Illegal Trading

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Every night, a group of smugglers called the Black Rat League comes to town. These NPCs sell trading contraband, which has a high value even though the quantities are low. Not everyone can trade in these ill gotten goods. You will need to reach a certain Trading level first.

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Trading Requirement

You need to have Trading Professional 1 for the NPCs to buy and sell the goods to you. The items that can be bought and sold require the following Trading levels: Professional 1, Professional 6 and Artisan 1.

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Location, Buying & Selling

The Black Rat League NPCs are the ones that sell and buy these illegal goods. They appear only at night (10 pm to 7 am) in some of the main towns (the ones with storage). They all go by the name Mysterious Man <Black Rat League> or an unique name followed by the <Smuggler> title.

While you can only buy 1 of each item, the trade in itself functions the same as the common one: the farther you are from the point where you bought it, the more profit you'll get.

They can be found under the Mysterious Man <Black Rat League> name in most of the towns with storage of the Republic of Calpheon: Olvia, Velia, Heidel, Glish, Calpheon City, Keplan and Trent.

They can be found under unique names in the territories of the Republic of Mediah and the Kingdom of Valencia: Epil Tanbu in Tarif, Telshir in Altinova and Zahad in Valencia City.

Smuggler Penalty

As the goods that you're carrying are smuggled and the activity you're doing is considered illegal by the guards of the different territories, once you have bought any goods from a Black Rat League NPC you will be flagged for PvP and the guards will attack you on sight. While carrying smuggled goods you will get an icon appearing over your head to signify your actions to other players.

Item Restrictions

  • You can only buy one of each item.
  • They're heavier than the common ones.
  • Each NPC sells three items. One requires Trading Professional 1 and the other two Professional 6 and Artisan 1 respectively.

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