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The giants are located in the canyon of southern Keplan. You can see the culture of the giants who are faithful to combat instinct, have a superior body and are brutal. They have no territorial aspirations in the area they are located in.

Category Summary Description
Recommended Level 46~48Lv
Distance Efficiency between Village ★★☆☆☆ Located in the Southeast of Keplan
User Density ★★☆☆☆ Possible to Stay Alone
Difficulty ★☆☆☆☆ Easy and Fun!
Hunting Sensation ★★★★☆ Pleasure to Defeat the Giants!
Unique Drop None
Mount Parking Outside of the Post is Effective

Monster Types and Level

  • Basic Information
    • Mostly 46~48Lv monsters
    • Melee: Giant, Giant Warrior, Giant Fighter, Giant Brawler, Giant Combatant
    • Beasts: Spotted Hyena, Red Boar
    • Violent(Star): Defeat Giant Fighters

All monsters are melee, so you do not have to worry about them except for the group you have to deal with directly. Even though there is no item drop, it will help you to secure initial funds for level 50 which is one of the daily black spirit quests

Level/Equipment Requirement

When you reach level 48~50, you can hunt easily, so you do not need to worry too much about equipment.

Level AP DP
Minimum Stats 45Lv 40~50 60~70
Recommended Stats 50Lv 60~70 80~90



It is the easiest hunting zone among the main hunting places of Southern Calpheon. Among the main hunting zones in Southern Calpheon, the level of the monsters are the lowest. Therefore, once you reach a certain level the efficiency of the XP gain will lower significantly. Sometimes, the violent monsters can be scary because they are resilient to attacks and have a strong attack. If you defeat them, more than 6,000 silver will drop at a time, so do not miss them. You can also acquire black stones or Ancient Relic Crystal Shards.

Key Locations and Hunting Route

It is not too bad to hunt outside the main zone, if you go inside through cliff byway, the density of monsters becomes higher and will make it easier to rack up the kills, loot, and experience.

02 primal.jpg

Major Item Drops

  • Giant Tribe Statue Fragment - Trade Item
  • Huge Spear - Miscellaneous
  • Ancient Relic Crystal Shard
  • Black Stone (Armor)
  • Black Stone (Weapon)

User Density

You will often see others here since one of the daily black spirit quests is located in this area. If you have a residence in the Calpheon region, it will make this spot easier.

It was crowded with users, but it is quiet these days. Therefore, it is possible to monopolize the entire hunting zone.

If you are a growing adventurer and reach your level from mid-forties to late forties, it is better to be outside depending on your equipment since there is no unique drop and the monster’s efficiency of experience is not higher.