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The minimap is a versatile tool that offers a quick view at your surrounding area. By simply looking at the minimap you will be able to quickly find allies, enemies, NPCs and more. You can toggle between the classic minimap (2D) and the 3D one.

Minimap Markers

There are approximately 40 kinds of NPC display icons, and you can see their names when you hover over the icons.

If there is a quest, the region where the quest can be done is also displayed in the form of a yellow circle. For NPC marks, the front 120 degrees which is the camera’s point of view can be seen clearly, but the rest will look blurry.

The types and shapes of some of the icons displayed on the minimap are as follows:

- Red Dot: Monster. Please note that rare, hunting and boss monsters will have special icons.

- Orange Dot: Quest-related monster.

- White Square: Another adventurer. Blue human shapes denote guild members, while green ones denote party members.

- Skull: Last death location.

- Square Markers: NPC, each square icon will reflect the type of NPC it represents.

- Question Mark: Undiscovered NPC.

- Exclamation Mark: NPC with a quest available.

- Check Mark: Quest completion is available at this NPC.

- White Triangle: Indicates the direction of your current quest target.


Minimap Controls

To adjust the scale of your minimap, mouse over it and you'll see that some indicators appear. Use the + and - buttons to adjust the scale.

You can reset your minimap to default setting by clicking the small button above the + and - buttons.

Beneath the + and - buttons you can adjust the opacity with a vertical slider.

Click and hold the arrow at the bottom left corner to enlarge the minimap window. In the 3D minimap you can use the + button in the same location to do the same.

System Bar

The system bar shows the current time in-game and various other useful icons to know the state of the area your character is located at. To the right of those icons you can see the server in which you are located.

The first icon tells you the movement penalties according to type of terrain:

- Polished Road: On a paved road you will move at your Base Speed.

- Midair: In the air, you will move as fast as your Base Speed.

- Rough Road: On a rough road, your Movement Speed is slowed down to 90%.

- Snow Road: Movement Speed is slowed down to 80%.

- Desert: Movement Speed slowed down to 80%. Horses and wagons will be severely slowed down in the desert. It is best to ride camels or miniature elephants instead.

- Swamp: Movement Speed is slowed down to 70%.

- Shallow Water: In shallow water, your Movement Speed is slowed down to 80%.

- Underwater: While underwater, Movement Speed will be reduced to 30%.

The second icon tells you the weather penalties affecting your character:

- Clear: The weather is clear and there is nothing affecting combat.

- Rainy: When you're in the rain, your AP will be lower. While it's raining, you won't be able to use the Drying process, either.

The third icon tells you the Node War status of the area your character is in:

- Node War Area: This area currently has a Node War in progress. You can build a small fort and wage a Node War.

- Not Node War Area: This area does not allow Node Wars. This area does not have a Node War in progress.

The fourth icon tells you if forts can be build in that area:

- Tent Icon: A fort can be build in this area.

- Tower Icon: This icon with a red X means that you can't build conquest buildings in this area.

* The contents of this wiki are subject to change depending on updates and content changes.