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World Player vs Player is often a subject of great debate in many games that offer it, as such most games in order to prevent griefing implement a system to keep players in check; while still allowing people to create a visceral sense of danger from being attacked by another player.

Black Desert is no different, and takes an interesting approach via a system known as "Karma". When broken down into it's simplest form, karma is basically a point system that you accrue for doing "good karma" actions such as farming npc monsters. You will however lose karma should you decide to flag for pvp (by default Ctrl+c) and attack another player in unprovoked pvp.

The maximum volume of karma you can store at any point is 300,000.

The Attacker

Players who instigate the Player vs Player by flagging (ctrl+c) and hitting first will glow red on their character and immediately lose 10,000 karma. Should they find them self the victor of combat and kill their opponent, they will lose an additional 200,000 karma.

As you can probably see with a cap of 300,000 it wouldn't take more then 2 kills to be negative karma.


Keep in mind that for the next 3 minutes (from your last attack) you will be able to be attacked by any one due to being the instigator of pvp. During the time in which you are flagged, you may freely attack while flagged with out losing the initial 10,000 karma. However if you stay out of combat long enough for your PvP flag to fall, you will again be penalized.

The Defender

Should you find yourself on the receiving end of an attack, life is pretty straight forward, defend yourself or die trying to. You will not have to flag (ctrl+c) to fight back or be penalized for successfully defeating your attacker.

Players may also assist in killing a person who has flagged red and not be hit with any penalties either.

Negative Karma

Bad things happen (need content)

Players who have engaged in too much bad karma activity with out taking time to refill to a positive karma status, will find themselves in a risky position. Some of the risks involved with being a "criminal" in game are:

  • Potentially dropping armor upon death that can be looted or allowed to de-spawn while keeping you away from looting it.
  • A much greater chance of gems within your armor breaking and being permanently destroyed.
  • Should you be carrying trade goods they also may be dropped upon death.
  • For extreme cases of negative karma you may also suffer an items complete destruction upon death.
  • Resurrection may be at a random location within the region rather then "closest" spot to where you died.