Old Moon Grand Prix

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The Old Moon Grand Prix is where you compete with other adventurers through horse racing.

Old Moon Grand Prix Participation and Rules

  • Old Moon Grand Prix is a horse race where 5–10 adventurers compete against each other on a racetrack.
  • Old Moon Grand Prix starts-ends at 16:00–9:00 (UTC) for NA servers.
  • Old Moon Grand Prix starts-ends at 8:00–1:00 (UTC) for EU servers.
  • Old Moon Grand Prix is not held during Node/Conquest Wars.

Anybody can join the race by using the new racehorses.

You can apply for the race via ESC > Life > Old Moon Grand Prix (under the new menu) or ESC > Old Moon Grand Prix (from the old menu).


▲ New Menu (ESC) - Life Skill - Old Moon Grand Prix


▲ Old Moon Grand Prix Menu

In order to participate in the Old Moon Grand Prix, you have to register your Horse Emblem to the stable. You can find your race horse from Old Moon Grand Prix NPC Stable Keeper Miles.

You can keep up to a maximum of 5 race horses in the stable as it has 5 slots.

  • You can purchase "Horse Emblem: Giorga Brisa" from Stonetail Horse Ranch NPC Stable Keeper Gula and Old Moon Grand Prix NPC Stable Keeper Miles.

Once the first participant enters, a 3 minute timer will begin. Every additional participant will add 3 more minutes to the timer, but once 5 participants are in queue, no additional time will be added to the timer.

If there are 5 participants or more, the waiting time will end and 1 minute will be given to allow preparations for the race.

Race Horse Controls

Race controls.PNG

Acceleration gauge must be charged up to a certain amount to be able to use Sweeping Movement. Acceleration gauge can be seen at the Stamina UI and it will be charged when using drifts.

  • Using Drift many times in a short period of time will greatly decrease the speed of your horse.

When all preparations are done, the race will start automatically.

Race through all of the checkpoints and reach the end of the race to receive your rank.

  • Tip! When you lose your direction during a race, press the Escape button on the top left of the screen to return to the race track. This has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Race Rewards

Grand Prix Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies will be given to the first, second, and third place finishers of the race respectively, which can be exchanged for items fitting your achievements.


You can exchange Old Moon Grand Prix Coins via <Stable Keeper> Gula at the Stonetail Horse Ranch for the below items.



▲ Old Moon Grand Prix Coin

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