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NPCs in Black Desert are more in depth than in most games. NPCs can buy and sell items, but you can also steal from them and converse with them. You will also notice that some NPCs are not available at night, while others are only available at night.

Remember, tax rates do not apply to the items purchased through NPC stores.


If you have knowledge of an NPC, you can check its location, travel distance, its schedule, and more.

NPC Shop Features


When you want to purchase items from a merchant you can also select "purchase multiple" and enter a quantity. Some merchants will have items you cannot purchase because you do not know them well enough. To get to know the NPC better you will need to converse with them.


You can offload items to a NPC for silver, but some items cannot be sold to simple merchants.


If you accidentally sell the wrong item to the NPC you can buy it back.

Shop Types

General Goods Vendor

Sells various potions, items to brighten your surroundings at night and miscellaneous items.

Arms Dealer

Sells weapons. Some offer repair service; where you can repair the current durability of the items you are wearing so that you can keep on using them. Those who offer the repair service also provide maximum durability repair service; where you can restore the maximum durability decreased due to enhancement failure. Additionally, you can repair the equipment used for mounts such as a horse or a ship.


Sells armor. They often offer repair & extraction service. Extraction is the function to get Black Stones from the items that have been enhanced or other materials such as magic crystals.

Chef & Innkeeper

Sells cooking ingredients.

Work Supervisor

You can hire workers by consuming your energy. You can also buy and sell workers at the Worker Exchange with silver coins (no energy required for this operation).

Material Vendor

Sells gathering tools.

Stable Keeper

Store, heal, revive, and breed mounts. It also sells various items necessary for a mount. Read more in Stable.

Trade Manager

Allows for the exchange of trade bundles and trade goods. Read more in Trading.

Furniture Dealer

Sells items that can be placed in your house. Read more in Houses and Residences.


Sells magic crystals. Read more in Transfusion.

Luxury Vendor

Sells useful clothing for the various Life Skills.

Fish Vendor

Sells fishing related items.

Seed Vendor

Sells seeds for your garden.

Knowledge Trader

For a fee, this NPC will give you new knowledge.

Night Vendor

These traders appear at night and typically sell rare items. Read more in Secret Shop.


If you have enough energy, visit the Night Vendor. You may have a chance to buy items that you cannot easily see!


If you look at the list of items sold by a merchant, you may occasionally see an amity requirement. This means that you can not make purchases of that item unless you raise your amity to that number. Remember, items that require amity are difficult to obtain.

However, once you purchase the item, your amity with the NPC will be consumed. So you need to remember that you will have to increase your amity with the NPC through the usual means (exchanging stories, greeting them) if you want to purchase more of the items.


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