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Black Desert has a variety of life skills . It is possible to harvest potatoes and corn from a farm and catch a fish from the shore or river. To collect the logs, cut down trees or gather the sap. You can hunt, and farm, and even milk cows. With those materials, you can produce a variety of items and use them for many different purposes. This is where processing comes into play!

What is Processing

“Processing” is the method of transforming an item into a higher quality crafting material. For example, heating ore into metal shards to be used as ingots.

Open the process window by pressing shortcut ‘L’ to select the type you want, and click on the items to start the process. Make sure you're not overweight and have enough inventory spots to accept the items you wish to process.

While most processing is not affected by outside forces there are two instances where weather matters. If it is not sunny you cannot dry and if the wind is too strong you cannot filter.

01 proc.jpg
Open the processing window (keyboard ‘L’ button) to select the processing method.
06 proc.jpg
Select the desired material as a ‘right click’ in the inventory, and press the start button to proceed with processing. 

Types of Processing

05 proc.jpg
Select the desired type of processing from the process window. Knowledge obtained through the processing is active in the knowledge processing list, and you can see the processing metho


Mix the two materials to obtain a new type of material. It mainly mixes the water and the cooking materials of primary processing to obtain a dough.


Put the materials and grind them in a mortar to obtain a powder or a juice.


Create a variety of materials by trimming logs.


It is only available on a sunny day. Drying removes moisture from the material and makes it much smoother to trim. Primarily used to dry fish or meat. Also used to dry monster skin obtained from hunting.


Only available when it is not windy. Used to process items like water into purified water.


Heat up materials such as ore into melted shards for use in crafting ingots.


Can be done in front of the anvil within a residence. Can freely repair equipment that has lost durability.

Simple Alchemy

A processing method to carry out simple alchemy. Produce a product by combining simple ingredients without the need for an alchemy tool. Usually used to combine herbs and mineral water to create herbal juice.

Simple Cooking

Can do simple cooking outside without any cooking utensils. Usually used to combine grain and mineral water to create grain juice. The more diverse and delicious range of food made by cooking is not possible through simple cooking. For this you will need a cooking utensil located within a residence

Mass Processing from Storage

You can’t carry out Processing when your weight reaches 100%, so it is difficult to Mass Processing with all the materials inside your inventory. In these situations, you can equip the Venecil Dress Set or Karki Suit Set to be able to do Mass Processing with the materials that are in Storage.

07 proc.jpg
02 proc.jpg
Equip the Venecil Dress Set or Karki Suit Set. Talk to the Storage Keeper, and you will see the [Processing] button at the bottom of the Storage window. 

The processing window will become active when you click the processing button, and you can use the materials in storage for processing. Processing will continue as long as you have enough materials within your storage.

However, since the processing result is obtained in your personal inventory, processing will halt once you’ve exceeded 100% weight as a result of acquiring the processed products.

Processing Level

08 proc.jpg

The higher your processing level the faster you process and you even increase the chance of increasing more materials. The more you process, the more efficient you will become.

There is also a chance to acquire a product at a higher grade. For example, when you are heating iron ore with a high processing level, you will not only receive melted iron shards but also have a chance to acquire an iron ingot.

Processing Sucess Rate

03 proc.jpg
System message you will often see while processing.

The processing success rate simply means the chance to not fail processing. You will often see a message to this effect. Failing processing doesn't mean you lose any materials, so a higher processing rate will simply make processing faster. You can increase this with certain foods or an outfit.

11 proc.png
10 proc.png

Learning Advanced Processing Knowledge

To craft a higher grade item using processing, you will not only need special materials through alchemy (metal solvent, plywood hardener, etc.), but you also need beginner and/or skilled knowledge to craft that respective product.

09 proc.png
To craft the study maple plywood, you need heating: skilled knowledge.

If you try and process the item without the relevant knowledge, you will not receive anything from processing. The beginner certificate can be acquired by a player with apprentice level 4 or higher by accepting and completing the quests from the NPCs listed below.

However, your preferred type of quests must include the life skill option in order to be able to accept the quest. Therefore, it is advised that you examine whether the “All” option is selected before talking to the NPC.

12 proc.png
You may not be able to receive the quest if the "All" option is not selected for the preferred quest type
Knowledge Type Quest Name Requirements Available NPC
Shaking - Beginner Toys(?) for Kids Apprentice Lv. 4 or Higher Lara
Drying - Beginner Need Soft Hides! Apprentice Lv. 4 or Higher Techthon
Thinning - Beginner Thinning Feathers Apprentice Lv. 4 or Higher Dora Fonti
Heating - Beginner Learning Higher Processing Skills Apprentice Lv. 4 or Higher Ficy
Grinding - Beginner Leaning Higher Processing Skills Apprentice Lv. 4 or Higher Ficy
Chopping - Beginner Learning Higher Processing Skills Apprentice Lv. 4 or Higher Ficy

As the skilled certificate is a higher tier processing than the beginner certificate, the conditions are more demanding and it is more difficult to acquire.

Most of these quests are carried out in the Calpheon region and the shaking: skilled certificate can be acquired as a challenge reward by becoming a processing artisan.

Knowledge Type Quest Name Requirements Available NPC
Grinding - Skilled Geranoa'a Proposal Shaking - Skilled knowledge have completed the ‘crystal clear green jewelry’ quest from Geranoa that requires gathering apprentice level 10 or higher. Geranoa
Thinning - Skilled Gotta Plunk Them All Must Complete the 'Geranoa Matheo Oberen
Heating - Skilled Excellent Magnate Gathering Apprentice level 10 or higher processing professional level 5 or higher can acquire the knowledge by completing the ‘pure iron crystal’ quest that is part of the ‘excellent magnate’ quest serie Villager inside the buildig of Keplan's arms dealer and armor vendor
Chopping - Skilled Amazing Tree Art Gathering apprentice level 10 or higher processing professional level 5 or higher must have completed the ‘excellent magnate’ quest series Village near the armor vendor of Trent

Processing Quests

You can receive quests related to processing from various NPCs in the world. It is recommended that you start with the gathering quest in the Balenos region. It takes some time and effort to complete the quests, but you can receive contribution points, processing experience points, and other precious items such as sharp black crystal shards as a reward. You can also accept the black spirit quests to reach higher processing levels. These quests are recommended as they yield good rewards for beginners. You can accept advancement quests as soon a you reach beginner level 10 or higher. Using the black spirit guide menu will lead you to the requester NPC.

04 proc.jpg
You can easily access advancement quests through the black spirit guide menu.