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This page offers a more in-depth look at earning energy. For the basics, please visit the Energy page.

How is Energy gained?

Energy is a very useful resource. From gathering, the true roots of Life Skill content, to increasing amity with NPCS through conversations, investing in nodes to increase the item drop rate from Monster Zones, and even the Secret Shop where a pool of rare items is lying in wait... Energy is a valuable resource used for all sorts of things.

For an adventurer just beginning to explore the world of Black Desert for the first time, the maximum energy is capped at 30. With this limit, you can’t go gathering for long, let alone continue conversing with the numerous NPCs. As for node investment, you can’t even get a node to Lv. 2 with that. Of course, since energy is automatically recharged at a rate of 1 every 3 minutes, you could wait for it and try again.

However, you will never be able to open the Secret Shop that requires 50 energy per attempt.

Veterans Adventurers will often recommend taking steps to increase your maximum Energy in the early stages of your adventure. Increasing your maximum energy mostly involves gaining knowledge, which can be obtained by encountering landmarks, conversing with NPCs, defeating monsters, and completing quests.

When you open the knowledge window (shortcut 'H'), you will see various categories. As you fulfill a certain amount of the categories that have been separated by themes, your maximum energy will be increased.

For most lists, you will only be required to fulfill over 2/3 of the list to earn this reward, so collecting knowledge isn’t too difficult.



Collecting knowledge and filling up the categories in the knowledge window (Hotkey H) can be an enjoyable goal to pursue should you wish to do so.

Acquiring Knowledge of Islands

One of the easiest way to increase your max energy is through an NPC and topography. Most NPCs give their knowledge entry just by meeting them, and you can easily acquire topographical knowledge naturally while you move around the world of Black Desert doing quests.

However, there are knowledge entries that you can’t acquire unless you are actively trying to get them, and knowledge of the many islands is considered one of them.

Island areas are not often treaded on, except for the few adventurers who would venture to them for the purpose of fishing. So if you’ve been focusing more on venturing into the Monster Zones, leveling up other Life Skills, or doing trade-related quests rather than those fishing ones, you will realize that most of the seaside part of your World Map remains unexplored.

If you want to increase your max energy, then let’s start off by getting a boat. If you find a Fishing Boat too expensive, a Rowboat will suffice as well.

They are very slow, but if you lack the funds to acquire a Fishing Boat, Rowboats will get you where you need to go.

Once you’ve got your hands on a boat, let’s set out to sea. You can set out anywhere, whether it be Velia, Port Epheria or any other location with a Wharf Manager. It’s very simple. Just set sail or swim to any island you can find and acquire the topography knowledge, then seek out and talk to the Node Manager of the island to acquire the NPC knowledge. You should be able to easily increase your max energy by 30 ~ 40 through this method alone.


The big and small islands north of Velia. Traveling across these islands alone will increase your max energy by a great amount.

Acquiring NPC/Topography Knowledge

Once you’ve discovered all of the islands, your next targets are towns. Although most of the NPCs reside within the town, there are few that will be roaming around the roads or have specific requirements, making it difficult to acquire knowledge of them. If your goal is to quickly increase your max energy, then you should just acquire the set amount of knowledge required for it and move on to the next town.

Here's a quick tip: it’s best to acquire the topography knowledge first when you’re trying to gain both the topography and NPC knowledge entries. This is because once you reveal a certain area, you can open the World Map (M) and right-click the node to be guided towards the location of the Node Manager. This will help you when searching around for the NPC. Another tip is that if you’re finding it impossible to acquire the topography knowledge, try talking to the NPC of a nearby town. Increasing amity with NPCs allows you to often acquire Topography Knowledge without having to venture for it yourself. But this requires a lot of your time and effort as well, so it should be used as a last resort.


The left picture shows when you cannot acquire the NPC (Discover) Knowledge. The middle picture shows the NPC giving a ‘hint’ during the conversation. He’s indicating that you need to go meet the NPC whose name is displayed in yellow. After you fulfill this requirement, you can see the exclamation mark (!) on top of the NPC name as shown on the right picture. This indicates that you are now able to acquire knowledge of the following NPC (Laiano Pietro). This is how you go about acquiring NPC Knowledges.

TIP - Useful Information about NPCs
  • Foreigner of Velia: Lani and Kina are wandering general goods vendor NPCs. Look for Lani around the farms near Velia. Garnil can be found inside a building near Tachros.
  • Upper Class of Heidel: You will have the opportunity to meet Crucio Domongatt either through having 201+ Amity with Carolin, 501+ Amity with Jarette, or while carrying out a main quest.
  • Upper Class of Calpheon: To meet Herman Feresio, you need to have 500+ Amity with both Knight Captain Valks and Theophil Bastian.
  • Elionism and the Delphe Knights: To acquire knowledge of Lehard Motenon, you need to be able to converse with Herman Feresio, have 301+ Amity with Bipache, and carry out Leona’s quest.
  • People of Keplan: You will naturally gain the opportunity to converse with Marco Faust while carrying out the quest series in Keplan. To converse with Tina, you need 201+ Amity with Fiory.
  • People of Stonebeak Shore: You need to first acquire knowledge of all the NPCs other than Bavio to be able to converse with him. Porio, Latro, Porio, Porio Execution Chief, Porio Investigation Chief are all gathered in Sarma Outpost.

