Lake Kaia

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Lake Kaia is home to the catfishmen Some people claim that they have seen huge monsters, but residents’ opinion is that people mistook catfishmen for other monsters.

Category Summary Description
Recommended Level 48~51Lv
Distance Efficiency between Village ★★★★☆ Close to Calpheon!
User Density ★★★☆☆ Even Though They Are Crowded, Density Covers It.
Difficulty ★★☆☆☆ Easy and Fun!
Hunting Sensation ★★★★☆ Essence of Hunting Up
Unique Drop None
Mount Parking A little dangerous. Find the Safe Area Outside of the Lake

Monster Types and Level

Basic Information

  • Mostly 48Lv monsters
  • Melee: Catfishman, Fat Catfishman, Catfishman Light-armored Warrior, Otter Fisher
  • Others: Catfishman Meat, Catfishman Rotten Fish
  • Violent (Star): Fat Catfishman

Features This hunting zone has high monster density and close distance between monsters, so you can keep hunting without any rest. If your level is too low, you may feel it difficult to hunt. There are various kinds of loot, so make you sure you have plenty of inventory space!

Level/Equipment Requirements

Because of the heavy monster density you will always be engaged in battle. Make sure you have enough deference to keep killing!

Level AP DP
Minimum Stats 48Lv 40~50 60~70
Recommended Stats 49Lv 50~60 90~100


Precautions It is easy to hunt here because the level is appropriate and the monster density is high. This zone has has a lot of good drops! . However, the violent star fat catfishman that occasionally appear are too strong in both attack and defense, so do not let your guard down!

Key Locations and Hunting Route There are so many monsters on the edge of the lake, so you should be aware of your mount parking.

02 lakekaia.jpg

Major Drop Items

  • Suspicious Pouch - Trade Item
  • Spell Powder - Miscellaneous (Trading with NPC is more benefit)
  • Ancient Relic Crystal Shard
  • Black Stone (Armor)
  • Black Stone (Weapon)
  • Polished Opal
  • Goblin Chief Summon Scroll

User Density

It is an effective hunting place for adventurers with the level in the late forties to early fifty. There is no unique drop item, but there are still a lot of adventurers who come to gain EXP or Skill EXP.