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The Main Menu helps you navigate through important game features, as well as keeping useful tools at your fingertips. There are two versions of the Main Menu, allowing you the freedom to use whichever works best for you.

07 BasicProfile.jpg
♦This is the default Main Menu.

The Default Menu displays colored icons corresponding to the button’s function. The name of the function, and any shortcut that might exist for it, are also displayed on these buttons. By dragging the window, you can move the Main Menu to any other part of your screen, however, it will return to its default position if you close and open it again. The Icons are also fixed in position, and cannot be reordered.

09 EscMenu.jpg
♦You can swap to this version of the main menu by pressing the Switch Menu button on the Default menu.

Unlike the Default Main Menu, the Alternate Main Menu cannot be repositioned on your screen, even temporarily. It is fixed to either the right or left side, which you can change with the buttons on the upper left corner.

08 EscMenu.jpg

Below this icon, there are 8 static icons, and 5 tabs. No matter what tab you are on, the 8 static icons will remain the same, however, the tabs are set by category and only display functions corresponding to that category.

Static Icons

08 EscMenu.jpg

  • Help - This question mark icon allows you to directly access the BDO Wiki in game. You can use the sidebar or article list on the main page to navigate through helpful articles and guides.
  • Escape - Indicated by a hand rising over waves, the Escape button transports you to the nearest safe location. This is a useful tool for the rare occasions when you might get stuck.
  • Inventory - This bag shaped icon opens your Inventory and Equipment Sheet.
  • Settings Archive - Shaped like a folder and cog-wheel, this button opens your Settings Archive, where you can upload or download saved settings loadouts for your account.
  • Pearl Shop - Indicated by a coin, this button opens up the Pearl Shop.
  • Quick Hotkey - This icon is shaped like a head and keys on a keyboard. Opening this menu will allow you to set special Quick Hotkeys for certain game functions. Quick hotkeys are a combination of Alt + another key of your choice. Some of the functions you can set to one of these Quick Hotkeys include, but are not limited to, Alchemy Stone activation, opening the Maid menu, Install or collect campsite and check in Pets.
  • Settings - This large cog-wheel can be used to open the Settings Menu.
  • Disconnect - Shaped like a PC Power Button, this icon opens the Exit Menu. From this menu, you can change characters or channels, return to Character Select, or exit the game completely.

My Menu

02 EscMenu.jpg

The first of the tabs on the Main Menu is titled “My Menu”. There are 13 individual buttons on this menu, which you can customize and change to suit your preferences. Simply select the “Edit Menu” option, below the icons.. Left click the button you wish to change,and a new window will pop up to the left or right of the main menu, depending on its orientation on your screen. Pick the replacement button you wish to use, and click change to save your alterations. If you are finished customizing, you can close that window with the “Close” button, or, if you have more to change, click the next icon you want to alter, and repeat the process.

07 EscMenu.jpg


03 EscMenu.jpg

Content is the second tab of the Main Menu, and contains 12 functions related to various in-game activities.

  • Beauty - This icon, shaped like a hand mirror, will open up the Beauty Salon, where you can redesign your character’s appearance.
  • Dye - This paintbrush shaped icon opens the Dye menu, where you can change the colors of your armor, costumes, weapons and much more.
  • Combine - Shaped like a painter’s palette, this button opens the Dye Combination window, where you can combine 2 dye, to create a new dye.
  • Pet - This paw stylized icon opens up your pet menu, where you can take out, check in, exchange and feed your pets.
  • Black Spirit - Shaped like the symbol on your Black Spirit’s forehead, this icon opens the interactions menu for the Black Spirit.
  • Quest - Shaped like a bound scroll, this button will open your Quest Journal.
  • Skill - This icon, shaped like a sword crossed over an axe, opens up your Skill Page.
  • Processing - This hammer and anvil icon opens the Processing Menu.
  • Edit UI - Shaped like a cross in a square, this opens the Interface Editor, where you can move, scale and customize your HUD.
  • Attendance Reward - This icon is shaped like the page of a calendar. Clicking it will open the Attendance Reward window, which displays possible rewards in a calendar format. Rewards you have already collected will be marked with a stamp, and greyed out, while future rewards will be colorized. You can also look at the event dates, located at the bottom left corner of the window.
  • Beauty Album - Shaped like a camera, this icon opens the Beauty Album. Devoted to all things Character Customization, this is where you can upload your signature Character designs to share with other players, find new inspiration from the talent of others, or simply rate your favorite Character Customizations and their designers.
  • Image Gallery - This icon is shaped like a simple mountain picture, and opens the photo gallery. Share screenshots, see what’s popular, or check the Gallery rankings for the most popular screenshot artists from the past 7 Days, or the entire year.


04 EscMenu.jpg

Though it only has 7 functions, the War/Co-Op tab is all about combat, whether it be against other players for PvP domination, or PvE challenges that test your mettle and teamwork.

