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In BDO, your inventory is more than just a place to store the items you gain in your travels, or whatever currency you might possess. You can keep track of your dye collection, enhance boat upgrades, and even open the processing menu for a quick craft.

When you open your inventory, you will see your equipment page, alongside the inventory bag interface.

To open your Inventory, press I (Default)
00 InvEquipAll.png

Every new character begins the game with 24 inventory slots, however, this can be expanded to a maximum of 192 slots via quest rewards, event prizes, and purchases from both the Cash Shop and Loyalty Store. You can leave your inventory unsorted, freely moving around items and changing their positions, or select the checkbox on the top left corner of the inventory screen, to allow it to be automatically sorted. If you choose the Auto-Sort function, you cannot move items around, and any previous positioning of items will be disregarded.

Sometimes, an inventory can grow cluttered or you may simply not be able to find the exact item you were looking for. There are filters in the upper right corner that can assist with this. The first is a basic filter, that shows everything in your inventory. The second filter will gray out all items not related to Trade, while the third will gray out all items not related to housing and furniture. If you hover your mouse over the filter icons, they will remind you what items they are specific to.

Each item that you store in your inventory has an associated weight, which you can see on the tooltip. Even silver has weight, so you need to make sure you are not overburdening yourself, as you adventure, or your movement speed will become impaired. At the bottom\ of the inventory window, you will find the weight meter. It shows the current weight of your inventory, along with the maximum weight you can carry. Hovering your cursor over this bar will also show you the colors associated with items, to better help you keep track of what is weighing you down.

Below your weight meter, you can see currencies, silver, pearls and loyalty, along with a trash can icon. Whatever silver you are carrying on your person will be displayed in the silver section, while your loyalty and pearl values will be shown on all characters for that region. The trash can is where you can delete items from your inventory. Simply drag the item you wish to delete to the trash can, click the icon and select the amount you wish to delete. A confirmation window will pop up, in the middle of your screen, and once you confirm that you would like to delete the selected items, they will disappear.


There are several icons on the inventory window, below the bag slots. The first of these is designated as totem, and allows you to upgrade Totems of the Sea for your boat.

Click the Totem button, to open the Totem of the Sea window.
05 Totem.png

Once a totem has reached 80% exp, from catching fish, you can use blackstones to upgrade it via this window. If you fail the upgrade, however, the exp or totem level may decrease. These totems can be purchased from Fish vendors, and grand special effects to your boat.


The Alchemy button opens tabs specific to Alchemy stones, Alchemy stones have charges you can use to apply buffs to your character. There are three tabs associated with the Alchemy Stone: Recharge, Polishing and Growth.

Use the Recharge window to refill your Alchemy stone.
06 AlchemyRecharge.png

Use the Polishing window to add EXP to your Alchemy Stone.
07 AlchemyPolishing.png

Use the Growth window to improve the quality of your Alchemy Stone.
08 AlchemyGrowth.png


Clicking on the Produce button will open your Processing window, where you can breakdown, refine or combine materials for use in crafting. You can also open this window with L (Default).


The palette allows you to keep track of your dye, as well as see all dye options in the game. There are two tabs to this window. The first is labelled All Dye and will show you the myriad of options available in game. The second tab is Dyes You Have, which shows only the dye you have collected.

See all available dye via the All Dye tab.
03 DyePalette.png

Keep track of your dye collection with the Dyes You Have tab.
04 DyePaletteOwned.png

To have dye show up in the Dyes You Have tab, you must add it to your collection. Right click the dye in your Pearl Inventory and you will be asked to confirm that you wish it added to your collection. If you collect a dye you have no interest in, you can remove it from your collection via the Take Out button, at the bottom right corner of the Dye You Have tab.

Pearl Inventory

The Pearl Inventory is related to Cash Shop and Loyalty item purchases. When you purchase Pearl Boxes with Kakao Cash, the boxes will be automatically sent to your Pearl Inventory. The same is true of other items, such as costumes, furniture and function.

Some Loyalty items will not be sent to the Pearl Inventory. Please check your normal inventory tab in such cases.

Cash Shop and some Loyalty Store Purchases can be found in the Pearl Inventory.
09 PearlTab.png