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A node is an area of a territory, often important landmarks, towns or Monster Zones, that offer various gameplay functions. They are an essential part of the world of Black Desert.

If you connect a node to a city, via contribution investment, you will be able to send your workers to gather resources, as well as allow you access to additional housing for storage, crafting and more.

Nodes also serve an important function in Trading and storage item transportation. If you connect all the nodes between two towns, the item transportation fee between them will lower. If the nodes between the area where you obtained a trade item and its desired destination are connected, you will receive a greater monetary yield when selling it.

Types of Nodes

Nodes are largely divided into Exploration Nodes and Production Nodes.

Exploration Node is the node you can invest in with Contribution Points, and depending on its features, is classified into six categories: City, Town, Trade, Gateway, Danger Zone, and Node.

All City and Town nodes are Safe Zones. Some other nodes around the world also act as Safe Zones for mechanical or narrative reasons.

Production Node is a satellite node affiliated to an exploration node. There are 4 types of production nodes where you can collect materials: Farm, Mining, Lumbering, and Excavation.

Features of the exploration nodes:

Capitol.png City Housing, Storage, Trade and Transport are available. These are central hubs, and contribution investment is not required.
City.png Town Housing, Trade and Transport are available.
Trade.png Trade Trade is available.
Gateway.png Gateway These are fortified encampments, and occasionally experience night raids.
Hazardous.png Danger Zone These areas are surrounded by dangerous monsters.
Connect.png Node These usually have only a Node Manager nearby.

In order to invest in exploration nodes, there should be other surrounding nodes you have already invested in. Large settlements such as Heidel or Glish are available right away even if surrounding nodes are not invested.

For Danger Zones and simple nodes, there are cases where an object plays the role of Node Manager.


Throughout the world you will find NPCs called "Node Managers". Discovering these NPCs will uncover a portion of your world map and allow you to invest your contribution points into a node. When investing in a node you will start at a major city, and work your way outwards, to the desired node. If you are unsure of the order in which to link the nodes, check with the node manager and you'll see the nearest connected nodes to that one.

Additionally, sometimes the Node Manager will require you to explore the area to gain knowledge about the node prior to letting you invest, or you will need to ask about the area, spending energy, to obtain said node area knowledge.

Production Node

Production Node is a satellite node that belongs to its affiliated exploration node. If you invest in a production node, you can send workers to produce resources. In potato farms, potatoes are produced, while copper mines produce copper.

You can hire workers through the Work Supervisor NPCs, and the base number of workers you can hire for each town is one.

You can increase the number of workers that can be employed by acquiring houses and using them as lodging for them.

Items produced or crafted by workers are sent to the town storage. If there is no room in the storage, you won't be able to send a worker. If you've sent a worker to do multiple iterations of the same activity in a production node, and in the meantime the storage becomes full, the worker will stop its routine and return to town. You'll then will have to free space in the storage and then manually send the worker again.


Invest Contribution Points to activate a Production Node, then you can command the workers to start their task.

Investment Recovery

To recover your investment, open the World Map, click the node you invested in and select withdraw. However, nodes must be connected to a capital, so withdrawing from a node in the middle of connected nodes requires that the furthest nodes be withdrawn from first.


In this situation, you cannot retrieve the investment from the Forest of Plunder node. It will be retrievable only after you retrieve investment from the Goblin Cave first.

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