Acquiring Ecology Knowledge

First open the knowledge window (H) and check out the ‘Ecology’ category. It will contain all the knowledge of the monsters you have acquired until now.

Let’s open the category and have a look. You will see that some categories are indicated as ‘Energy increased by 2/2’, which means you’ve already acquired all the knowledge you can for that category.

So ignore these for now and find the list indicated as either ‘Energy increased by 0/2’ or ‘Energy increased by 1/2’. You will find a bunch of question marks such as ‘??????’ or ‘?????????’ on these lists that are just waiting for you to reveal their identities.

If you have glasses equipped, the chance of you acquiring knowledge when defeating monsters goes up, but the glasses are not an absolute necessity. They're given as a playtime reward.

TIP - Useful Monster Information

You can also acquire knowledge of a monster through the gathering process, such as gathering the hide of a Boar or gathering ores from a Stoneback Crab after defeating it.

  • Balenos
  1. Cox Pirates: Requires at least Lv. 55.
  • Serendia
  1. Beast-type: The Big Horn Triangle Head Salamander is an elite monster that spawns around 70 minutes after being defeated.
  2. Insect-type: Spider can be acquired by gaining 251+ Amity with Allan from Glish.
Spider Web can be acquired by gaining 201+ Amity with Amaranto from Glish.
  1. Bandit: You must eliminate the Briar Lightning Traps and Log Lightning Traps before they attack you.
  2. Imps: The Strong Altar Imp Trainer is an elite monster that spawns around 70 minutes after being defeated.
  3. Fogans: The Swamp Fogan Warrior is an elite monster that spawns around 70 minutes after being defeated.
  4. Naga: The Ambushed Naga spawns in two locations below the bridge near Heidel (*refer to photo).
  5. Red Orcs: The only Red Orc Giant Altar is the one that can be found near the Watchtower.
  6. Cultist: Wicked Cultists spawns at Dernyl Farm during the night (game time) and can be acquired as the quest reward for [Wicked Cultist], which can be carried out by gaining 31+ Amity with Carlo DeRose of Dernyl Farm.
  7. Kzarka: Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption, can be acquired by gaining 50+ Amity with Hakkon of Serendia Shrine via conversation.
  • Calpheon
  1. Lake Kaia: Borrow a Matchlock and use it to hunt Water Striders and Jellyfish to acquire their knowledge.


Acquiring the Adventure Journals/Academics Knowledge

Once you’ve collected a certain amount of the topography, NPC, and ecology knowledge, it’s now time to obtain the knowledge entries of the various Adventure Journals and Academics. These knowledge entries can be acquired naturally throughout your journey across the vast world of Black Desert with the Black Spirit, where you can meet and converse with various NPCs while completing quests. However, there are still numerous entries that are hidden away in many parts of the world. You will need to seek these out through the following approach.


As you start to stop blindly following the directions of the Black Spirit, but rather follow your heart to meet NPCs and carry out their quests, you will be able to fill more of your Adventure Journals. Just as the name says, this journal records your adventures.


You can occasionally acquire knowledge by completing quests such as this.

Conversing with NPC

The countless NPCs in the world of Black Desert each have their own story that is waiting to be told.

If you see an NPC on the road that you’ve never met before, try and start a conversation with them. Also take a look at the Amity on the bottom left of the screen to know what kind of stories this NPC will tell you once you build a better relationship with them. Although building up Amity may turn out to be a quite a task, listening to their stories and thinking about the knowledge and max energy you will gain can make the process more fun.


This indicates that you can acquire the ‘Goblin Characteristics’ Knowledge at 301 Amity.

Interacting with Objects

If you see a statue or a bookshelf, go up and take a closer look. If you can start a conversation with it, then do so, as there are countless Adventure Journal and Academics entries that are waiting for you. Some NPCs require a specific academic knowledge to build up amity, so it is essential to collect them.


Taking a closer look at the objects in the world can occasionally help you acquire knowledge.


Introducing the [Calpheon and Valkyries] theme that increases max energy by 7. It may seem difficult to fulfill as there are 43 knowledge entries associated with it, but it is actually one of the easier Adventure Journal themes to complete. Most of the entries are obtainable by reading the books within the library of the Holy College of Calpheon.

However, the ‘A Talk with Elion’ knowledge requires you to accept and carry out the ‘A Talk with Elion’ quest from Annolisa Rosie from the Holy College of Calpheon. (This quest can be accepted after completing the ‘Balker's Idol’ quest from Balker Batian)

If you want to gain Adventure Journals and Academics knowledge entries, you can’t just focus on talking to NPCs or just doing quests, but need to try to acquiring knowledge through various sources.

In reality, you can wear yourself out if you become too obsessed with acquiring energy or knowledge entries. Your max energy will naturally increase as you carry out quests or defeat monsters while leveling up, so we recommend that you stick to that until you reach Lv. 50 or so, when you can start to slowly collect the knowledge entries.

Rather than having the ‘I’m going to do all this today!’ sort of approach, taking interest in the vast stories of Black Desert's world and getting to know the details of each of the knowledge topics with an attitude to learn will make the game 10 times more enjoyable.