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The party system allows you to group up with other players and share experience, kills and loot. You can have a maximum of 5 players in a party, they must all be in the same channel, and they must stay within a certain range of one another to reap any benefits.


You can invite another player to your party by typing /invite <name>, or if you are standing next to them, you can use the F5 key. Once they have accepted the invitation, a party window will open beneath your level, at the top left corner of the screen. You can move this window in the Edit UI menu. Once you have joined a party, you can see your group emmbers' locations on your World Map, and should you be in range, they will appear on your mini-map as well.



The party window will show you a great deal of information about your group, starting with their level and class icons, on the left side. Their name, HP and MP/WP/EP is to the right of that. Further to the right, you will see a small arrow, if you are party leader. Clicking this arrow will bring up two buttons: one to promote that party member to leader, and the other to remove them from the party entirely.



The party window is sorted in order of invitation, so the first person you invited will show up beneath your own information, whereas the second person will be beneath both. There is a wifi symbol next to each group member’s name. This is very important, as it will show you if you are in range of your group, and receiving all of the benefits for being in a party. If it is green, and full, you are receiving full benefits, however, if it is grey, you are too far out of range and should get closer.



The leader of a party can change the group looting options in two distinct ways. The first option allows you to set the method of looting, whether it is free loot (anyone can loot anything), round robin (where everyone takes turns), or Leader only. The next option allows you to set thresholds on what items will be put up in the special deals section. You can set a currency value, decide by rarity, or both.




The special deals system is a way for groups to split loot without having to deal with any hassle. Items are automatically listed to the Marketplace, based on the options your party leader set, and once they sell, the profit is split between eligible group members. If an item is listed under special deals, but it would be useful for you, you can purchase it directly from the group, who would then receive their split shares of the profit. As you purchased the item, you are exempt from the profit share.