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NPCs in Black Desert are more in depth than in most games. NPCs can buy and sell items, but you can also steal from them and swap stories with them. You will also notice that some NPCs are not available at night, while others are only available at night.

NPC Shop Features

  • Buy - When you want to purchase items from a merchant you can also select "purchase multiple" and enter a quantity. Some merchants will have items you cannot purchase because you do not know them well enough. To get to know the NPC better you will need to swap stories.
  • Sell - You can offload items to a NPC for silver, but some items cannot be sold to a Merchant.
  • Repurchase - If you accidentally sell the wrong item to the NPC you can buy it back.

Shop Types

  • General Goods Vendor - Sells various potions, lanterns, oil and miscellaneous items.
  • Arms Dealer - Sells weapons.
  • Chef - Sells cooking ingredients.
  • Work Supervisor - Sells workers.
  • Material Vendor - Sells gathering tools.
  • Stable Keeper - Store, Heal, Revive, and breed mounts.
  • Trade Manager - Allows for the exchange of trade packs and trade goods.
  • Furniture Trader - Sells items that can be placed in your house.
  • Jeweler - Sells gems.
  • Fish Vendor - Sells fishing related items.
  • Seed Vendor - Sells seeds for your garden.
  • Knowledge Trader - For a fee, this NPC will give you new knowledge.
  • Night Trader -These traders appear at night and typically sell rare items.


Exchanging stories with an NPC can raise your amity, unlocking the following features:

  • Additional Items for Sale
  • New Quests
  • Referrals to other NPCs