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Quests are an essential part of the game. Quests are designed to take you around the world at a comfortable pace, and also reward you for the time and effort you put into them.

Quest Interface


You can open the quest window by pressing the shortcut key <O>.

  1. Quest tabs
  2. Sort by classification (by Types or Area)
  3. Example of a quest chain
  4. Type of quest (explained in Quest Type section below)
  5. Name of quest
  6. Show in quest tracker
  7. Forfeit, Navigate and Move To options
  8. These icons help you know which quests you can receive from NPCs (All, Combat, Life Skills, Fishing, Exploration/Trade or Other)
  9. Quest full summary
  10. Default quest rewards
  11. Optional quest reward

Quest Markers

Quest markers will also appear on the World Map with a short description of the quest.


Right clicking the blue circles will auto path to the area.

Quest Progress

As you complete aspects of a quest you will be notified with text at the top of your screen, for example 1/30 Weasels defeated. Some quests will have multiple objectives, as you complete them you will receive a message "Partial Objective Completed", keep in mind that the map marker for a specific objective does not always disappear when you partially complete a quest.

Quest Acquisition

There are several ways to obtain quests: NPCs, Black Spirit, and Guild Quests. All quests will show in your quest log, unless you have a specific filter selected. Make sure to have all quest filters disabled when trying to pick up new quests, as some NPCs will not offer quests of the type you have filtered.

Quest Type

There are seven types of quests in Black Desert:

Q1.png Black Spirit Quest

Black Spirit quests are the main quests given to you in the game. They can be accessed by talking to the Black Spirit (Default key: ",").

These quests help to progress the story of Black Desert's world, and will reward you with many different rewards.

Q2.png Story Quest

These quests will reveal more of the main story, other storylines and major NPCs.

Q3.png General Quest

This is a basic quest given by any NPC throughout the game.

Q4.png Exploration Quest

These quests send you to find new areas.

Q5.png Trade Quest

These quests are related to trade goods.

Q6.png Life Quest

These quests are related to Life Skills.

Q7.png Repeatable Quest

Quests that can be repeated at set intervals.

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