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  1. Level, Skill Points, Spirit, Contribution
  2. Mount, Ship, Workers, House, Garden
  3. Indicators for new skills, knowledge, patron status
  4. Equipment Durability, only displayed when an item is below 10% durability.
  5. Item weight limit exceeded
  6. Weather. Command Post, Ground Condition, Weather, Location, Server, Channel, and game time.
  7. Minimap
  8. New items
  9. Quests
  10. Receive Reward Notification
  11. Full Menu
  12. Toggle PvP Mode
  13. Health, Mana, etc
  14. Rage Meter (Only available after level 35)
  15. Skill Shortcut Bar
  16. Chat Window
  17. Tip display
  18. Party Window
  19. Notifications
  20. Char Name / Interaction Menu


You can perform a variety of emotes through the emote window. To see the emotes in game hit Enter then click the S button.


You can even put Emotes in your chat macros through the macro menu. To check out the macro system hit enter and click the M button.


Camera Mode

Camera mode allows you to take screenshots, without seeing your UI elements. You can activate camera mode by hitting Ctrl + U. The same command can also be used to disable it.

Camera Mode Controls

  • <↑>, <↓>, <←>, <→>: Moves the camera view.
  • <Ctrl> + <↑>, <↓>: Adjusts the camera focus (Highlight function).
  • <Shift> + <↑>, <↓>: Adjusts the field of view (FOV).
  • <Shift> + <←>, <→>: Tilts the camera to the left or right.
  • <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <↑>, <↓>: Applies a photo filter.
  • <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <←>, <→>: Applies grain filter and vignette.

Observe Mode

Observe mode is ideal for watching players in the arena. To enable it press R while your character is sitting down or leaning against a wall.

Crop Mode

Crop mode will allow you to cover a portion of the screen. You can find these setting in Options -> Display Settings.


The default hotkeys

  1. Move: arrow keys W, A, S, D or left click with mouse movements.
  2. Run: W + Shift
  3. Auto Run: T
  4. Jump: space
  5. Crawling posture: space while crouched
  6. Crouch: Q
  7. Interact: R
  8. Battle conversion: Tab or left mouse click
  9. Camera Mode: Ctrl + U
  10. Chat: Enter

UI Hotkeys

  1. Mouse Cursor Show / Hide: Ctrl
  2. Help: F1
  3. Crafting Notes: F2
  4. Pearl Shop: F3
  5. Beauty Salon: F4
  6. My information: P
  7. Knowledge: H
  8. Inventory and Equipment: I
  9. Dyeing: J
  10. Skill: K
  11. World map: M
  12. Processing: L
  13. Guild: G
  14. Mail: B
  15. Reward Challenge: Y
  16. Black Spirit. ,

Combat Hotkeys (common)

  1. Move: arrow keys (W, A, S, D)
  2. Dodge: Shift + arrow key
  3. Emergency avoid: V
  4. Main Attack: Left-click
  5. Secondary Attack: Right-click
  6. Kick: F
  7. Transfer Rage: X
  8. Absorb Rage: Z
  9. Combat Stance: Tab