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The mini-map of black desert is a versatile tool that offers a quick view at your surrounding area. By simply looking at the mini-map you will be able to quickly find allies, enemies, NPCs and more.

Mini-Map Markers


Red Dot

Monster, please note that Rowdy monsters will have a special icon.

Orange Dot

Quest Monster

Square Marker

NPC, each square icon will reflect the type of NPC it represents.

Exclamation Mark

NPC with a quest available.

White Triangle

Indicates the direction of your current quest target.

Mini-Map Controls

You can customize your mini-map to suit your preferences, below I will explain your options. To adjust the scale of your Mini-Map use the + and - keys located at the bottom of your mini-map. You can reset your mini-map to default setting by clicking the small button on the bottom right of the mini-map. Along the right side of you mini-map you can adjust the brightness with a vertical slider. There is also a magnifier icon that will allow you to search for NPCs not only by the services they offer but by name.