangers would be responsible for protecting and safeguarding the citizens of Kamasylvia from invasion.

Though the tree was dormant, the Rangers repelled many invaders who came in search of the power that Kamasylve once possessed. In order to remain triumphant and free, the Rangers continued to improve their skills with the Kamasylven Sword and adopted the use of longbows. This allowed them to fight more efficiently; using the forest as a shield and picking off their enemies at range.

Though the Rangers remained victorious, Ganelle and Vedir began to disagree over the use of the Kamasylven Sword. Ganelle, descendant of the Sun, sought to commune with the spirit of the sword while Vedir, descendant of the Moon, wished only to dominate the spirit of the sword and bend it to his will. This argument grew until the Rangers were embroiled in a civil war. As hatred and bloodshed spread across the land of Kamasylvia, the sacred tree awoke.

In its sorrow and pain, Kamasylve revoked the power imbued in its branches, preventing the Rangers from continuing their war with weapons intended to protect the land that was their home. This was not enough to heal the schism between the two clans, however, and the descendants of Vedir left Kamasylvia in search of a new power. The descendants of Ganelle, however, erected a temple around Kamasylve, and remained to protect it.

In order to prevent another war, Kamasylve decided to only reveal the power of the sword to a chosen few who could be trusted to repel invasions and avoid conflict within the clans. These Rangers had to prove themselves to have great strength of will and battle prowess before being able to receive the blessing of the Goddess.

Before returning to its hibernation, Kamasylve left this message:

"Only those who can commune with the spirit and control the will of their hearts shall fully realize the power of Kamasylve."