Marni Stones

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At level 57, it can seem quite daunting to reach 58 or higher, however, there is an item you can use to help ease your leveling experience: Marni’s Stones. Purchase a stone for a specific type of monster, and once you have killed the required number of them, you can turn in the stone for even more experience.

Marni’s Stones can be purchased from the vendor Wacky Toshi, who shows up in many different locations across the world. He sells two tiers of each Marni stone, which have different requirements for the number of kills necessary to fill them, and different prices based on the tier.

Purchase Marni’s Stones from Wacky Toshi.
Marni Bashim03.jpg

You can find Wacky Toshi in many different locations. Not only does he appear next to specific node managers, but he can be found in some major cities as well. Sand Grain Bazaar, Old Wisdom Tree, Valencia City, Shakatu and Ibellab Oasis are his main locations, however, he can be found elsewhere, as well. If you ever have difficulty finding Wack Toshi, you can use the NPC search function to locate him. (Indicated by a magnifying glass to the left of your minimap)

Find Wacky Toshi at these locations.
04 Marni Location.PNG

Wacky Toshi also appears at Cadry Ruins.
Marni CadryRuins01.jpg

Wacky Toshi also appears at Gahaz Bandit’s Lair.
Marni GahaBanditLair01.jpg

Wacky Toshi also appears at Roud Sulfur Works.
Marni RoudSulfurWorks01.jpg

Wacky Toshi also appears at Titium Valley.
Marni TitiumValley01.jpg

Wacky Toshi also appears at Toothfairy Forest.
Marni ToothFairyForest01.jpg

Wacky Toshi also appears at Bashim Base.
Marni Bashim01.jpg

Marni’s Stones are available for the following creatures:

  • Bashims - Located at Bashim Base.
  • Cadry Monsters - Located at Cadry Ruins
  • Desert Nagas - Located at Desert Naga Temple
  • Desert Fogans - Located at Titium Valley
  • Gahaz Bandits - Located at Gahaz Bandit’s Lair
  • Centaurus - Located at Taphtar Plain
  • Sulfur Mine Monsters - Located at Roud Sulfur Mine
  • Forest Ronaros Monsters - Located at Forest Ronaros

The first tier of Marni’s stones costs 60,000 silver and requires 250 kills to fill, while the second rank is priced at 110,000 silver, and requires 500 kills. You can carry multiple Marni’s Stones for the same type of creature, however, only one stone is credited with kills at a time. Once that stone has been filled, another stone in your inventory will begin to receive credit automatically.

Killing the appropriate monsters will fill your Marni’s Stone.
05 MarniStones SidebySide.PNG

If you wish to keep track of how many kills you still need to fill your stone, not only can you check the tooltip, but you can right click the stone and select Item Count. This will place an icon to the left of your minimap to track the current number of kills for that stone. Once the stone has been filled, right click the icon to make it disappear, and repeat the process with the new stone.

New Marni’s Stones are yellow, while filled stones are orange. Partially filled stones are blue.
03 MarniStones.jpg

Right click a stone and select Item Count to track your kills.
01 MarniStones.jpg

Once a stone is full, the kill count will turn red.
02 MarniStones.jpg

To help introduce you to Marni’s Stones, make sure you pick up the Marni Stone quest from your Black Spirit, which is only available once you have reached 57. Once you have reached level 62, you will not longer be able to use Marni’s Stones, so make sure to purchase your stones carefully.