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In Velia, you’ll come across Mariano asking you to help look for her pet cat. You might be jealous of her at first, but don’t worry. You can get your own pet!

Your pet will follow you around and do various things.

All pets carry out a special action called ‘Auto-Loot’. Most pets carry out an additional special action specific to each type of pet.


Obtaining a Pet

Pets can be purchased through the Pearl Shop or may be rewarded through quests, challenges or events. For example, completing all the main quests for Balenos, Calpheon and Mediah will reward you with 3 pets, available once per family.

Once a pet has been obtained, it must be registered. To register the pet, right-click on the pet in your Pearl Inventory (I), and when prompted, give the pet a name.


Summoning a Pet

Pets can be summoned anywhere, at any time, via the Pet List (paw icon) in either your inventory or the ESC menu.

A pet can be summoned separately, or as a group, with up to five pets summoned at any one time. To summon a pet, press the ‘Take Out’ icon.

To summon pets as a group, assign a pet a flagged number by clicking on the appropriate icon beside their portrait. To summon the grouped pets, click the associated icon at the bottom of the pet menu.




Click the paw icon to see your Pet List!


You can summon each pet separately or as a group. You can set groups by clicking on the numbers listed below the pet portrait. To summon a group, click on the group button at the bottom of the Pet List.

Caring for Pets

Pets start with a ‘Hunger Level’ of 100%. Once a pet is summoned, their Hunger Level will start to decrease. If a pet’s Hunger Level reaches 0, they will no longer retrieve loot while summoned.

Pets can be given feed to raise their Hunger Level. Feed can be bought from Stable Keeper NPCs, the Central Market, from the Pearl Shop, or crafted through Cooking. Different feeds will fill the Hunger Level at varying amounts.

As a pet is fed, they gain experience, and can level up.

Pet Tiers and Levels

The maximum level a pet can reach is 10. At this level, the cool down for auto-loot decreases and the pet obtains a new talent.

The maximum tier a pet can reach is 4.

At higher tiers a pet can pick up loot at a faster rate, hold more skills, and its talent buff increases.

Pet Behavior and Commands

Pet behavior and commands can be toggled and will affect the way a pet behaves as follows:

Pet Command: Agile [Fastest] / Average [Default] / Cautious [Slowest]

Pets’ behavior affects the time it takes between loot pickup. The faster pets loot, however, the quicker their Hunger Level decreases.


Pet Command: Follow / Stay

Pets will continuously follow their owner until commanded to stay, however if the distance between owner and pet is too great, the pet will appear nearby.

Pet Command: Special

This toggles the pet’s Special Ability.

Pet Command: Fetch

This toggles the pet’s ability to pick up loot.

Pet Special Ability

Pets all have a unique special ability. These special abilities will not be active upon summoning and must be toggled on / off:

- Hostility Detection: Marks hostile guilds and players who are flagged for PvP.

- Finds Resources: Moves to and marks a gatherable resource every few seconds.

- Finds Rare Monsters: Moves to and marks rare monsters (elite monsters).

- Taunt Monster: Draws a mob to you (increases aggro).

- Desert Disease Resistance: Provides heat stroke and hypothermia resistance.

- Auto-Fishing Time Reduced: Provides reduction to auto-fishing timer.


Skills and Talents of a Pet

Pets start with one talent and can learn a random skill upon reaching level ten.

Different types of pets have different talents.

For cats, regardless of tier and kind, they give increased life EXP.

For dogs, regardless of tier and kind, they give increased skill EXP.

Their talents improve as the pets’ tier increases.

Even with multiple pets, all the talents stack.

Talents provide one of the following buffs, depending on the type of pet:

- Life EXP Gain (Cat, Penguin, Hedgehog, Choppy)

- Skill EXP Gain (Red Panda, Dog)

- Chance to gain Knowledge and higher-grade Knowledge (Hawk, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Parrot, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Wizard Gosphy)

- Durability Reduction Resistance (Desert Fox, Snowman, Stoneback Crab)

- Weight Limit Increase (Polar Bear)

Pets get 1 ~ 2 additional skills every time the pets’ tier goes up.

A pet can have up to a maximum of three skills at a time.

There are various skills such as increase Combat EXP and increase Karma Recovery.

Skills are given randomly.

The skills that can be learned are:

- Luck Level +1

- Gathering Level +1

- Fishing Level +1

- Karma Recovery

- Gathering EXP

- Fishing EXP

- Hunting EXP

- Farming EXP

- Cooking EXP

- Processing EXP

- Alchemy EXP

- Training EXP

- Trading EXP

- Combat EXP


On the far left slot is the pet’s talent, the slots next to it are the main skills.


The talents and the main skills of the pets you summoned appear on the Pet List, and the skills of the pets get displayed on the Skill List on the right.

A skill can be transferred or changed for a random new skill during pet exchange.

Pet Types

There are four different pet types:

- Limited

- Premium

- Classic

- Event

Pet Exchange

You can exchange two pets of the same type.

But when you exchange pets, their talents, skills, and appearance might change. The animal you exchange disappears, so you should always be careful when you exchange pets.

You can’t exchange pets if there is more than 1 tier difference between the pets. For example, you can exchange between tier 1 and tier 2, but you can’t exchange between tier 1 and tier 3.

All the pets you can purchase at the Pearl Shop are tier 1. You can earn pets beyond tier 2 through pet exchange and other methods.

The new pet’s appearance will be affected by the appearance of the pet you had before the exchange, and you can apply the original appearance of one of the pets to the new pet.

As the level goes up, there will be higher probability in getting a pet of a higher tier.

Your pets can have more skills as their tier goes up. Tier 1 and tier 2 can have 1 skill, tier 3 can have 2, and tier 4 can have 3 skills.

(Excludes talents and some pets)

Depending on the category of pets, there are some skills that you can earn through exchange. But it doesn’t mean that your birds will only learn skills for birds. You can earn other skills at a lowered probability.

You can also transfer the skills of your pet to the new pet you will get from the exchange. If you get a pet with a tier that can learn more skills than the originally did, your new pet will learn an additional skills.


When you select a pet to transfer its skills, the skills that will be transferred appear below. Just like skills, you can also choose to transfer its appearance or not.

If you have the special pet ‘Wizard Gosphy’, you can combine it with any pet, except with another Wizard Gosphy.

You can combine Wizard Gosphy with pets of all tiers. You can combine a tier 1 Wizard Gosphy and a tier 3 Hedgehog and get a Tier 4 Hedgehog.


Pet Appearance

Some pet’s appearance may be changed through Pet Exchange or with a Pet Appearance Change Coupon.

This will alter the coloring of the pet, give the pet an unique pet costume, or change the look of the pet entirely.

Not all pets have the ability to change appearances.

The coupon guarantees a selected appearance, but the pet’s appearance may not differ when trying through a pet exchange.

Checking the ‘Appearance’ button below the pet that is being exchanged allows the ability to keep the current appearance of that pet.

Here are some appearances for each pet.

You can get pets of greater variety to appear when you exchange your pet or use the Pet Appearance Change Coupon.

Curly Dog


Shaggy Dog


Naughty Dog


Striped Cat


Junaid Cat


Desert Fox


Brown Guide Hawk


Scarlet Macaw


Long-tailed Rosefinch


Red Panda




* The contents of this wiki are subject to change depending on updates and content changes.