Kratuga Ancient Ruins

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Deep within the Hasrah ruins, a group of adventurers have uncovered the entrance to the now dubbed Kratuga Ancient Ruins.

As this place is shrouded in mystery, many adventurers have ventured inside, probably curious about what lies there.


Entrance to Kratuga Ancient Ruins, located deep in the Hasrah Ruins.

Where and How to Enter the Kratuga Ancient Ruins

Use either a Black Spirit’s Claw Piece or Unsealed Ruins Slate to temporarily unseal the entrance to the Kratuga Ancient Ruins, located deep within Hasrah Ancient Ruins.

The entrance is only temporarily unsealed, and will be resealed moments after the adventurer enters the ruins. It requires you to use another item to re-enter each time you leave.

Unsealed Ruins Slate can be obtained by arranging 3 Sealed Ruins Slate. These can be dropped by the monsters within the Monster Zone.


Enter the Kratuga Ancient Ruins using the Ruins Slate or Black Spirit’s Claw Piece.

Monster Types and Levels

Basic Information

Mostly Lv. 60 ~ 64 monsters.


- This is no mere continuation of the Hasrah Ancient Ruins, so do not enter it expecting the same kind of difficulty.
- This Monster Zone features an unique security system with different levels of increasing difficulty (explained blow).
- Unlike most other Monster Zones, some monsters in Kratuga inflict debuffs.
- Puruko can inflict a -10 AP debuff.
- Belloten can inflict a knockdown debuff.
- Elqueesh an inflict a stiffness debuff.

Level/Gear Requirements

As mentioned previously, this is no unexplored area of the Hasrah Ancient Ruins. You'll find yourself competing with monsters on the same difficulty than the harshest Monster Zones of Valencia.

It is recommended that your character is above 250 AP to venture into these ruins.

Security System

Kratuga Ancient Ruins has a security system with 3 levels.

Stronger monsters will appear as a higher level of security is activated.

If the level 1 security is activated, monsters will appear from different locations; defeat all of these monsters within a fixed timeframe and the 2nd level of security will activate.

At level 2 security, larger-sized Elqueesh and Belloten titled <Ancient Destruction Weapon> will appear; defeat all of these monsters within a fixed timeframe and the maximum level of security will activate.

Once the maximum level security is activated, Laytenn <Ancient Extermination Weapon> will appear.

This Laytenn is stronger than the Laytenn that appears in the desert at night and has a higher chance to drop Laytenn's Power Stone.

Major Item Drops

Laytenn's Power Stone ★ (from the maximum level security Laytenn)

Tungrad Earring ★

Elkarr ★

Sealed Ruins Slate ★ (arrange 3 to create Unsealed Ruins Slate)

Yona's Fragment

Traveler's Map

Forbidden Book

Black Stone (Weapon)

Black Stone (Armor)

User Density

The main special items you can obtain from the Kratuga Ancient Ruins are Tungrad Earrings and Elkarr.

You can process Elkarr with Black Magic Crystal - Precision, Forest Fury x2, and Magical Shard x10 in Simple Alchemy (L) to acquire Crystal of Elkarr.

As Crystal of Elkarr has higher accuracy than the existing “Black Magic Crystal - Precision” adventurers who previously used the “Black Magic Crystal - Precision” will probably really feel the benefits.

Alongside this, the higher chance of obtaining Laytenn's Power Stone, an additional source for Tungrad Earrings and the unique security system will likely attract adventurers from all over.

Now you’ve learned everything about the Kratuga Ancient Ruins, it’s time to head off and experience this new place for yourself.

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