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There are several types of instruments in Black Desert. It may be hard for you to play right away, but this is a fun activity with friends! Most instruments can be rented with contribution points. Some special musical instruments can only be obtained when you complete a quest. A mini-game will be open on the screen if you are equipped with an instrument. When you proceed with the mini-game, your character will automatically start playing the instrument.

01 instrument.jpg


The flute is one of the most basic instruments in Black Desert. You can rent a flute with 1 contribution point through a NPC at the larger cities. When you return the flute, the contribution point is returned.

Equip the instrument and click the left mouse to start the mini-game. You can proceed by the left and right clicking to avoid notes that come down from the mini-game.

04 instrument.jpg

Region Olvia Heidel Calpheon Keplan Behr Trent
NPC Kafu Puia Rubin Shurd Jensen Dalian

Small Drum

Small Drums can also be rented with contribution points. Unlike a flute, 2 contribution points are required for a small drum, and it can only be borrowed from Calpheon.

02 instrument.jpg

Scream Ant Cymbals

The scream ant cymbals only can be obtained by a quest, as opposed to contribution points. First of all, let’s proceed with all the quests starting with the [Choir Supporters Request]. One of the choir members, Kania (an NPC), will give you a new quest when you finish the quest.

If you complete the quest is [A Worried Friend], you will receive the scream ant cymbals.

03 instrument.jpg

Granier Guitar

Same as scream ant cymbals, garnier guitar is obtained as a quest reward.

The NPC Rubin who is in front of the Calpheon storage gives you a quest. Then, receive and complete the quest of [Ever-joyful Garnier Nomad Troupe] for the guitar!

05 instrument.png