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One of the more unique combat features presented in Black Desert called "Rage", is automatically unlocked upon a player reaching level 35. You may notice a new crystal icon show up to the right of your health and mana bar. This is your Rage meter which progressively loads up 100% from normal combat (being hit and hitting opponents).

Δ Notice the crystal icon next to the health bar.


The Rage mechanic has 3 different combat boosting functions it can be deployed as:

Anger Absorption (Pressing Z)

Will use the rage at any percent (1-100%) to provide a buff specific to your class type with a higher percent resulting in a longer duration.

Rage Transformation (Pressing X)

Used only when grouping with other players, this function will transfer your rage to another friendly player under your targeting reticle to overcharge their rage. More information on this below.

Skill Activation

Certain skills actually utilize the rage mechanic to power up the output of the activated ability. Each class type has a skill that will also make use of the 200% overcharged version of rage giving it an extreme power up and usually a larger area of effect. (indicated by purple text in the tool tip saying "Wrath of The Black Spirits") Rage1.png
Δ Skills that consume rage will have purple text "Wrath of the Black Spirit" in the tool tip.


Normal operation of the rage mechanic falls within the parameters of 0 - 100% based off combat (hitting and being hit), and caps at 100% through solo combat. However should you or a friendly player decide to transfer rage (Pressing X) you can achieve an Overcharge effect of up to 200%.

The amount of overcharge gained per transfer is directly dependent on how much rage (up to a maximum of 100%) a player transfers to another.

Δ Transfer your rage to a group member to unlock new power ups.

This enables a person with 200% rage to activate a extremely powered up version of one of their skills. For example: The Meteor skill from the Wizard class, which when activated in this state will effect a much larger area and do significantly more damage, knock downs, and a longer duration of the ability. Upon completion of the skill the rage bar will drain back to 0%.

Skills which trigger this effect are marked with purple text with the words "Wrath of The Black Spirits" in the tool tip window.