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The production notes pane shows all items that can be produced, what they help make, and how to make them. The in-game shortcut button is F2

The notes are divided into seven categories, and you can view the item description and the acquisition method.

  • Node

Shows the available items that can be acquired through workers at nodes, and which node to obtain them from.

  • Fishing

It shows the items that can be obtained by fishing, and what they can be used for.

  • Alchemy

It shows the items that can be created through alchemy, and their further uses in production.

  • Cooking

Shows the available cooking recipes.

  • Processing

Shows what is made through processing as well as which materials are needed.

  • Housing Production

Shows which items are produced through housing unit production, as well as showing which nodes to send workers to to obtain the materials.

  • Gathering

Tells you what you can gather, how, and where to gather items.