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If you’re feeling burnt out from the exciting combat of Black Desert Online, you can try Life Skills. In other games we would call these “professions” but Black Desert Online offers so much more than simple crafting. So why not take a break from fighting and check out some Life Skills?

Getting Started

While leveling your character you can accept quests from various NPCs. ‘Life’ or ‘Fish’ should be checked in order to receive quests relating to Life Skills. Conversely you can also use the black spirit who will guide you to the appropriate NPCs to start your Life Skill adventure.

01 LifeSkills.jpg
The ‘Life Quests’ should be checked on the quest preference option to receive Life Skill quests.

02 LifeSkills.jpg
Press the shortcut key ‘,’ to summon the black spirit who will provide a ‘guide’ button showing you the quests named [I want to learn the ~]. Then, the automatic route guidance to the quest location will be started.

Naturally, you can buy Life Skill tools in the shop, even if you do not accept the Black Spirit quest. Also, fishing and gathering are possible when you equip your tools at any time after your purchase. Life skills also give you rewards such as experience points or items. Life Skill quests are not an necessary to progress, so you may complete the task directly with the tools you purchased.

03 lifeskills.png
Life Skill quests are indicated by the green box above NPC head icons.

Life Skill Types

Life Skill Explanation
Gathering The most fundamental production activity.

You must be equipped with a gathering tool depending on what you want to collect. The elapsed time for the gathering will be reduced as your level gets higher.

Processing Transform one or more items into a single new item. There are different processing types such as shaking, grinding, chopping, drying, filtering, heating, repairing, simple alchemy, and cooking.
Cooking Once you install a cooking utensil in your residence, you can create a variety of dishes with a combination of ingredients and seasonings.
Alchemy Combine multiple items into a new one. Advanced alchemy will require an Alchemy Tool to be installed in your residence, but be warned such tasks require lots of materials.
Training Tame and capture wild horses. The higher your level the easier it will be to tame higher level horses.
Fishing You can catch fish with a fishing rod. The types of fishing rods you can equip will increase as the fishing level rises.
Hunting With the matchlock you can hunt a variety of animals in the wild. The highest level hunters will be able to hunt whales in the open sea. The higher your level the better matchlock you can equip.
Trading The commercial activity of buying and selling goods between nodes. By strategically using your contribution points, you can establish long trade networks. Lots of preparation and research will be required as income is dictated by the market.
Farming Using a fence you can begin to tend your own garden. You can harvest crops by planting seeds, which can be improved with better varieties of seeds. Often times you can find a friendly spotted visitor at your farm.
Sailing Take any boat on the open waters to level your sailing skill. The higher your sailing skill the more abilities you can use such as Ram, Power Accel, Breezy Sail, Swift Retreat, Abrupt Turn, Smooth Turn, and Bullseye. These skills are only available on the more advanced boats. You can also raise your sailing skill by completing daily quests

Life Skill Ranks

As the experience of Life Skills listed accumulate and increase, your life skill level will also increase. For every 10 level increase, the rank will increase.

For example, if you gain additional experience from the beginner Lv.10, you will promote to apprentice Lv.1. The ranks in order are beginner, apprentice, skilled, professional, artisan, master, and guru in order. You can get a special reward through the challenge tab every time you reach a new rank or even a new title. The more you focus on a particular Life Skill, the more cool stuff you get!

When you reach the max level for each rank, you will automatically move onto the next rank. It is possible to move on to the next rank without accepting quests from the black spirit, but these quests often yield good rewards

You can accept rank up quests from the black spirit by pressing ','

Related Life Skills

As previously noted, many Life Skills are closely related.

This is because you the items you gather can be processed into usable materials for other Life Skills. In order to complete certain tasks some materials must be processed differently depending on the Life Skill.

05 lifeskills.jpg
Green text represents the kind of gathering and the blue text represents the different processing type

Fishing is closely related to trading. Fish can be sold only at trade shops, so selling fish will earn you fishing experience and trading experience at the same time.

We recommend that you sell in a region with connected trade nodes. If they are not connected you will receive a 30% penalty to your sale price.

You can gain additional silver when you deliver to imperial traders through the imperial fishing delivery. Because of the limited quantities for imperial delivery, you’ll need to be one of the first to deliver the goods in order to be able to receive the improved sales prices.

There are many life skills that work together, some are more obvious than others. When attempting to craft an item for your chosen life skills, you will quickly realize how the world of Black Desert Online is intertwined

* The contents of this wiki may differ with in-game content depending on updates and content changes.