  • Red Battlefield - A stylized sword and shield rest over a laurel on this icon. Clicking it will open the Red Battlefield Menu. Not only can you see the ongoing Red Battlefields; you can also read about the rules and rewards, queue up for a battlefield in your channel, or enter one existing on another channel.
  • Battle Arena - Two faces stare each other down across crossed swords for this icon. Use it to transport in and out of the battle arena on Illya Island.
  • Savage Rift - This swirling vortex icon opens the Savage Rift Menu. Join Savage Rift Matches, see those already in progress, and get more information on the rules and Rewards.
  • Arena of Arsha - A crown rests above two crossed swords, ringed by a laurel, on this button. The window it opens will allow you to join matches, spectate or read more about the rules of the Arena.
  • Militia - This icon is a shield over two crossed axes, and it opens the militia window, where you can register to be a part of the Offensive, or Defensive Militia during the Conquest War. You can also read more information on the Rules and requirements for Militia participation.
  • Find Party - This icon has two faces with a magnifying glass, and opens the Party Finder window. Create an Ad to recruit people for your party, or join other adventurers in achieving their goals.
  • Team Battle - A helmet over crossed swords marks this button, and it will allow you to join Team Battles, see those already in progress, and read up on the Team Battle Rules.


05 EscMenu.jpg

This section has 10 options, all intended to help provide you with information or allow you to interact with important game functions.

  • Hotkey - The Hotkey button, shaped like a keyboard, brings up a display, where you can see all of the game’s keybindings. Please note that this does not reflect keybind changes you may have made, and shows default keybinds only.
  • Crafting - This book shaped icon opens up a new window on your screen, which you can use to see any and all recipes in the game. It also shows materials gathered via fishing, items you can craft with Housing Workshops, and gathering materials. If you are looking for something specific, there is a search field at the top right side of the page.
  • Profile - This helmet shaped icon opens your Character Profile Page.
  • Server Change - This icon is shaped like an arrow going through a door, and clicking it will open the Server Change Menu, which is a list of all of the channels for your Server (NA or EU). Click the channel you want to join and a confirmation window will open. If you have recently changed channels, you must wait to change again, and all channels will be marked as restricted until the cooldown expires.
  • Fish Guide - This leaping fish icon opens the Fish Guide, which you can use to keep track of the fish you have successfully captured. It also shows your catch count, or how many of that type of creature you have successfully reeled in, your largest size, and your size ranking.
  • Knowledge - This icon is a head with an exclamation point, and will open the compendium of all knowledge in game. Find out what you have unlocked, what your missing, and what energy rewards you have left to gain, as well as garnering a few tips on where that missing knowledge might be found.
  • World Map - This globe shaped icon will open your map.
  • Workers List - Click the pick shaped icon to bring up the list of your workers, which you can use to monitor their current tasks and Action Points, as well as feed, fire, and promote them.
  • Marketplace - The scale icon allows you to open the Marketplace from anywhere in the world to search for items, or check on your registered products. Please note that you cannot recover silver, or make purchases from this version of the Marketplace interface.
  • Trade Info - This wagon wheel icon allows you to check the value of trade packs from different regions, so you can plan your routes accordingly.
  • Conquest - The unrolled scroll and hourglass icon opens a window that allows you to check the progress of Conquest Wars. See who is participating, what their scores are and who the winner is, no matter what channel or town you are in.
  • Redeem - Shaped like a parcel, this icon takes you to the account page on the BDO website, so you can redeem any coupons and rewards you might have.
  • Events - This pen and notepad shaped icon opens the In Game Notice window, where you can see what special events or promotions might be running.
  • Item Drop - This money pouch and scroll icon will show you what items drop at specific locations, so you can plan your grinding around the loot you are most interested in.


06 EscMenu.jpg

The Community tab is all about interacting with other players and features 12 functions to help you get connected.

  • Guild - Click this patterned shield icon to bring up your guild menu and see who’s online, what guild quests are available, as well as much more.
  • Friend - This clasped hand icon will open up your friend List, where you can see who your friends are, who wants to be your friend, and any conversations you might be having.
  • Mail - This envelope icon opens your mailbox, so you can read, delete and collect items or money from your mails.
  • Guild Rank - Do you want to know how your guild compares to all the rest? Click this patterned shield and laurel icon to find out who the toughest guilds are and your standing among them.
  • Ranking - This trophy shaped icon will open the Rankings menu, where you can compare your combat, gathering, crafting and wealth to the rest of the players in your channel.
  • Monster Rank - This hourglass shaped icon will show you the player rankings for the Advanced Altar of Training, Mirumok Watcher Offin, and Mirumok Destroyer Offin.
  • Chat Filters - This chat bubble and x icon will allow you to set words or phrases that you do not wish to see in your chat window. Any chat containing those words or phrases will no longer be displayed.
  • Language - The globe and chat bubble icon allows you to change your client and chat languages at any time.
  • BDO TV - This television shaped icon opens the Black Desert Online TV website, where you can watch streams of other people playing the game, or videos that they have recorded of their adventures.
  • Social Action - This emoji styled icon brings up your emote window, where you will find poses, and animations to suit all of your interaction needs. Do you need to express your excitement over a new enhancement level, or disgust at the deal a trader tried to undercut? Don’t worry. There’s an emote for that!
  • Notepad - This sticky-note shaped icon opens the notepad, where you can jot down thoughts, information or anything else you might want to save for a later time. Please note that there is a character limit of 2,000 characters, and you can only have up to 15 notes at a time.