Olun's Valley

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Once filled with the power of spirits beyond any other place in O'dyllita, it is now a corrupted place due to the Turasil, the thornwood tree rooted to the ground by the Ahibs.

The golem which appears here was formed long ago to guard Kamasylvia, yet became a gatekeeper for the land of the Ahibs after its fate intertwined with Turasil.

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Category Summary Description
Recommended Level Lv. 65+
Distance Efficiency ★★★★☆ Near O'draxxia.
User Density ★☆☆☆☆ Adventurers tend to avoid due to the very high AP and DP of the monsters.
Difficulty ★★★★★ Highest difficulty level.
Hunting Sensation ★★☆☆☆ Need to focus on each and every monster you encounter.
Unique Drops Olucas.
Mount Parking At the node, since the weight of the items are light.

Monster Types and Levels

Basic Information

Mostly Lv. 65 monsters
Others: Boulder Golem, Rock Golem, Olun's Golem, Indomitable Golem, Olun's Power Tower, Olun's Heart, Olun's Statue


- The distance between monsters is greater than other monster zones.
- The monsters have very high HP and AP.
- You can obtain Olucas, a material used to create the Olucas Crystal which can be equipped on Awakening Weapons.

Level/Gear Requirements

Getting hit by debuff attacks can be dangerous, so be careful.

Level AP DP
Minimum Lv. 63 300+ 400+
Recommended Lv. 65 310+ 410+



Large Lv. 65 golems will appear.

Their attack patterns are not too quick and steady. You need to be able to recognize their attack patterns, and maintain a high level of concentration and teamwork with your party members to survive.

Key Locations and Routes

A powerful enormous monster may emerge, and even a party of three may find it difficult to overcome the monster, so be careful.

Major Item Drops


Caphras Stone

Ancient Spirit Dust

Black Stone (Armor)

Black Stone (Weapon)

User Density

This is a party of three Monster Zone in O'dyllita where giant golems dwell.

It is the only Monster Zone where Olucas, the material for Olucas Crystal, is dropped. Only those with very high AP and DP must challenge the place, since the giant golems in the area have high HP and AP.

Here are the two things you need to survive in Olun's Valley!

▶ Careful movements

▶ Concentration on teamwork and defense.

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