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There are numerous items in Black Desert Online, some of which you can deliver to an NPC in bulk for items or silver.

These items obtained as monster loot are usually referred to as `trash loot´. You can sell them at any NPC shop, but it can be more profitable to collect them in bulk and exchange them to an NPC.

In order to make an exchange, you should collect a certain number and take them to the designated NPC. The NPC will exchange the looted items for an item of appropriate value.

You can check which loot items are exchangeable through their tooltip. There you will also see which NPCs accept them, in exchange for what, and their location.

NPC Exchange1.jpg

The item above is named ‘Useful Coin Pouch’. When you take a look at the Exchange Information, you can see that you can exchange them at Tarif.

If you collect 150 or 600, you can exchange them.

If you exchange 600 of them, you will receive a Gold Bar 10G valued at 1 million silver. Selling 600 of them at an NPC shop would net you 468,000 silver coins. This way, you can double the profit from your adventures.

For these types of items, right-click the item in the inventory to take a look at the [NPC Location] and the [Item Count].

The [NPC Location] is a navigation function that shows you the way towards the NPC you have to meet, and [Item Count] shows the amount of items you’ve collected. You can see the number of items even when you’re in the middle of a fight.

NPC Exchange2.jpg

▲ If you select [Item Count], the item shows up on one the side of the screen. You can see how many items you haven while you’re defeating enemies.

You can also exchange them for special items as well. In this case, you can exchange 150 `Useful Coin Pouch´ for an Offensive Sub-weapon Box, which when opened will give you a suitable base sub-weapon for your class. The items that you can exchange will show up at the bottom right corner when you’re talking to the NPC.

If you make good use of this system, you’ll be able enjoy the game with bigger profits.

NPC Exchange3.jpg

You can find the items you need to exchange at the bottom ride side of the conversation screen.

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